Ankmar Offers Alternative Wood Doors

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Publish Date: Winter 2005
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Ankmar Offers Alternative Wood Doors

In October, Ankmar announced its new Manor House CladPanel garage doors, described as a “high-design/lower-cost alternative” to high-end wooden doors.

The Manor House door is “a superior wood product, but at roughly one-third the price of traditional wooden doors,” says William Smith, Ankmar president and CEO. The door, made of 81 percent Douglas fir, qualifies as a “Certified Recycled” product. Ankmar manufactures its own panels.

The CladPanel process uses heat and pressure to fuse unused timber with recycled paper, exterior-grade resins, and waxes. The panel is then finished with resin-infused overlays for moisture resistance. Ankmar says that CladPanel doors offer the aesthetics, strength, and durability of wood, but with significantly less warping, splitting, or cracking.

Different dimensional designs and a variety of window and hardware options are available. Manor House doors can be stained or painted; CladPanel’s unique composition eliminates the need for a base coat. Manor House Elite, the insulated CladPanel model, offers an R-6 insulation rating.

Martin Introduces Controlled Descent

In September, Martin Door introduced a new safety option, designed to meet the new European standard. The new Controlled Descent Device stops a Martin Door from falling in case of a relaxed spring, broken spring, or broken lift cable.

The device attaches to the outside of the lock-on side bearing bracket on a Martin Garage Door. If a problem with a torsion spring or a lift cable allows the door to close fast, the device will lock and stop the door.

The Martin-invented device is available as an option on all U.S. Martin Garage Doors, but it will be standard in Europe. The device passed a key safety requirement for Europe that requires that any falling garage door be stopped within a few inches.

Genie Announces V12 Steel Carriage-House Door

In late October, the Genie Company made available the Renaissance V12, an embossed steel carriage-house garage door, to Genie Pro dealers. Genie is part of Overhead Door’s Access Systems Division.

The Renaissance V12, an extension of Overhead Door’s Renaissance Collection, is available in non-insulated and vinyl-backed insulated (R-value 6.17) models in five colors with a variety of window treatment options. The doors also feature pinch-resistant panels and the self-lubricating Triathlon hinge system for quiet operation.

Other product features include 12-bar vertical wainscot design, tamper-resistant bottom fixtures, optional impact-resistant glass, and optional code-approved wind-load packages.

Chamberlain Unveils Laser Parking Assist

In September, Chamberlain unveiled the LiftMaster Laser Garage Parking Assist. The device guides drivers into their garages without hitting the walls or other items.

“This product effectively replaces the tennis-ball-on-a-string or other clever devices that homeowners have had to invent,” says Dan Nixa, director of residential marketing.

The parking aid’s laser beam is triggered when the beam from the safety sensors is activated. The beam then points to an easy-to-see spot on the car dash when the car reaches the perfect parking position. As a result, drivers can park in the same spot every time.

Two units can be easily installed to a single garage door opener, assisting two cars in the same garage.

Rite-Hite Adds New Cold Storage Door

In November, Rite-Hite Doors announced the Barrier Fold, a bi-folding cooler/freezer door with an energy-efficient sealing system, impactability, high speed, and a small footprint.

The Barrier Fold uses a patent-pending Thermal Air Sealing System that continuously broadcasts warm air evenly across the door and surrounding floor surfaces to prevent frost and reduce maintenance/operating costs.

The Barrier Fold also offers an 84"/second high-speed door operation, a 2' side clearance, an impactable tubular track/trolley system, and Reflek-Tek center panels that seal tightly with Rite-Tite magnets.

Glass City Introduces DuraClean Springs

In September, Glass City Spring Products introduced DuraClean, a new advanced polymer spring coating. DuraClean bonds to the spring’s surface for increased durability and offers a clean, non-oily surface that acts as a rust inhibitor.

“Our production facility has been re-designed with state-of-the-art equipment … to make Glass City among the most efficient garage door spring plants in North America,” adds Terry Snyder, sales manager for Glass City Spring, a division of Wayne-Dalton.

The DuraClean coating, offered at no extra charge, is standard on all residential torsion springs through 2-5/8" diameter and in lengths up to 120". DuraClean springs include high-resolution ink-jet printing for easy identification.

Taylor Enters Carriage-House Market

In November, Taylor Door entered the market for carriage-house doors by introducing its Country Estates Collection. The new “maintenance-free” steel doors are offered in seven embossed-panel designs and six window options.

Door panels feature a wood-grain texture in a choice of white, almond, or sandstone colors, accented by white vinyl overlays in seven different designs. Door skins are bonded to a polystyrene core, providing an 8.3 R-value.

A-tech Adds FrenchPorte Doors

A-tech now offers FrenchPorte Garage Doors.

A-tech is “confident the revolutionary new design of the FrenchPorte Doors will astound the industry and we are thrilled to be part of the uprising we believe FrenchPorte Door creates.”

Dealer Invents Dock Door Safety Gate

In October, Dennis Luster of Killeen (Texas) Overhead Doors announced that he had been granted a U.S. patent for BarriGate, his invention of a safety gate for loading dock doors.

