C.H.I. Introduces Steel Carriage House Door

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Publish Date: Winter 2003
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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C.H.I. Introduces Steel Carriage House Doors

C.H.I. Overhead Doors unveiled their steel-exterior 5240 Iron Wood Carriage House garage doors in November. The door will initially be offered as a 24-gauge pan door that can be purchased by C.H.I. distributors.

The door is available in white, almond, sandstone, or brown, and with or without insulation. Window options include standard and obscure glass and the Hawthorne and Somerset inserts. Black hardware is standard, and optional hardware upgrades are available.

Helton Introduces Dura-Hem Track

Saying “conventional garage door track will be a thing of the past,” Helton Industries introduced in October its new Dura-Hem track with folded edges. The company says Dura-Hem track is safer and stronger than conventional track of the same gauge.

“Every installer out there has had their share of cuts from handling sharp track,” says Mike Rauch, vice president.

Rauch, a registered professional engineer, says the hemmed profile offers less chance of injury. He says Helton made a “sizeable investment in research and development” to manufacture Dura-Hem. Engineering tests, he says, have shown Dura-Hem to be significantly stronger in bending and edge rigidity.

Marantec Adds Colored Rails

Marantec has introduced new powder-coated operator rails in a variety of colors. The company says the new colors “will appeal to today's detail-oriented homeowners, who are willing to spend time and money to give their homes and garages an attractive, finished look.”

George Annino, director of marketing and operations, says the rails complement other high-end, garage-detailing products like built-in shelving systems, treated flooring, and cabinetry.

Powder-coated rails are available in three colors: black, beige, and white, and are available in custom colors. Black rails match the M-Line openers. Beige matches the Q-Line, and white matches any Marantec opener. Related hardware and brackets come in colors that match the rails.

Raynor Launches 3/4-HP Openers

Raynor recently added the new Ultra and Endeavor 3/4-HP residential garage door openers.

Announced in November, the Raynor Ultra uses an I-beam rail and reinforced chassis support. Raynor says the Ultra is “the quietest chain drive on the market.” Featuring adjustable speed, Ultra includes lifetime motor and 5-year parts warranties.

The Endeavor uses a quiet belt drive system and carries a lifetime motor and belt warranty and a 5-year parts warranty. Both Ultra and Endeavor come with a motion-detecting wall control, a burled walnut 3-button remote control with rolling code, and 200 watts of lighting.

Chamberlain Introduces Power Backup

Chamberlain Professional Products has introduced a Battery Backup System Model 475LM, developed exclusively for the LiftMaster Estate Series 2500 garage door opener.

“People want to feel secure knowing they are able to get into their home during a power outage,” says Ken Roehl, vice president of marketing. During a power outage, the EverCharge System provides continuous service to the opener, the remote control, keyless entry, and control panel.

The system features a trickle charge feature that plugs directly into the garage door opener with a three-foot cord, eliminating the need for an additional outlet. The system mounts on top of the garage door opener, or it can mount to the ceiling in low headroom situations.

An audible signal alerts the homeowner when the opener is functioning in battery backup mode. LED lights notify the homeowner that the system is charging, in backup mode, or needs service.

Overhead Announces Custom Steel Doors

Overhead Door introduced in September a new line of steel garage doors with the carriage house design.

The Renaissance Collection doors provide homeowners “the best selection of quality products to enhance the appearance of their home and fit any price range,” says Robert Deisher, product manager. “The Renaissance Collection blends the best of our steel insulated products with the highly desirable character found in custom wood doors.”

The new doors are made with Thermacore metal-foam-metal process, providing an R-value of 12.76. The doors are available in 14 designs, with a heavy-duty commercial track system, heavy-duty hinges, 13-ball-bearing urethane rollers, and are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Optional decorative hardware is also available.

Raynor Offers Residential/Commercial Opener

In November, Raynor added PowerHoist Select, a UL 325 residential-approved operator with a commercial trolley rail.

The 1/2-HP opener works with residential doors up to 14' high or light-duty commercial sectional doors. Provided with a safety reverse system and photo eye protector system, the opener is compliant for residential use.

