15 Ways to Demonstrate Your Honesty

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Publish Date: Spring 2002
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Page 37

15 Ways to Demonstrate Your Honesty

15-Point Integrity Checklist

Here are 15 DAS tips for demonstrating your professionalism to your customers. How many can you check?

  1. For inquiring customers, provide a list of customer references.
  2. Inform customers of all costs before making a service call. Don't hide charges.
  3. Encourage customers to shop around.
  4. Clearly post your company name and address on all ads and on all company vehicles.
  5. Make sure your advertising is honest in every respect.
  6. If you're licensed and bonded, identify the licensing or bonding agency or your license number.
  7. Before you begin your repair work, inform the customer of your repair recommendations and the cost, then let them decide.
  8. Whenever possible, demonstrate and/or explain the reason for the product failure.
  9. Return defective parts to the customer.
  10. Teach customers how to avoid service calls in the future.
  11. Don't scare customers with half-truths. Be completely honest.
  12. Don't require payment until the job's done.
  13. Join IDA, subscribe to their Code of Business Conduct, and advertise it.
  14. Become an accredited door dealer with IDEA.
  15. Join recognized business organizations such as the Better Business Bureau, National

Federation of Independent Business, American Subcontractors Association, or your local Chamber of Commerce.