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Wayne Dalton
Lift Master

Tornado-Resistant Garage Doors!

Tornado-Resistant Garage Doors

The mayor of one key U.S. city is “fixated on garage doors” because they are “a key to protecting the city.”

A new 2014 report by 35 researchers from five universities has inspired a new history-making building code that requires tornado-resistant garage doors.

Our new cover story reveals the science behind their startling conclusions about garage doors and why such requirements may be coming to your area.

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Video Goes Viral: How to Break Into a Garage Door

Breaking into a Garage in 6 Seconds

A YouTube video with 1.4 million views teaches burglars how to break into a garage door in six seconds. Several local TV news stations—and some door dealers—are spreading bad information on how to thwart this break-in method.

Our report explains why they’ve got it all wrong.

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Hottest New Products
at Expo 2014

Hot New Products

We polled door dealers throughout the country and asked them to tell us “the hottest new products at Expo 2014.” Their top four products include two residential garage doors, one commercial door, and one spring accessory.

As our exclusive Expo report reveals, the top two products aren’t even new!

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Why Are These Door Dealers Listening So Intently?


Door dealers jammed into this Expo workshop in Las Vegas, and they were blown away by Bill Rossiter’s analysis of potential garage door sales opportunities in the U.S.

In this feature article, Rossiter shares the most important details of his presentation.

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Freak Garage Door Accident

ClippingsOur new Clippings report summarizes four hot stories that affect YOU:

1) An almost-fatal freak garage door accident near Toronto.

2) A hidden-camera investigation that exposed GDS.

3) Eye-opening information about how Angie’s List handles bad reviews.

4) New discoveries about GDOs and certain LEDs.

Always read our Clippings reports …
especially this one.

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