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The untold story of the founding of our industry


Who really invented the garage door and the door opener?

Hint: It’s not who you think it is.

After months of new research, Tom Wadsworth’s investigative report about the founders of the industry seeks to set the record straight.

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Alarming number of door listings on Google Maps are fake!

Fake listings

If you think our industry has been inundated by fake business listings on Google Maps, you are right! We now have a study to prove it.

The study examined listings for garage door repair companies in select cities, and the results are alarming.

How many listings were fake? Which cities were researched?

Get answers and learn how you can report fake listings to Google.

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Trump or Biden?

Survey Respondents Prefer Trump

In July, we conducted our sixth D+AS Presidential Poll to see who door dealers favor in the upcoming presidential election.

Our survey respondents not only revealed their clear preference, they also added many insightful comments.

Who are dealers voting for this November? Find out here!

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DASMA announces new technical director

New Technical Director

After 24 years in the position, Joe Hetzel is retiring as the technical director of DASMA and turning over the reins to a 25-year industry veteran.

Who is the new technical director?

Why did DASMA hire him?

The answers are here.

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NGDS vacates major market and claims “large adjustments”


Neighborhood Garage Door Services (NGDS), previously known as Garage Door Service, has pulled out of the largest garage door market in the nation.

We reveal details of the company’s behind-the-scenes troubles, including insider information from a former NGDS technician in that market.

Where has NGDS closed-up shop and why? Read the details.

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