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Wayne Dalton
DKS Doorking

GDS gets the Google ax

Google's Ax Falls on GDS

Nothing seemed to affect GDS, the notorious garage door repair company based in Carrollton, Texas.

Not dozens of negative media stories. Not hundreds of consumer complaints. Not even felony convictions, revoked licenses, and a class action lawsuit.

Then came Google. This one act by Google has GDS scrambling.

Read the full story.

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Google changes the rules for garage door ads

New Google Ad Rules

In the wake of Google’s attack on GDS, Google has now changed the advertising rules for ALL garage door repair companies.

Is your company “Google Guaranteed?” What’s involved in Google’s requirement for you to go through “advanced verification”? Will Google really pay your customer up to $2,000 if they’re not satisfied?

We have the answers to your questions.

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Installer sentenced for manslaughter


Just imagine that one of your installations ends up killing a homeowner. You’re dragged into court. Your company is fined, and in the final act, your installer is sentenced to years in prison.

This really happened! And the sentence was just handed down in October.

We have the sordid details and photos about the accident, the victim, the installer, and the court case.

Right here.

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The garage door of the future

Future Garage Door

This new article about future garage doors may stun you.

Especially when you realize that most of the technology mentioned in the article has already been invented.

Jean-François Morin of Garaga is the futurist for this story, and here are his insightful predictions.

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New garage door numbers

New Numbers


1. What percentage of new houses have a 3-car garage? 12%, 22%, or 32%?

2. Have complaints against garage door companies increased 10%, 20%, or 30%?

3. What percent of garage door dealers have a bachelor’s or master’s degree? 18%, 28%, or 38%?

4. How many door dealers carry dock equipment? 26%, 46%, or 66%?

Your answer sheet is here.

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Three firsts for garage door products

Our winter issue announces three firsts for the garage door industry:
3 Firsts
• The first voice-controlled GDO!

• The first UL-listed horizontally opening garage door!

• The first GDO remote with a 30-lumen flashlight!

Read all about them.

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