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Wayne Dalton

Precision Door denounces Phoenix franchisee

Precision Door of Phoenix

Were you appalled by the facts reported in our winter 2018 cover story?

So was Precision Door’s corporate headquarters.

The president and COO of PDS explains the company’s response to the allegations against franchise owner, Charan Gohlwar.

Read what PDS said and what they didn’t say..

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Letters pour in

Letters to the Editor

“Deeply disturbed,” “shocked,” and “very sad” are just a few of the four pages of reactions to our Precision Door article.

Letters came from former employees, Precision franchise owners, Precision customers, and door dealers from coast to coast.

Their raw reactions may surprise you.

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The garage door is Amazon’s
new key

Amazon Key

Get this: The largest retailer on the planet is now using garage door products to solve a nationwide problem.

What’s the problem?

How is the garage door transforming the way Amazon delivers?

How can this service help grow your business?

To get answers, we went straight to the GDO manufacturer that teamed up with Amazon to create this new and innovative service. Read on.

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Have you registered for this historic show?

History Show

Our industry is making history.

For the first time, the IDAExpo, AFA Fencetech, and NOMMA MetalFab shows are joining forces.

Why would they combine these events?

Why do you need to attend?

We have the answers.

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Fearless editor retires

Tom Wadsworth

After nearly 20 years as editor of Door + Access Systems newsmagazine, Tom Wadsworth passed the torch. For years, he has influenced positive change in our industry, and lucky for us, he’s not going anywhere.

How did Wadsworth’s career begin?

What did he learn along the way?

Where is he going now?

Read his story here.

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The D+AS top 10

Top 10

Which D+AS stories had the biggest influence on our industry over the last 20 years?

We couldn’t decide. So, we asked Tom Wadsworth to rank his top 10 greatest hits.

Yes, one of his Bad Bob stories landed the coveted number one spot. But the top 10 list includes several non-Bad Bob stories that shook the industry and still should.

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