BarriGate minimizes damage to the interior side of loading dock doors and helps prevent hazardous roll-offs from elevated docks. Refined over a two-year period, BarriGate has received a registered trademark.

Luster says that dock door accidents can cause expensive repairs, downtime, and serious injury. During field trials, the BarriGate reduced door repair expenses at a Wal-Mart by over 87 percent during a 12-month period.

Martin Develops Curve Shield

As of Oct. 1, 2005, all Martin Garage Doors up to 8' high are being shipped with curve shields, a new protective device that keeps hands and fingers away from a moving door. The device, initially designed to meet new European standards, is offered at no additional cost.

“We’re trying to do our best to protect hands and fingers,” says Dave Martin, chairman.

The curve shield is the 15th standard feature on every Martin Door. The device mounts onto the reverse angle bracket shield using existing holes in the shield.

Manaras Updates Electronic Control Board

In October, Manaras introduced a new version of their Electronic Control Board (ECB), which provides an array of control options for commercial door openers. With the ECB, wiring for accessories, troubleshooting, and programming are made easier with on-board controls.

New features include a plug-in socket that enables an easy connection to limit switches and radio control devices and an outlet for the connection of red and green warning lights. Another new feature is the programmable advance close system which allows for easy adjustment of the point where the obstacle detection devices are disabled before the door reaches the floor.

Steel-Craft Adds Door Heights

In November, Steel-Craft announced that its Vintage and Flush residential doors are available with 2" and 3" commercial hardware.

With commercial hardware, the available door heights increase in 3" increments from 9' to 16'. The additional door heights will be available in 8', 9', 10', 12', and 16' widths. All door sizes will now be available with Hi-Lift.

New Slide Gate Operators From Tymetal

In October, Tymetal announced the 1300 and 1700 slide gate operators. The model numbers indicate each operator’s maximum gate-weight capacity.

These new operators offer 1/2- or 1-HP UL-listed motors available in 110V, 208V, and 230V single-phase and 208V, 230V, and 460V three-phase configurations. The 1/2-HP versions are available in either drop-out or fail-secure lock versions for commercial or residential use. High-speed versions are available for gates up to 50' in length.

Miller Edge Adds Improved Coil Cord

In October, Miller Edge announced that they have added a new, improved polyurethane coil cord to their line of accessories.

Miller testing found the cords performed as well as or better than the neoprene cords previously available, according to Gary Leigh, engineering manager. He says the test scores showed 61 to 438 percent improvement over neoprene coil cords.

Improved performance was due to better materials on the individual conductors (Hytrel) and the overall jacket (polyurethane). The new cord is also half the weight of the neoprene cord, which improves the sag factor and durability.

Keri Systems Releases Biometric Reader

In September, Keri Systems introduced the BioPointe Fingerprint Reader with Wiegand output for use on the PXL-500W Tiger Controller or any Wiegand-compatible controller. Each standard unit can store 720 user templates in memory; the optional extended-memory units can store 4,400 templates.

With its integrated keypad, BioPointe combines many functions that normally would require multiple products from other manufacturers. Users can be required to enter a PIN plus fingerprint, fingerprint only, or keypad only.

Safe-Way Introduces New Steel Doors

Safe-Way’s new 40 Series Collection includes two steel door styles: the Carriage House and Ranch Panel. Both styles are 2" thick, made of grooved steel with a wood-grain texture, and offered with or without insulation.

The Carriage-House door offers a choice of two styles of decorative black handles and hinges and various window options. The Ranch Panel also offers an array of windows. The doors are available in sizes from 6'6" to 8' high and up to 20' wide in white, almond, and sandtone.

Garaga Launches Two Industrial Doors

In September, Garaga launched two new steel garage doors, the G-8000 and the G-8500.

“We can now say that we are a one-stop supplier in the industry, as our industrial product line now extends from the high-end door to the economical products,” says Jim Migani, U.S. sales manager.

These new 2"-thick doors are available in Ice White with deep-grooved panels in a wood-grain texture. The G-8000 is a non-insulated product, whereas the G-8500 has CFC-free polystyrene insulation with an R-value of 6.6. Door widths are available in 1" increments (from 8' to 24') and 3" height increments.

New High-Lift Track System by Hörmann

In early 2005, Hörmann introduced a new high-lift track system for larger residential garages. The 10' track system accommodates high-lift applications up to 3', depending on door height.

Like all Hörmann track systems, it can easily be flipped over to serve as a low-headroom application. A special adaptor kit has been developed to fit Hörmann SupraMatic A operators.

Chamberlain Introduces New Gate Operator

In September, Chamberlain introduced the new LA400 linear gate operator from LiftMaster. This new 24V DC operator is for a variety of applications, including residential, rural, and solar.

The LA400 will operate gates up to 15' wide and 550 pounds. An alarm-reset button on the outside of the control box resets the alarm in the event of a double entrapment. The radio receiver, with external antenna, is compatible with all LiftMaster garage door openers.

The LA400 offers easy installation to a variety of posts, and its color-coded circuit board makes wiring easier. The LA400 offers a manual release that replaces the usual pin to pull and includes a battery back-up system that will keep the unit functioning for up to 100 cycles after a power outage.

