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Think before you poach

Think before you poach

If you are a business owner trying to recruit a star performer or an employee wondering whether the grass is greener at another company, this must-read article is for you.

Award winning journalist Phil Perry details how to legally transition to another company and/or lure a top performer.

Learn what you should and shouldn’t do during hiring and transitions in this helpful story.

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Unpredictable price changes

Unpredictable price changes

Due to ongoing variables sparked and prolonged by the COVID-19 pandemic, costs and correlated prices are on the rise.

In this article, Door + Access Systems contacted three leading distribution companies for guidance on how to manage these unprecedented conditions.

What’s causing the drastic changes in prices? Will there be more changes in the upcoming months? How can you stay competitive during these times?

Read this story for some answers.

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The video generation


Are you using videos to connect with customers and prospects? If you answered no, then this compelling article may convince you to change your mind.

Dan Ditzler presents a strong argument on why you should use sources like YouTube to stay relevant and grow your business.

Is it time to implement this marketing tool? You decide.

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New numbers for the garage door industry

New Numbers


1. Have complaints against garage door companies increased 23% or decreased 23%?

2. What percent of new single-family houses completed in 2020 have three-car garages? 18%, 28%, or 38%?

3. How many buyers factor in the garage when making their decision on whether to purchase a home? 40%, 60%, or 80%?

Your answer sheet is here.

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Three tips to boost sales
and profits

Increase Sales

Business owners looking for a quick way to boost sales, look no further.

This spot-on story offers clear and easy steps to incentivize employees, keep customers happy, and save time on service calls, all while increasing profits.

What can you do to increase your sales today? Find out here.

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It’s time for a chemistry lesson

Chemistry lesson

The next time you open a garage door, sleep on a foam mattress, or jog in your sneakers, think about the complexity behind the chemistry — and all the steps it took to reach you.

This thought-provoking article from BASF details the key component found in garage door technology and the value chain of this material.

What material are we talking about it? Read this story and expand your knowledge.

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