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Wayne Dalton
Torque Force

Indiana dealer finds staffing success


What do you get when a CPA with an MBA and a CFA becomes CEO of an 85-year-old OHD dealership?

In this case, remarkable success.

The most noteworthy aspect of this door dealer’s success is its eye-opening new approach to hiring, motivating, and keeping employees.

Dude … you need to read this.

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What do customers want in a garage door?

What Customers Want

For years, industry leaders have been waiting for a nationwide survey to reveal what customers want in a garage door.

Now, a new landmark D+AS study finally has answers to that question … for residential customers and for commercial/industrial customers.

Did you think price was king? Before you sell another door, read our report.

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California goes after GDS

Worst Garage Door Company

Many dealers thought it would never happen, but a governmental entity is taking legal action against Garage Door Services, the nationwide garage door repair company exposed in our fall 2015 cover story.

California has alleged almost 50 violations by GDS. One of them is a penal code violation that can result in jail time or prison.

What were all these violations? Read the details here.

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A new garage door now #1 upscale project

We're Number One

Pop the champagne and start chanting, “We’re number one!”

In the new Cost vs. Value Report, an upscale garage door replacement is now ranked number 1 out of 11 upscale home improvement projects in delivering the best value for the buck.

This big news can energize your sales efforts in 2016.

Don’t believe it? We have the proof here.

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New York Times exposes
Bad Bob

Bad Bob

Did you know that Google is aware of Bad Bob’s slippery Internet tactics?

Did you know that Bad Bob is also on the radar screen of federal prosecutors?

When the New York Times exposes something, all the major news media take note. And this time, Bad Bob is in their crosshairs.

Read on.

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Chamberlain announces new CEO

New CEOChamberlain has a new CEO. Raynor has a new president. And so does Rytec, BEA, and CPSG.

It must be an election year!

We’ve got the lowdown on all these new industry leaders … right here.

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