These DASMA brochures are now available in PDF format.

1. The DASMA brochure presents a general overview of the work and scope of our association.
2. The Automatic Garage Door and Opener Safety & Maintenance Guide was created in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the National Safety Council.
3. The Gate System Safety Brochure offers helpful safety tips about operating automated vehicular gate systems.
4. Best Practices and Guidelines for Garage Door System Componentizers and Manufacturers. This joint DASMA and IDA document provides guidelines to support the responsibility of both the componentizer and the garage door manufacturer to give proper attention to all technical aspects and safety features of a garage door system.
5. Guidelines for the Publishing of R-values and U-factors Associated with Residential and Commercial Garage Doors, Using TDS-163.
6. Don't Repair, Replace


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