Ask Joe Hetzel, DASMA Technical Director

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Publish Date: Spring 2001
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Page 38

Technical Tips

Ask Joe Hetzel, DASMA Technical Director

“Is there such a thing as a tornado-proof garage door?”

Hetzel: To my knowledge, no garage door manufacturer markets a product as "tornado-proof" or, better termed, a "tornado-resistant" door.

There are currently no standards or building codes that refer to tornado-resistant exterior "building envelope" products (such as doors, windows, skylights and siding) and how they must perform. In high-wind regions such as hurricane-prone areas, specific tested wind pressures are called for based upon the risk of certain high-wind events.

Additionally, windborne debris resistance is sometimes specified. I am not aware if requirements for tornado-resistant exterior building envelope products, including garage doors, will be implemented in the future.