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No one is safe from cybercriminals


It’s all over the news.

Businesses everywhere are getting hit with ransomware. It’s even becoming more common in our industry, but not every company is willing to share their story.

In this candid interview with Precoat Metals, we learn the details of their cyberattack experience, and the systems and programs they implemented to prevent future attacks.

This story may keep you and your business from a similar fate.

Have you been a victim of cyber fraud? Email us your story today.

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Garage doors reclaim #1 spot

Cost vs Value

The garage door replacement project has once again been ranked as the nation’s best remodeling project for ROI (return on investment).

In 150 of the 150 individual markets, a garage door replacement recoups almost all its cost. Plus, garage door replacements cost significantly less than every other exterior project examined in the study.

How much less? How much more does it recoup?

Read this summary of the 2021 Cost vs. Value Report to find out.

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Two decades of Expo in review

Expo in review

The 2021 IDAExpo was canceled but don’t worry!

This comprehensive recap of the past two decades of Expo events will help fill the void.

Read this story and take a walk down memory lane. Learn which products and trends were hot throughout the years, the workshop topics that always generated a crowd, and so much more.

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Two surprising summer announcements


Read about the sad passing of the founder and former CEO of the largest high-performance door company in Canada. Her leadership and legacy continue to inspire.

Lynch Find out which respected industry leader plans to retire. He has served as the president of North America’s largest residential garage door company since 2009 and is DASMA’s most recent past president.

Read about these stories and more in Newslines.

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How to increase sales, simply

Increase Sales

Would you consider implementing a snail mail campaign? This story may convince you that now is the time.

Learn how one door dealer increased its revenues with an innovative (yet traditional) marketing campaign that “works better than any other marketing strategy.”

Curious? Simply click here to learn more.

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Knowledge is power


Are you a tech with the skills to troubleshoot an operator, or one who wants to learn how? Then, this story is for you.

Learn valuable tips on how to expand and utilize your technical knowledge to help transform the industry.

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