Amarr Adds New Moonlite Window Insert

In November, Amarr introduced Moonlite window inserts for all Oak Summit doors. The Moonlite inserts provide a single-arch look at an affordable price.

The Oak Summit is a four-section steel carriage-house door with a beadboard design. The Moonlite inserts are available in white, almond, and sandtone.

Stackable Storage Lockers From US Door

In November, US Door and Building Components announced Stackable Storage Lockers that can fit into vacant or unused spaces. The lockers allow building owners the ability to offer free or low-cost rental space.

The affordable storage lockers are available in various sizes and are ready to assemble. Each locker unit is available with optional all-stainless-steel doors.

New Hydraulic Door From Schweiss

The newest product from Schweiss Bi-Fold is a one-piece hydraulic door that features a self-supporting header frame. This new door lets the customer fit the door to the existing building without revamping the supporting structure of the building.

Julie Schafer, head of Schweiss sales, says the addition of hydraulic doors offers customers more choices. The hydraulic doors are pre-built with a special bottom truss to give added strength for use in high-wind conditions.

The door features a minimum of 4" headroom and features 1-piece construction. It adapts to any new or existing building and is available in any size.

Windsor Republic Improves Carriage-House Door

In November, Windsor Republic Doors announced the improved Model 770 Carriage-House Door. Part of the Saddle Creek Collection, the Model 770 now features a thermal break, enhancing the door’s insulation value.

Now with 23 standard designs, the Model 770 offers many custom design options, four window design inserts, and the option to mix and match three section colors with three board colors.

The Model 770 features a deep embossed woodgrain texture, 1-3/8"-thick steel section construction, and a variety of decorative window inserts and hardware.

Wayne-Dalton Adds ADA Safety Feature to Operators

In November, Wayne-Dalton’s Rolling Door Division introduced an additional safety feature for operators.

Rolling door operators now feature a new type of warning bell and light that meets current standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act. The special accessory is used when an alarm is needed to indicate that the door is in motion.

The warning bell and light come as a one-piece unit for easy installation. The device uses the operator as its power source and works with all voltages. The user can determine when the bell and light are utilized.

New Hollow-Metal Doors From Windsor Republic

In November, Windsor Republic announced the new STC 48 and STC 50 hollow-metal door systems. This assembly is lighter weight (approximately 25 percent lighter than current market products) and consists of standard “rabbeted” hollow metal frames.

The doors are 1-3/4" thick with a standard hollow-metal frame and a low-profile sealing system. They are intended for use in government offices and buildings, concert halls and school band rooms, HVAC and generator rooms, and airports.

Allstar Offers New Swing Gate Operator

In August, Allstar unveiled the Gate Star 6000, a heavy-duty swing gate operator.

The GS 6000 upgrades its predecessor, the GS 4000, by including integrated controls, three pre-wired universal 11-pin loop detector sockets, a pre-installed MVP radio receiver, a new swing arm release with weather protective cover, and built-in shelves for accessories and standby power supply.

Schweiss Offers Auto-Latch Arm

Schweiss Bi-Fold Doors has introduced several new features for new or existing Schweiss doors.

One new feature is the Auto-Latch Arm with 1-1/4" steel shafts and a 2-way cable mechanism that locks down each door for a tighter closure. Remote control units let the operator open or close doors from an airplane cockpit, farm tractor, or vehicle. An antenna mounted outside the Schweiss door can be activated 50' to 150' from the door front.

Montana Doors Now in Almond

In November, Martin Door began offering the Montana steel sectional garage door in light almond.

The Montana door, Martin’s valued-priced door, includes a 12-year limited warranty and all of Martin’s standard safety features.

Skylink Launches Interactive Wireless Security System

In September, the Skylink Group announced the AAA+ (Alarm, Alert, Automation, and Communicator), an automated alarm system that allows remote monitoring of the garage door and home.

The system offers the ability to monitor your home via telephone by calling the automated control panel and entering a password. A homeowner can then monitor the sensors placed on doors and windows and turn on/off a wireless device by pushing a button. When the sensors detect an intrusion, the control panel can be set to call the homeowner or a monitoring station.

The AAA+ sensor will activate if an intruder approaches the house or if the homeowner forgets to close the garage door, front door, window, or even if there is flooding.

Syracuse Stamping Introduces 18-Gauge Hinges

In August, Syracuse Stamping introduced new lighter-weight 18-gauge hinges in response to customer demand. Syracuse says the 18-gauge hinges provide another option for light residential sectional garage doors.

Syracuse Stamping is also adding new models of high wind-load rollers. The current offering includes 12 models. The company plans to add stainless steel rollers and a threaded-stem truck roller.

Chamberlain Unveils Logic 3.0 Operator

In September, Chamberlain introduced the LiftMaster Elite Series Logic 3.0 Commercial Door Operator. The new Logic 3.0 operators come with an on-board three-channel radio, an expanded Maintenance Alert System (MAS), a more robust motor, an enhanced timer, and other important upgrades.