New Carriage House Panels are Attachable

Carriage Lite, a new product from Warner Industries, is a lightweight, low-maintenance cladding that transforms an ordinary garage door into a look-alike carriage-house door.

Bill Warner, CEO, says the product’s high-tech composite overlay skin resembles the look of fine wood. The panels are cost effective, easy to install, and universal – “one size fits all.” An existing door can be overlaid in “a matter of minutes.” The thin decorative panels come in several styles, wood stains, paint colors, and sizes.

The company says the product avoids the high cost, maintenance, and excessive weight of custom wood doors. Carriage Lite is said to add less than 50 lbs. to a double door, reducing spring calibration prerequisites. Panels can be ordered in pre-finished stains, unfinished, or pre-trimmed to exact door sizes.

Warner is offering an introductory discount to the first 250 resellers. No minimum inventory commitments are required. The offer requires a one-time registration fee and an annually renewable license fee. More information is at www.warnerindustries.net.

Wayne-Dalton Revamps Quantum Line

Wayne-Dalton has reintroduced its Quantum line of chain-drive openers with new features. Announced in November, the new Quantum 3000 Series includes the 3214, 3314, 3316, and 3414. All are 1/2-HP units with accessories that are interchangeable.

The 3414 is the premium all-wireless opener with wireless photo eyes, wireless deluxe wall station, wireless keyless entry, and mini\visor 3-button transmitter. The 3316 has wired photo eyes, wireless deluxe wall station, wireless keyless entry, and two mini\visor 3-button transmitters.

The 3314 has wired photo eyes, wired deluxe wall station, wireless keyless entry, and mini\visor 3-button transmitter. The 3214 has the same accessories as the 3314 with the exception of the keyless entry.

The openers are HomeLink compatible and include a universal motor control board. The company says the upgrades offer a product range “unmatched by any other traditional chain drive opener on the market today.”

Windsor Adds New Insulated Door

The Model 785 insulated steel sandwich door is Windsor’s newest residential garage door. Announced in November, the Model 785 offers a wide variety of options.

The panels come in flush or in classic or ranch raised designs, in four colors, and with several window inserts. A 2" thick core of CFC-free polystyrene insulation is bonded to the inside and outside steel panels for an R-value of 8.3.

Marantec Redesigns Accessories

Marantec has introduced a new line of garage door opener accessories in the U.S. Wall controls, transmitters, and wireless keyless entry systems have all been redesigned with enhanced performance features and a modern look.

“Our research has shown us what homeowners are looking for in accessories,” says George Annino, director of marketing and operations. “We let our creative German in-house design team do their magic, and they have come up with the smartest looking products available.”

Digital remote control transmitters now have dark gray, easy-to-push buttons and a convenient keychain loop. All transmitters feature unique, multi-bit technology, LED control button verification, and up to four channels for controlling other devices.

Marantec's wireless keyless entry systems have a new swivel-hinged cover and an easy-to-use flat face.

Ankmar Adds Hunter Green

Ankmar Door has added hunter green to its Legend Model RP138. Hunter green is the fifth color choice for the Legend Model RP138, joining white, almond, sandstone, and brown.

The Legend garage door is a sandwich insulated door available in flush, ranch, and standard panel design. Ankmar is considering more colors to add to its product line.

Amarr Creates New Timberlake Model

Amarr says Bob Timberlake designers have created a new model for the Bob Timberlake Collection. The new Riverwood features a crossbuck design and standard decorative hardware.

“The Riverwood has the curb appeal that builders, renovators, and homeowners are looking for,” says Teresa Lowry, Amarr’s director of marketing. “We feel it will be one of our most popular models.”

Amarr has also changed the closed version of the Franklin model. The closed version now reflects the same look of the glazed version.

Wayne-Dalton Adds New Keyless Entry

Wayne-Dalton introduced in November a new slim-line, wireless keyless entry pad. The unit features a five-button vertical keypad with rounded edges.

A red light flashes for every keystroke of a five-button personal identification number (PIN). Once entered, the unit flashes. The keyless pad can control hundreds of doors with a different PIN.

As a wireless unit, it saves installer time and money. The keyless entry comes standard with all wall-mounted idrive openers and most Quantum chain-drive models.

