Divisions & Committees


Gate Operator & Access Control Point Systems

Chairperson:  Rick Sedivy, DoorKing

Products: Active vehicular access barriers, gate openers, electronics and remote control devices, telephony entry systems, and sensing devices.

High Performance Door Division

Joshua Harter, Hormann

Products: Rolling, folding, or sliding doors that are generally characterized by higher cycles, higher speeds, larger sizes, and/or complex door control systems.

Commercial & Residential Garage Door Division

Doug Geeslin, Midland Garage Door

Products: Commercial garage doors and residential garage doors.

Rolling Door Division

Milt Prosperi, CornellCookson

Products: Rolling service doors, fire doors, counter doors, grilles, motor operators, high performance doors & grilles, and side-folding closure products.

Door Operator & Electronics Division

Greg Matias, Overhead Door/Genie Company

Products: Residential and commercial garage door openers, gate openers, electronics and remote control devices and sensing devices.

Associates Division

Chairperson:  Lisa Shelton, Ryerson

Products: A wide variety of components and
materials associated with the products manufactured by our other divisions.


Technical Committees

Commercial & Residential Garage Door Technical Committee

Dwayne Kornish, Wayne Dalton

This active committee is involved in a wide range of technical issues relating to commercial and residential garage doors. These issues include a garage door’s wind resistance, thermal performance, pinch resistance, steel gauge, code compliance, standards development, and much more.

Door Operator & Electronics Door Operator Committee

Greg Matias, Overhead Door Corp.

This committee works on issues related to residential garage door openers, such as standards development and code compliance, striving to maximize safety in these products.

Joint Technical Group

Chairperson:  David Dawdy, CornellCookson

This committee works on technical issues that are applicable to multiple divisions within DASMA.

Standing Committees

Executive Committee

Val Sigmon, Amarr

This committee may act on behalf of the Board on matters that arise between Board meetings. It is comprised of the four officers of the Board and one member at large appointed by the President from the Board of Directors. The immediate Past President is an ex-officio member of the committee.

Audit Committee

Bearge Miller, Miller Edge

The Audit Committee, chaired by the Treasurer, develops a recommended operating budget for presentation to the Board of Directors. This committee also supervises and reviews all current financial operations of the association, including the Association’s annual Audited Financial Statement prepared by an independent certified public accountant, and annually makes recommendations about the dues structure.

Magazine/Marketing Committee

Vickie Lents, Amarr

Product Liability & Safety Committee


This committee serves as a forum for discussion of industry wide safety concerns, based on contacts with key agencies, court actions, and legislative and executive branches of governments.

Training & Education Committee

Flossie Miller, Miller Edge

This committee develops educational materials and programs for consumers, dealers, and industry personnel, sometimes working with the National Safety Council and the Institute for Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA). These materials often deal with proper use and installation of industry products.

Task Force on Industry Reputation

Bearge Miller, Miller Edge

This Task Force on Industry Reputation, is a joint committee of dealers and manufacturers (DASMA/IDA), that works to advance the industry's reputation, and educate and protect consumers from disreputable practices.

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