The three-channel radio comes standard with every Logic 3.0 operator. The 315 MHz receiver accepts up to 23 Security+ or unlimited DIP switch transmitters. A coaxial extension can be added for enhanced range.

The expanded MAS now includes a self-diagnostic feature that will flash a code on the MAS LED to speed installation and troubleshooting. For single-phase applications, Logic 3.0 features a “switchless” continuous-duty motor that eliminates the start switch—the number-one cause of component failure in today’s commercial door operators.

The L3 timer option features enhanced programming that allows the timer to be set in one-minute and five-second increments and includes a timer countdown LED on the control board. All high-voltage connections have been removed from the control board, improving safety and reliability.

BuildMark Adds Wind-Loaded Systems

In November, BuildMark introduced wind-loaded residential garage doors for single-car and two-car non-insulated and insulated doors.

For lower-pressure requirements, BuildMark S and SI include steel U-bar reinforcement in a Hurricane-Ready design. Two-car doors and higher pressures use a removable Hurricane Post system.

BuildMark Garage Door Products are designed for the new construction market.

FlashEntry Now Compatible With Allstar

Fraba’s new FlashEntry product is now compatible with Allstar MVP transmitters.

FlashEntry is a wireless device that allows personnel to open garage doors by flashing the headlights of a car. It mounts on the inside of the door and communicates via radio frequency with the operator.

BuildMark Adds Commercial Doors

In November, BuildMark C and CI doors were announced for the new-construction commercial market. With single-layer steel pan construction, BuildMark C and CI have 2" thick sections and are stocked in widths of 8', 9', 10', 12', 14' and 16' (plus lap jamb).

BuildMark C and CI are available in white with optional 24" x 8" oval windows, and are backed with one-year warranties on sections, hardware, and springs. BuildMark CI doors feature polystyrene (EPS) insulation for an R-value of 7.7.

Trac-Rite Introduces Larger Doors

In November, Trac-Rite Door announced its 988 and 988WL door models for large openings up to 16' x 16', available in 1" increments.

As the largest Trac-Rite door models, the new doors are constructed of a 26-gauge, rigid-rib steel curtain. Unlike other Trac-Rite door models, the 988 and 988WL include a dead-axle design with torque-tube assembly. The 988WL includes a windlock system.

Dirt Devil Upgrades Central Vacuum Line

In September, H-P Products’ Dirt Devil central vacuum line was revamped, upgraded, and renamed. The Enhanced Filtered Cyclonic power units, which include the Dirt Devil and Dirt Devil Platinum Force lines, have been named Dirt Devil Dynamic.

The new line offers higher-performance motors and quieter operation with a sound-dampening Foam Silencer. Dirt Devil Dynamic units operate without bags or permanent filters.

Makita Announces Cordless LXT Power Tools

In October, Makita U.S.A. launched the new cordless Makita 18V LXT, offering more power and less weight.

LXT is said to offer 40 percent less weight and comes equipped with L.E.D. lights to illuminate the work area. Makita LXT’s lithium-ion batteries and charging system produce 280 percent more lifetime work with twice the battery cycles of Ni-Cd batteries. The new 45-minute charger has a built-in fan to cool the battery.

The Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Series includes a hammer driver-drill, a driver-drill, an impact driver, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw, and a flashlight.


Wayne-Dalton Restructures Sales and Marketing

In September, Wayne-Dalton announced key position changes in sales and marketing. Jeff Franklin has been named executive vice president, while Phil LaVelle was promoted to senior vice president.

Franklin, as executive vice president of sales, marketing, distribution, and new business ventures, will also oversee operations for Wayne-Dalton Europe. Franklin comes to Wayne-Dalton from Masco Contractor Services, where he was chief operating officer.

Bert Bennett, president of Wayne-Dalton, says Franklin was selected to “carry on our tradition as an open-door, employee-oriented company.”

As part of the restructuring, Phil LaVelle was promoted to senior vice president of sales and marketing. With Wayne-Dalton for five years, LaVelle will continue to direct the sales and marketing functions for all channels related to the development and promotion of new and existing products.

“As we move forward, Phil will advance in his role as one of the key players of our executive staff who provides the vision and creative direction for Wayne-Dalton,” adds Bennett.

Overhead Door Announces New VP of Engineering

In November, Overhead Door announced that George Dunning had joined the company as vice president of engineering. Dunning now oversees all engineering efforts for the Access Systems Division, which includes Overhead Door, Genie, and McGuire.

Most recently, Dunning was a senior consultant/Lean Six Sigma for George Group Consulting in Dallas. Before that, Dunning was director of engineering and technology for Stanley Mechanics Tool. Earlier, Dunning managed new product mechanical engineering for General Electric Industrial Controls and served 20 years in the Air Force.

Dunning holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a master’s degree in industrial technology, and is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

Royal Mouldings Announces New President

In August, Royal Mouldings announced that Arthur J. Ramey had been named President and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Ramey has been at Royal Mouldings for 31 years, holding various sales and marketing positions. He served as vice president of sales and marketing, president of Donner Mouldings and Millwork, and executive vice president of sales and marketing.

