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Google and FTC take action against fraudulent online behavior

Google and FTC take action

On June 16, Google filed a lawsuit against a Los Angeles businessman for allegedly creating fraudulent Business Profiles and hundreds of fake listings. On June 30, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced a new proposed rule that seeks to ban fake reviews and fine bad actors.

Both announcements are good news for honest companies in the door and access industries. Find out why.

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Installing doors and gates in extreme weather

Extreme weather

Dealers are completing installations in record-breaking temperatures. But how cold is too cold, and how hot is too hot?

This informative story outlines key strategies for protecting employees from weather-related illnesses. Learn how to maintain steady business continuity, regardless of the temperature.

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Remembering a champion of the industry

Todd Thomas

He was a key contributor to IDEA, a gifted writer, a sports enthusiast, and a champion for education. Sadly, he passed away in June.

In this story, we honor a man who spent his career raising the level of professionalism and safety in the door and access industry.

Find out who, here.

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New BBB and housing numbers for the industry

BBB Charts


  1. What does the latest BBB data reveal? Complaints against garage door companies have … increased, decreased, or stayed the same?

  2. What percentage of all BBB complaints are garage door related?
    15%, 25%, or 35%?

  3. What region had the most two-car garage homes built in 2022?
    Midwest, Northeast, South, or West?

Your answer sheet is here.

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OSHA ramps up inspections


“The Biden Administration has become much tougher about OSHA regulations,” said former OSHA head, Edwin G. Foulke, Jr. Consequently, OSHA is conducting more inspections and levying heftier fines for noncompliance than ever before.

Read this story to learn how to protect your company and avoid costly penalties.

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What is ANSI/DASMA 102? What is it used for? What does it cover?

In this quick overview, DASMA technical director Dave Monsour clarifies the purpose of this foundational standard.

Get answers here.

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