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Ohio Attorney General sues garage door company

Ohio Attorney General

This story is a wake-up call for garage door companies engaging in fraudulent or deceptive behaviors. It’s also an excellent resource for dealers competing against these companies for business, and for homeowners who feel they have been scammed by a garage door company.

Find out where to file complaints and what happens when an Attorney General takes them seriously.

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Serious spike in BBB garage door complaints

Spike in complaints

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaint data is out, and the new statistics for garage door businesses are alarming.

Complaints for garage door related categories saw a drastic spike — a disturbing trend considering they had been steadily declining since 2018. The new complaint ranking for “Garage Door” businesses is also not good news for the industry.

What is the new ranking?

How many complaints were filed in 2021?

Is there a silver lining? Get answers in this eye-opening story.

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A revealing interview with Nucor and C.H.I.

Nucor and C.H.I.

Following the whirlwind news announced in our summer cover story, “C.H.I. sold for $3 billion,” D+AS had the opportunity to interview members of the Nucor and C.H.I. leadership teams.

In this follow-up story, we learn more about how the acquisition came about, why it benefits door dealers, and what makes Nucor such a unique company.

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What’s the deal with steel?


Award-winning journalist Phil Perry offers door and access businesses an updated summary of the steel market and hope! This easy-to-read, well-researched article breaks down the key variables influencing the pricing and availability of steel.

Read it now and you’ll be more informed and better prepared for the next twist in the steel roller coaster.

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New numbers for the garage door industry

Garage door industry numbers


1. What percentage of new single-family houses completed in 2021 have three-car garages? 11%, 21%, or 31%?

2. Which U.S. region had the most three-garage homes built in 2021? Midwest, Northeast, South, or West?

3. Did the number of new single-family houses completed in 2021 increase or decrease compared to the previous year?

Your answer sheet is here.

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