Co-Founder of Glass City Spring Retires

On July 1, 2005, Nick Ruggiero retired from Glass City Spring after 43 years in the garage door industry. As co-founder and general manager at Glass City Spring, he guided the company to become a major international supplier of garage door springs and hardware.

Since manufacturing his first garage door spring in 1962, Ruggiero has become known as a hands-on, knowledgeable spring expert who kept in touch with customers and all aspects of the business. Glass City is a division of Wayne-Dalton.

Tom Brand Retires at Gadco

In November, after 27 years in the garage door business, Tom Brand retired as chief engineer of General American Door Company (Gadco).

“I thank Tom for his 27+ years of service to Gadco,” says Joe Kee, president. “He has been responsible for many innovations in the Gadco product lines, including the Series 9001 Freedom and the Series 7100 Independence, to name a few, along with many improvements in our manufacturing facilities.”

Brand was active for many years on the DASMA Commercial & Residential Garage Door Division Technical Committee. James K. Campbell, Gadco test engineer, will replace Brand on the committee.

Chamberlain Hires Director of Technical Support

In October, Linda Whisman was hired as director of technical support for The Chamberlain Group. Whisman is now enhancing technical support and the parts and service center for dealers and consumers. Whisman will also head up the Chamberlain Training Academy, a hands-on technical training program for dealers.

Whisman served in several manager positions at Time-Warner Cable from 1987 to 2002, with key duties aimed at creating efficient and customer-focused call centers. Most recently, she held the post of director of operations at Cable One, where she developed a startup call center operation for 700,000 customers.

With a bachelor's degree in business, Whisman also holds a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and a Senior Call Manager Certification.

Wayne-Dalton Names Executive VP of Manufacturing

In November, Wayne-Dalton announced the promotion of Michael Kridel to executive vice president of manufacturing operations. Kridel now oversees the manufacturing plants (including France), product engineering, supply chain management, and transportation.

Previously, Kridel worked 18 years for General Electric, most recently as manager in specialty incandescent operations for the GE Consumer Products division. He has implemented several Six Sigma and lean manufacturing initiatives.

Kridel earned an M.B.A. from Xavier University and a bachelor’s degree in business administration and computer systems from the University of Toledo. He served 20 years in the Ohio National Guard, retiring as a major.

Amarr Names Product Manager for Operators

In September, Amarr announced that Angela Townsend had been hired as product manager for operators. In her new role, Townsend seeks to increase Amarr’s operator business through marketing techniques.

Townsend previously worked in marketing for Hanes Printables, a division of Sara Lee Corporation, where her duties included product development, product launches, strategic branding, and consumer research and analysis.

Wayne-Dalton Names Senior Corporate Controller

In September, Wayne-Dalton announced the promotion of Joseph Selogy to senior corporate controller. Selogy joined Wayne-Dalton in 2001 as director of tax and was promoted to assistant controller in 2002 and corporate controller in 2004.

Selogy is now responsible for credit, finance, legal, plant, and regional operation center accounting, tax, treasury, and shareholder relations. Selogy’s finance team will focus on developing effective financial reporting and analysis.

Previously, Selogy worked for Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young as a tax manager. Selogy earned a B.S.B.A. from Ohio Northern University and is a certified public accountant.

SteelWorks Hires National Rep for Garage Door Products

In October, SteelWorks announced the appointment of Dana Kitch as national sales representative for garage door products.

“This position was created as a response to the rapid growth in demand for garage door products nationwide,” says Matt McClain, national sales manager of garage door products.

Kitch brings over 30 years of sales and management experience in the construction industry. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Columbia College.

Chamberlain Adds Sales Management Positions

In October, Chamberlain restructured its LiftMaster field sales force, promoting Dan Centinello and Bob Rainey to newly created field sales manager positions. Centinello will manage East Coast sales operations; Rainey will manage West Coast operations.

Centinello joined Chamberlain in 1997 as a district sales manager, and Bob Rainey joined Chamberlain as radio control sales manager in 2000.


Clopay Reveals Grand Prize Results

In September, Clopay revealed the grand prize winner of an exterior makeover in a nationwide contest.

The winners, Angela and Jason Ondo of San Jose, Calif., received a design consultation from Chayse Dacoda, a celebrity designer on the TLC home-improvement television series, “While You Were Out.” Their completely transformed home included a Clopay Reserve Collection semi-custom wood carriage-house door.

The home was featured in the November/December 2005 issues of Renovation Style, Better Homes & Gardens - Better By Design, Country Home, and Traditional Home.

Two first-place prizes and 50 runner-up prizes were also awarded in the contest. First-place prizewinners received an exterior garage makeover plan for their home from Dacoda, a new Clopay garage door installed, and up to $1,000 toward exterior paint and lighting fixtures.

“The goal of this contest was to show how minor cosmetic changes and a not-so-extreme budget can yield big improvements to a home’s curb appeal,” says Pat Lohse, vice president of residential marketing. “The garage door is a key area to focus on, especially if it faces the street.”

To enter the contest, homeowners mailed a photo of their home’s exterior and garage, with a 50-word letter explaining why their home would be the best candidate for an exterior makeover. More than 1,200 entries were received.

