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Congress Nixes Extension of Tax Credits for Garage Doors

Entry doors, yes. Garage doors, no.

EPA Delays RRP Certification

That’s the essence of the final decision by Congress on the issue of extending the tax credits for qualifying energy-efficient products. President Obama signed the final legislation on Dec. 17. The extension for garage doors, supported by DASMA, was included in the bill as of Dec. 9, but was eventually deleted after extensive partisan negotiations.

Bottom Line: The $1500 tax credit for qualifying insulated garage doors ends on Dec. 31, 2010. The 2011 tax credit for qualifying (Energy Star) entry doors is now limited to only 10% (not 30%) of the purchase price and a maximum credit of $500 for all qualified retrofits claimed since Jan. 1, 2005.

To read the bill, see H.R. 4853. See page 19, Sect. 710.

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EPA Answers Garage Door Questions on Lead Paint

DASMA CoverSince a garage floor is rarely as clean as the floor of a typical home, can garage door installers cut corners on the rigid cleanup requirements of the lead paint regulations?

Can an installer skip the lead paint requirements if only one section needs replacing?

The EPA has posted official answers to these specific questions. And some changes to the RRP program have been recently enacted. Read on

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Garage Doors Rank #2 for ROI!

Lead-SafeIn November, the value of a garage door replacement took a giant leap among common remodeling projects. This news, the cover story of our winter issue, has the potential to greatly enhance your sales of garage doors for years to come.

Really. This is big news. Read on

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50,000 Bucks for a Garage Door Tech?

Lead-SafeThanks to an innovative incentive system, Raynor Door Authority of Fort Wayne, Ind., pays its techs at least $50,000 per year yet achieves excellent profitability. This dealership started from scratch in 1992, and annual sales have now reached $3.2 million.

How do they do it? Read on

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The Yellow Pages Are Dying

Rubber TrackNovember 2010 may be remembered as a pivotal month in the eventual death of the Yellow Pages. Are you part of the reason that they’re still alive?

More importantly, are you paying too much for your Yellow Pages ads? Read on

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