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Wayne Dalton
Torque Force

The best IDEA for your business

Best IDEA for your business

Are you IDEA accredited? Are your technicians certified?

Why not?

Upon the 20th anniversary of the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation, we make the case for door and gate dealers to get accredited and certified. Now.

Plus, we present an illustrated history of IDEA. Read it all here.

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How to fight Bad Bob strategically

Fight Bad Bob

Is Bad Bob deceiving your customers and tarnishing your reputation?

There are effective ways to fight back, and they’re not expensive. We reveal four viable strategies for you, and we offer free bonus materials to get you started.

Ready to fight? Click here.

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Chamberlain sues Ryobi

Chamberlain sues Ryobi

This may be the industry’s best fight of the decade.

In one brief story, we identify the key issues and details of this significant patent dispute.

Read all about it.

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What it takes to be a CDO pro

What it takes

Installing and servicing commercial door operators (CDOs) can boost your profitability and expand your company’s market and capabilities.

Do you have what it takes to be a CDO pro?

CDO expert Roy Bardowell identifies six must-haves to get your CDO business rolling and the top three reasons for CDO troubleshooting failure.

Let Roy bring you up to speed.

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A radical approach to selling

A radical approach

Selling is vital, but it can be gut wrenching.

In this fresh new approach to selling garage doors, we show how you can transform your thinking about selling, resulting in better sales, happier customers, and a good night’s sleep.

Your next sales strategy is here.

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Really new products

Really NewDo you know what an “IFTTT-compatible opener” is? It’s one of the major new products just announced for our industry.

That’s not all. Our latest magazine reveals a new specialty door AND gate operator from LiftMaster, a totally new garage door from Raynor, an energy-efficient high-speed door from CornellCookson, and much more.

Read the scoop on all these products.

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