Amarr Now Selling Jeld-Wen Garage Doors

On December 1, Amarr Garage Doors commenced a partnership to sell Jeld-Wen composite wood garage doors through Amarr’s distribution network.

The exterior of Jeld-Wen garage doors are made from a wood-composite material that performs well in extreme temperatures, resisting splitting, shrinking, expanding, rusting, and denting. The trim boards contain a polymer construction that will not dent, rust, or delaminate. Each door contains a polystyrene insulated core.

Jeld-Wen’s Traditional, Carriage House, and Estate garage door lines will be available through Amarr’s Door Centers. The Traditional series offers a raised-panel style, and the Carriage House series and Estate sectional doors replicate swinging barn door styles.

1st United Door Technologies Opens Steelhouse Showroom

In September, 1st United Door Technologies (1stUDT) opened a 4,000-sq.-ft. carriage-house garage door showroom and training facility at its Tempe, Ariz., manufacturing facility.

The showroom features 20 static and operational Steelhouse door models and styles. The facility will also be used to train architects and residential installers about proper garage-door installation techniques.

Premium Glass Acquired by Taylor

In October, Taylor Building Products announced the acquisition of Premium Glass of Lancaster, Ohio, a producer of clear and decorative door windows. The two companies have worked together since 2001, when Premium Glass became the prime supplier of glasslites for Taylor Door.

“The merger will … enable us to speed the development of new products to the market,” says Nick Cangialosi, Taylor owner. Manufacturing and distribution of products will continue in West Branch, Mich., and Lancaster, Ohio.

ASW Announces $12 Million Improvements

In October, American Spring Wire (ASW) announced plans to invest over $12 million in capital improvements over the next 15 months. The improvements are targeted for tool and die making, surface shaving, and equipment to improve the efficiency of oil tempering.

Much of the investment is intended for the Bedford Heights, Ohio, facility, which manufactures valve and commercial grade spring wires. Other investments will include a new wire drawing line and improvements at ASW’s Houston, Texas, plant.

The company supplies spring wire for the garage door, automotive, agriculture, construction, and appliance industries.

Amarr Honors Dealers in Puerto Rico

In October, the largest group in the history of Amarr’s VIP program enjoyed four days in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Of the 326 people who made the trip, 244 were dealers and their guests.

“The loyalty of these dealers and others have allowed Amarr to continue to grow at an outstanding rate the past several years,” says Richard Brenner, CEO.

Lodi Door of Phoenix received the biggest award, claiming Dealer of the Year for the second time in the last four years. GDO Wholesale of Puerto Rico was named the International Dealer of the Year.

Other awards: Community Leadership Award: Allied Doors of Jupiter, Fla., and Lodi Door of Phoenix, Ariz.; Wholesaler of the Year: Installing Dealer Supply of San Diego, Calif.; and Exceptional Performance Award: Portones Garcia Mancillas of Mexico and Bridger Overhead Door of Gallatin Gateway, Mont.

The 2006 VIP Adventure, scheduled for Oct. 19-22, will be an all-expense-paid trip for two to the Atlantis Resort in Nassau, Bahamas.

Safe-Way Partners With Jeld-Wen

In November, Safe-Way Door announced that it is offering a line of wood-composite doors through a partnership with Jeld-Wen. The arrangement adds Jeld-Wen’s Carriage House, Traditional, and Estate series of garage doors to Safe-Way’s line of wood and steel garage doors.

The outer face of the Jeld-Wen door is made from a composite wood material that resists shrinking, expanding, cracking, splitting, rusting, and denting. The doors include a polystyrene core and a wood-grain appearance that can be customized with various window designs and decorative iron handles, strap hinges, and knockers.

The new doors are available through Safe-Way Door distribution centers in eight markets.

Gadco Doors Featured on ABC

On Sept. 25, 2005, on the season premiere episode of ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” General American Door Company (Gadco) took part in rebuilding the home of the Luis Rodriguez family.

For the makeover at the Clarksville, Tenn., residence, Gadco donated its top residential insulated steel door, the Series 7100 Independence door.

“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” creates a dream home for a deserving family each week on ABC. In this episode, the makeover went to Master Sergeant Luis Rodriguez after he lost his right leg fighting in Iraq as a medic.

New Video Features Martin Door

Martin Door is featured on “Winner’s Circle Hosted by Terry Bradshaw,” with the renowned broadcaster and Pro Football Hall of Famer. The finished video was broadcast on MSNBC, but will also be available for use by Martin dealers to tell the story of the company and showcase Martin Garage Doors.

The Winner’s Circle highlights companies and organizations that “represent the backbone of America’s economy.” The program is produced by Broadcast News Corp., a Dallas-area media company that provides broadcast television content to businesses, non-profit, and health organizations.

Linear Purchases Sunfire

In August, Linear acquired Sunfire of Snohomish, Wash., a maker of high-end speakers and other audio and home theater electronics. Sunfire becomes the newest member of Linear’s Home Technology Group of consumer electronics companies, products, and brands.

