Arched Headers: Your Arch Enemy?

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Publish Date: Winter 1999
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Technical Tip

Arched Headers: Your Arch Enemy?

From Garaga Customer Service

What do you do when the header of a garage door has an arch?

We advise the customer or the contractor to “expand” the garage interior frame about 1-1/2”. In effect, this results in moving the garage door frame inward 1-1/2”. To do this, simply add a 2x6 and the thickness of ¾” plywood to the interior face of the header and jamb. Then, the door installer can attach the complete exterior weatherstripping behind the arch on the exterior of this “expanded” frame.

This approach maintains the arch’s architectural beauty, and it avoids the energy loss that is common with arches. And further, it allows the door to operate without rubbing against the arch, causing scrape marks or discoloration to the door.