Rolling Door Exit Checklist

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Publish Date: Fall 2002
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Page 46


Rolling Door Exit Checklist

Before leaving a rolling door installation site, several key door components need to be checked for connection security. This helps to ensure successful operation and can minimize service calls.

Clay Warix, chairman of the DASMA Rolling Door Technical Committee, recommends the following final checklist:

1. The barrel/counterbalance assembly should be securely held in place between the headplate brackets.
2. All guide fasteners should be installed and tightened properly.
3. The headplate brackets should be secured to the wall angle as specified in the manufacturer's installation instructions.
4. The drive gears or drive sprockets should be properly aligned, and their keys should be held in place by tight set screws.
5. The roller chain master link should be locked in place.
6. The tension (charge) wheel should be secured to the tension shaft so the wheel cannot move laterally on the shaft.

Clay also recommends that you open and close the door several times to verify the tightness of connections and proper spring balance.