10 Questions About the New Garage Door Certification Program: New Wind-Load Labels Now Appearing

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Publish Date: Fall 2008
Author: Joe Hetzel
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10 Questions About the New Garage Door Certification Program
New Wind-Load Labels Now Appearing

In July, a new code-compliant garage door certification program officially began. Under the voluntary program, approved doors will feature labels that demonstrate wind-load- and windborne-debris-resistance performance.

The following information comes from the new DASMA Technical Data Sheet 170, soon to be available on the DASMA Web site.

1. How do I find out the wind-load requirements and windborne-debris resistance requirements for a particular door installation?

Ask the building department having authority over the installation. The department may be either a city or county government entity.

2. Does the program cover both new and replacement installations?


3. When is the label applied to the door?

The manufacturer determines whether the label is applied at the factory or at the point of installation.

4. How is the label verified as applying to the door being installed?

A notation on the label refers to the applicable drawing for the door.

5. What is the means of verifying that a product is enrolled in the program?

A “listing number,” maintained by the program administrator, verifies the product. The number is on the product label and is published at the certification program Web site.

6. What is the use of the “listing number” on the label?

The “listing number” identifies the product and the manufacturer, and it cross-references the door to a particular set of documents and to the Web site listing.

7. Is the program intended to “police” installations?

The program is intended to verify the certified performance values of enrolled products. The authority having jurisdiction must still make sure the installation meets the local requirements.

8. Can a dealer be considered a “manufacturer” within the context of the program?

Yes, if a particular dealer takes responsibility (1) for the design of a garage door system and (2) for the purchasing and controlling components of a system.

9. Can a dealer challenge a competitor’s door and/or installation?

Only manufacturers can initiate challenges. A dealer may challenge an installation only if that dealer is defined by the program as a manufacturer. That dealer’s challenge would be against the party responsible for manufacturing the challenged product. Dealers should contact their supplying manufacturer if they discover any discrepancies in competitors’ enrolled products.

10. How does a participant take action against a dealer who may be improperly installing enrolled products?

DASMA has no control over dealer activities. However, dealers who improperly install enrolled products can have their installations challenged. It is, therefore, in the best interest of the program participant (the manufacturer) to resolve this situation.

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