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Wayne Dalton

Exposed dealer sues D+AS editor and IDA president

D+AS Editor and IDA President Sued

Did you know that legal threats referenced in our winter 2018 cover story evolved into a lawsuit?

In December, a Precision Door dealer filed a lawsuit against two of the most recognized names in the garage door industry.

What were they accused of? How did they fight back? What can we learn from this?

Get the answers from Tom Wadsworth, who was at the center of this dispute.

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Garage door replacements are a win-win … again

Cost Vs Value Cover

For the second consecutive year, an upscale garage door has been ranked as the nation’s best remodeling project for ROI (return on investment).

This news—from the 2019 Cost vs. Value Report—could be your most valuable ammunition when selling upscale garage doors throughout 2019.

Plus, the return on investment is so good, the resale value of the garage door almost exceeds the cost! In 46 U.S. markets, the door actually recoups more than its cost. Print this story and give it to all your customers.

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The hottest new products at Expo 2019

Expo 2019

Your survey results are in!

The top three companies mentioned in our exclusive 14th annual “Hottest New Products” survey from the 2019 IDAExpo in Indianapolis were almost too close to call. Plus, three companies tied for honorable mentions in
our poll.

The big winners are here.

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The most professional way to handle repairs

Handling Repairs

In this “Bad Bob” era, door dealers are searching for the most professional way to handle a residential garage door repair.

Fortunately, the automotive industry has already faced this challenge and developed intelligent and professional procedures that we need to hear.

In this new article, Tom Wadsworth examines the automotive industry’s solutions and offers some concrete proposals for the garage door industry. We think his ideas may be a significant breakthrough in the battle against Bad Bob.

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Spring-winding tools may be
the answer

Spring-winding tools

With injuries plaguing the garage door industry and our aging technicians, it’s time to seriously consider the value of spring-winding tools.

Can spring-winding tools contribute to the happiness and longevity of garage door technicians?

Are they worth your investment? You decide.

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New law in California

Top 10

The new battery backup legislation goes into effect on July 1, 2019.

Dealers in California will have to adhere to the new garage door opener requirements outlined in this legislation or pay a penalty.

What are the requirements?

Does it apply to residential and commercial openers?

What is the penalty for violating the new provisions?

Learn more in our Industry Newslines.

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