15 Service Tips From Automotive Experts

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Publish Date: Winter 2006
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Page 58

15 Service Tips From Automotive Experts

For the last century, the automotive world has had its struggles with unscrupulous repair shops. Being a few decades older than the garage door world, the auto industry is a few steps ahead of us in recognizing and promoting excellence in repair practices.

Here are some principles of excellence that have been developed by leading automotive groups such as the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), the AAA Approved Auto Repair Network (AAA), and the Motorist Assurance Program (MAP).

Does your garage door company follows these principles?

1. Do you offer free maintenance inspections? (AAA)
2. Do your written estimates guarantee that actual repair costs will vary by no more than 10 percent (unless authorized by the customer in advance)? (AAA)
3. Can you demonstrate that your company offers “fair pricing”? (AAA)
4. Do you give the customer the option of keeping or inspecting all old parts? (MAP)
5. Do you secure the customer’s prior approval before performing any repair work? (MAP)
6. Do you include a (free) minimum limited warranty that covers parts and labor (e.g., for 90 days)? (MAP)
7. Do you provide written recommendations for repairs that are explained and based on (a) system failure, (b) improved system performance, or (c) preventive maintenance, according to accepted industry standards? (MAP)
8. Do you identify all replaced parts as new, remanufactured, rebuilt, or used? (MAP)
9. Do you encourage your technicians to receive continuing education and/or (IDEA) certification? (MAP)
10. Are your technicians certified by a nationally recognized independent non-profit organization (like IDEA)? (ASE)
11. Do your technicians wear a patch that signifies their (IDEA) certification? (ASE)
12. Is your business known for community service and civic involvement? (ASE)
13. Does your company hold membership in the Better Business Bureau? (ASE)
14. Does your company hold membership in a nationally recognized professional association (like the International Door Association) and follow its Code of Business Conduct? (ASE)
15. Are all labor rates, fees, guarantees, and methods of payment clearly known to the customer? (ASE)

For more information on these automotive organizations, go to www.ase.com, www.aaa.com, and www.motorist.org.