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C.H.I. sold to Nucor for $3 billion

CHI Employees

On May 16, it was announced that C.H.I. was sold for $3 billion to Nucor, the largest producer of steel in the United States.

This transaction led to huge windfall payouts for employees, and it directly benefits dealers. How much did C.H.I. employees receive? Why should you be excited about the sale?

Read this story now to find out.

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Smart products at Expo

Bench Sentry

Based on feedback from our 16th Annual “Hottest Products” survey, there wasn’t an overwhelming pick for “hot” new product at Expo. However, there was a hot trend.

Be smart and find out what products topped the list and why.

We’ll give you a hint: Porch pirates better beware!

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Trade shows are back!

Trade Shows Return

With the success of the 2022 AFA Fencetech and IDAExpo, it’s clear that dealers and manufacturers missed industry trade shows. Both events generated impressive attendance and organizers received positive feedback.

Which workshops made an impression? How many exhibitors showcased their products at the shows? When is the next big event?

Get answers in this article covering Expo and Fencetech.

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Meet Val Sigmon

Val Sigmon

He graduated college and immediately began working for a door manufacturing company. 27 years later, he’s not only the president of that same company, he’s also the new president of DASMA.

We asked Val Sigmon about the key issues facing our industry, his thoughts on leadership, and his goals for the association. His responses included some exciting news about the recently approved Thermal Performance Verification program.

Click to read our one-page interview.

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Expo keynote speaker debunks history of the door industry

Tom debunks history of the door industry

Tom Wadsworth kicked off Expo with an eye-opening, fact-packed keynote address. While conducting research on the life and career of C.G. Johnson, he uncovered historical documents that revealed the true inventor of the garage door.

Spoiler alert! It’s not who you think it is.

Many of the details covered during Wadsworth’s buzzworthy presentation were featured in the D+AS fall 2020 cover story. Anyone who missed his keynote address should read the story.

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Cost vs. Value 2022 report reveals #1 project for ROI

Cost vs Value

The garage door replacement project maintained its number one spot as the nation’s best remodeling project for ROI.

Garage doors have ranked as one of the top five projects for ROI since 2010. How many times has it topped the list? What percentage can homeowners recoup in cost? This overview provides answers.

Dealers should consider using this story as a marketing tool! Show your customers the value of upgrading a garage door.

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