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Garage Door Website War
Erupts in Idaho

Garage Door Website Wars

Two garage door dealers in Idaho have been battling over ownership rights of a website domain name. The fight went all the way to Switzerland and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

WIPO has now issued a final resolution to the dispute. We have all the details, plus some potent web marketing lessons for all garage door dealers. Read on.

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Presidential Poll Stirs Reader Rage

Presidential Poll Stirs Reader Rage

Remember our Presidential Poll revealing that door dealers prefer Romney to Obama by a 7-to-1 margin?

That story really ticked off some readers … big time. Read their hot remarks and our responses right here.

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More Door Techs Caught

More Door Techs Caught Overcharging

Here we go again. Two more of our industry’s rip-off artists have made the evening TV news.

We have those stories, plus other garage door news that involve a death, a near-death, and a theft rampage of more than $1 million in merchandise. Read our latest edition of Clippings.

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New Products LaunchedSurprising New Products Launched

Winter is not the typical time to launch new garage door products. But check this out:

  • One manufacturer just introduced the first maintenance-free high-speed rubber door.
  • Another unveiled a new commercial door with a 22.2 R-value.
  • And another industry leader debuted a completely new line of steel carriage house doors.

Read about these new products here.

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Martin Door’s New CEO is
Not a Martin

Martin Door’s New CEOYou read that right. The 76-year tradition of Martin Door being led by a member of the Martin family has come to an end.

The new CEO revealed to us some of the behind-the-scenes activity at this long-time U.S. garage door manufacturer.

Read on.

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