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Wayne Dalton
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California mandates battery
backup GDOs

Battery Backup

Whoa. The California legislature has approved the nation’s first legislation in almost 30 years that specifically targets garage door openers.

What input did the garage door industry give to legislators? What are the big changes that this requires for all dealers and manufacturers? What are dealers now saying about the new requirements?

We have the answers here.

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Canadian firm buys U.S. firm

Garaga Acquisition

Who are these men, and why are they smiling?

It could be because they just pulled off the first time in history that a Canadian garage door manufacturer has bought a U.S. garage door manufacturer.

In our industry’s long history of acquisitions, this one is unique. We have all the details in our full story.

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Door dealer arrested for death threats to leading Republicans



You read that right. This short story is just one of several new Clippings stories that will command your attention.

Another Clippings story reports about what-may-be the most costly patent infringement case in our industry’s history.

Read these two stories and three others in our new episode of Clippings. Don’t worry; they’re all short and to-the-point.

And remember: Always. Read. Clippings.

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New ammunition to help you sell more doors

Sales Tools

Wouldn’t it be great if we had actual research proving that a new upscale garage door increases the selling price of a home?

What if you could honestly tell a customer that a new upscale garage door will actually pay for itself?

With thanks to Clopay, we have the details of their new research. Read this, then go sell more doors.

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New changes to UL 325 and gate operators

UL ChangesMore changes to UL 325?

Yep. And they affect all gate operators sold in the United States and Canada. Once again, the issue is entrapment protection.

But don’t think that this UL 325 update only affects manufacturers. These changes also affect installers with every single gate operator installation.

The changes are not too complicated, but you need to know the details. We have it all summarized in this easy-to-read one page story from Rick Sedivy.

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The new DASMA thermal performance program

Top 10 FAQsThe news is starting to spread of the industry’s Big Shift to using U-factors instead of R-values to rate the thermal performance of garage doors.

If you sell garage doors anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, this shift will change the way you sell every insulated garage door.

This quick one-pager gives you answers to 10 common questions about this program.

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