Re-Source Adds Online Ordering

In November, Re-Source Industries added online ordering capability to its Web site at

President Doug Kidd says the upgraded site enables immediate access to current product information, prices, literature, and promotions for its garage door and operator components. Users can check prices, place orders, apply for an account, and request help.

Blue Giant Partners for Dock Solutions

In June 2005, Hugger Dock Equipment of Columbus, Ohio, announced a joint marketing venture with Blue Giant Equipment of Brampton, Ontario.

The partnership will provide U.S. customers with loading dock solutions with Hugger dock seals and shelters and Blue Giant dock levelers, lifts, and safety equipment. Blue Giant products will be distributed through Hugger dealers in the United States and will carry the Hugger brand.

Clopay Doors Featured on Show Homes

In the fall of 2005, Clopay Avante Collection and Reserve Collection semi-custom doors were selected by architects for two show homes: the House Beautiful “2005 Celebrity Showhouse” in Los Angeles and the “Settling in the City” San Francisco urban restoration project sponsored by Home magazine.

For House Beautiful’s “2005 Celebrity Showhouse,” 19 top designers and architects revamped a 1920s estate in the Brentwood area of Los Angeles. Participating celebrities included Tobey McGuire, Jenny McCarthy, Blythe Danner, Dakota Fanning, Marg Helgenberger, Megan Mullally, Mary Steenburgen, and Marisa Tomei.

The “Settling in the City” theme home demonstrated an emerging trend away from the suburbs and back to the city. A San Francisco firm remodeled a 1930s Oliver Rousseau townhouse in Pacific Heights, including the Clopay Avante glass-and-aluminum door.

“The exposure Clopay gains by participating in these projects is phenomenal,” said Pat Lohse, vice president of residential marketing.

Wayne-Dalton Partners With ARCAT

In November, Wayne-Dalton announced a partnership with ARCAT to develop a Wayne-Dalton version of ARCAT’s SpecWizard program.

ARCAT is the construction industry’s leading online and print publisher of product information, specifications, and CAD details. ARCAT’s SpecWizard helps architects configure building material products, then automatically assembles a specification in CSI 3-part format for insertion into project documents.

Wayne-Dalton’s version is used for preliminary commercial sectional door specifications. The program is available on the commercial section of Wayne-Dalton’s Web site.

Martin Creates Comparison Kit

Martin Door has introduced a hardware comparison kit, which contains samples of seven different hardware components that make up every Martin Garage Door and similar components that make up a non-Martin garage door.

Dave Haslam, national director of sales, says the kit can help close sales by allowing the customer to physically see the difference between Martin Doors and others.


IDEA Commercial Sectional Certification Coming to 2006 Expo

The Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation’s (IDEA) new Door Technician Certification program is expected to be completed for the first written examinations to be offered at Expo 2006 in Las Vegas. Project chairman Ed Hermanns of Merchantville Overhead Door in Camden, N.J., says his group hopes to make the program study guide available in January 2006.

The committee includes Bill Gibson of Overhead Door of Lexington, Ky.; Joe DeGasperis of Superior Door & Gate, Mississauga, Ontario; Mark Daus of Wayne-Dalton; Dan Bernacki of Dan’s Overhead Door & More, North Liberty, Iowa; and Dewey Stewart of Midwest Garage Door of Pawnee, Ill.

Promotional literature and enrollment applications are expected to be available in early 2006.

R + T Show Opens in February

R + T, the triennial international trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates and sun protection products, will open its doors again in Stuttgart from Feb. 7-11, 2006. The next R + T show will take place at the new Stuttgart Trade Fair Centre in 2009, with twice the area of the 2006 site.

In 2003, 86 percent of the 529 exhibitors from 36 countries said they had presented an innovation. The 2006 fair will again be an international event, as 59 percent of exhibitors are foreign companies. More than 50,000 visitors from more than 80 countries are expected.

Due to restricted space, R + T 2006 had a waiting list of 97 companies. Exhibitors for the 2009 show are encouraged to register now.

IDEA Releases Progress Update

In December, IDEA provided a progress report to the DASMA board of directors at a meeting in Chicago.
· Currently, 220 door companies are accredited, and 42 other companies are in the process of achieving accreditation.
· The number of Certified Residential Door Systems Technicians is now at 220.
· The number of Certified Rolling Steel Fire Door Technicians is now at 19, while another 125 have completed the written examination.
· The number of IDEA Sanctioned Trainers is now at 243.
· In 2005, attendance increased by 10 percent at IDEA educational workshops.

IDEA Professionalism Award to Premier in Las Vegas

A new honor will be added to the President’s Awards Banquet at Expo 2006 in Las Vegas, according to IDEA President Dan Bernacki. The new Commitment to Professionalism Award, presented by IDEA, will recognize a company or person who has contributed significantly to promoting industry professionalism and supported IDEA’s mission.

The purpose of the award is “to recognize individuals and/or companies who have given extraordinary support to IDEA in the advancement of industry professionalism.” Bernacki says there will be no shortage of candidates for the award.

