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Wayne Dalton
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Golden opportunity for selling upscale garage doors

For the first time in history, an upscale garage door has been ranked as the nation’s best remodeling project for ROI (return on investment).

(Go back and read that sentence again.)

Golden OpportunityThis news—from the 2018 Cost vs. Value Report—could be your most valuable ammunition when selling upscale garage doors throughout 2018.

Plus, the return on investment is so good, the resale value of the garage door almost exceeds the cost! In 46 U.S. markets, the door actually recoups more than its cost.

Print this story and give it to all your customers.

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California revokes GDS license


Imagine: Your state’s attorney general revokes your contractor’s license.

It means you can’t do business anywhere in your state.

It means you can’t even apply for a license for five years.

It means, if you try to do business anyway, the state can prosecute you for a criminal offense.

But did that stop GDS? Read on.

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Breakthrough clinical study:
The end of winding bars?

Winding Bars

Do you have technicians with shoulder and muscle injuries?

You no longer need to guess at the difference in muscle strain between using a winding bar and using a winding tool.

This revolutionary clinical testing, conducted by a board-certified doctor in occupational medicine, has produced the first-ever muscle data for winding springs.

This data could spell the end of winding bars. See our photos from this historic test and read the study’s conclusions right here.

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The R-value will soon be dead


Forget everything you knew about R-values. The garage door industry is hereby giving you advance warning that it will soon replace R-values with U-factors.

No, U-factors are not just the inverse of R-values.

This quick, one-page article explains why this big change is coming, the benefits of U-factors, and when the R-value will officially die.

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The two best ways to avoid a garage door or gate lawsuit


The most-clicked story in Door + Access Systems’ history (61,000+ clicks to date) is “Two Multi-Million-Dollar Lawsuits in One Day.” It proved that one lawsuit can cost you millions and even kill your business.

So, how do you avoid a company-killing lawsuit? To answer this question, we turned to two veteran DASMA members who have often testified in court cases involving automated garage doors and gates. They both cited the same two ways.

Read their sage advice here.

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How to get Google to spank
ad violators

Google HelpIf you have a competitor that is unfairly dominating Google search results, what do you do?

Just call Google!

(Insert laughter here.)

We have found a new resource for you: Google specialists who have the inside track on reporting Google violations. We talked to two of them and learned how they have such an excellent track record on killing ads from garage door repair scammers.

Meet your new best friends here.

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