2006 Expo Workshops: New Faces, New Topics

Workshop planners for Expo 2006 are seeking new names, original topics, and new formats. A few programs will be repeated from 2005, but long-time presenters will be assigned new subjects.

At the May 17-20 Las Vegas event, 29 workshop sessions are planned for two days, plus an extended Saturday workshop. Most time slots will include a workshop for installers and technicians. The Saturday workshop will be the second SuperTech, revamped from its 2005 debut in Nashville.

Presenters are being asked to use interactive activities and hands-on learning methods. Some of the workshops have also been reduced to one hour for topics that do not require a full 90-minute session.

Raising the Door Tour Encore?

The IDEA board is considering a follow-up campaign to its 2005 Raising the Door Tour. In September 2005, the Raising the Door Tour concluded, but IDEA has been encouraged to continue the effort. IDEA is considering a one-day event that would travel to 25 cities.

Specifically, the Central States Door Dealers Association (CSDDA) has asked IDEA to return for additional testing events and has challenged other regional associations to match their numbers. The CSDDA, responsible for the Tour’s largest turnout for testing, is actively promoting certification and accreditation among its ranks.

U.S. Garage Trends Released

In November, GarageTek released a list of trends for U.S. garages:
· There are more than 65 million garages in the United States. Source:
· In 1950, 59 percent of new homes had no garage. Today, 91 percent of new homes have a garage, and 83 percent have a two-car-or-more garage. Source: National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Housing Facts, Figures, and Trends 2004.
· Of new homebuyers, 25 percent want at least a three-car garage, while 54 percent want a two-car garage. Source: NAHB Housing Facts, Figures, and Trends 2004.
· In 1998, 1.3 million garages were converted into living space. Source: 2000 U.S. Census.
· In the United States, 17 percent of new homes have a three-car garage. Source: 2000 U.S. Census.
· It costs $25 per square foot to add garage space, compared to a minimum of $100 per square foot to add onto a house. Source: “Garage: Reinventing the Place We Park” by Kira Obolensky.
· The newest symbol of status in home ownership is the size of the garage to fit the family’s SUVs. Source: Builder Magazine.
· Americans consider having a garage just as important to their home lifestyle as a porch, deck, or balcony. Source: U.S. Census Bureau 1999 American Housing Survey.


Technical Forum: DASMA Members Explore Partnering

At DASMA’s fourth annual Industry Technical Forum, representatives of four different groups gave presentations promoting partnering on key technical issues facing the garage door and rolling door industries. More than 30 leading industry engineers attended the event, held in Atlanta on Oct. 26.

The event addressed thermal performance, metal building interfacing, Florida state product approvals, and relevant content in the ASCE 7 wind-load design standard. Forum speakers included Bruce Hunn from ASHRAE, Dan Walker from MBMA, Ted Berman of A&A Arnold & Associates of Florida, and Jim Rossberg from ASCE.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says that the industry obtained a wider perspective of the organizations behind the issues addressed at the forum. “We took steps toward bettering our partnership with these organizations where our members’ products are involved,” he adds. Hetzel believes that current involvement with the organizations will result in further improvements to performance of industry products.

Garage Doors Favorably Reviewed at Florida Workshop

On Oct. 13, 2005, attendees at an Orlando, Fla., window and door workshop heard positive reports about performance documentation of garage doors, according to Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director.

Government and industry officials attended the workshop, sponsored by the Florida Department of Community Affairs. Officials spoke out on how to improve window and door performance documentation to enhance the product permit process.

Representing the garage door industry were Mark Barrow of Wayne-Dalton and Scott Hamilton of Clopay, along with Hetzel. “Comments expressed at the meeting boosted my confidence in our industry’s efforts in Florida,” says Barrow. Hamilton adds, “I am grateful that building officials show a willingness to recognize successes in cooperating with our industry.”

Hetzel says, with heightened awareness of hurricane damage, he anticipates ongoing efforts to build upon the industry’s reputation in Florida.

Final 2006 Code Includes Changes for Garage Doors

In September 2005, International Code Council (ICC) members approved of changes to the International Codes during final action hearings in Detroit. One prominent change that affected the garage door industry was the inclusion of garage-door-specific wind-load testing requirements in the International Residential Code.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says he worked with other fenestration-related associations to revise Section R613 to include a reference to ANSI/DASMA 108’s static air pressure test requirements. The reference will also keep window and sliding door requirements separate from those for garage doors.

“Although there are differences between garage doors and other residential exterior building products, wind affects them all,” explains Hetzel.

Another significant change in the International Building Code made Exposure C the default exposure instead of Exposure B. The change was based on activity associated with the content of ASCE 7, the standard for minimum design loads for buildings and other structures.

Hetzel says that this default” would predominantly apply to non-residential structures, where a design professional often becomes involved in wind-load determinations.

Another code change included a DASMA-initiated increase from 120 to 156 sq. ft. as the maximum area for a UL 10B tested rolling steel fire door. The change included the option of using mechanically deposited zinc-coated steel for wood screws and lag screws used in residential pressure-treated wood applications.

All approved changes during this past cycle will be published in May 2006. Subsequent adoption and enforcement is dependent upon local and state activity.