Linear Introduces Universal Receiver

“Installation of garage door opener radio controls has been made simpler by the introduction of the MDR/U,” says Linear Corporation about its new universal plug-in receiver.

The MDR/U allows installers to combine MegaCode radios and transmitters with a garage door opener from another manufacturer. Installers plug the receiver into an electrical outlet and run a two-conductor wire to the garage door opener’s pushbutton input.

The MDR/U has a learn mode with a 10-transmitter capacity. Linear’s MegaCode radio format uses a frequency of 318 MHz and features over one million radio codes.

New Garage Product Announced

The Ceiling Storage Shelf, a new high-margin product for door dealers by Garage Outfitters, solves garage storage problems by using the space above the garage door.

“This product is a perfect fit for the door dealer,” says Garage Outfitters president David Atchley. “The installer is already in the garage, has the tools laid out, and can install the shelf in about ten minutes. The dealer makes a large return in the process.”

The Ceiling Storage Shelf includes an industrial-strength steel shelf with raised edges. The shelf is also adjustable, allowing the homeowner to maximize the available space with the ability to hold 250 pounds.

Atchley says Garage Outfitters will display the product at the International Garage Door Expo in May. More information is at www.garage-outfitters.com.

Hurricane-Ready Doors Defy Isabel

Raynor reports a success story of its Hurricane-Ready Dade County-approved door during Hurricane Isabel in September. With winds exceeding 155 miles per hour, Isabel caused major damage in North Carolina and Virginia.

Robert Heath of Apple Door Systems of Williamsburg, Va., inspecting the devastation on Grandview Island near Hampton, went to a home where three Hurricane-Ready ShowCase doors had been installed three years earlier. He found a happy customer.

“She told me that she could kiss me for our recommendation of Dade County-approved garage doors,” says Heath.

The homeowner told Heath that her house was the only one out of 40 homes on the street that did not sustain any damage to the house or garage doors. She said that her husband was concerned that his blue corvette in the garage would be destroyed when they evacuated. However, no water entered the home, and the corvette went untouched.

Wayne-Dalton Launches New Storm Panels

Wayne-Dalton has introduced a new product category: Fabric-Shield Storm Panels. The panels are designed to cover and protect windows, doors, and other home openings against the destructive forces of hurricanes.

Fabric-Shield Storm Panels are made of PVC-coated fabric that is tested to meet building code requirements to block wind, rain, and storm-driven projectiles.

“Unlike other steel and aluminum panels, the Fabric-Shield Storm Panels are lightweight and easy to handle,” says Dave Osso, corporate marketing manager. “The panels … can be rolled up, laid flat, or hung up, and they do not have sharp edges.”

He adds that the panels can be a good addition to a dealer’s wind load-rated products. The panels are now sold in Florida only, but more states are expected to be added once approvals are granted.

Allstar Introduces Replacement Transmitters

Allstar Corporation announced in November a line of transmitters that can replace “dip-switch” units made by several manufacturers.

“The new Challenger transmitters … benefit dealers by greatly reducing the inventory needed to support replacement market demands,” says Allstar President Robert Holland.

He says the new transmitters offer high performance, ease of use, and lower cost than factory replacements. All three Challenger transmitters (300, 310, and 390) come standard with three channels that can be independently coded to allow operation of different brands with the same transmitter. Large buttons on the face simplify programming, eliminating dip-switch settings.

Hörmann Announces New DC Opener

Hörmann has added the SupraMatic A100 residential garage door opener for heavy doors or heavy use. Offering a DC motor with 1,000 newtons of lifting force, the A100 is suited for the demands of hurricane-reinforced garage doors, carriage house doors, or any high-cycle residential applications.

The A100 features a reinforced belt and rail assembly for doors from 8' to 10' tall. The unit includes all the standard features of the A55 model, such as soft start/stop and an integral locking mechanism that automatically engages when the door closes.

New Power Backup for Garage Door Openers

ON/kor Technology has announced the ON/kor 2000 and 3000, easy-install power backup systems for residential garage door openers.

In the event of a power failure, the ON/kor units can operate the door several times without being connected to electrical power. When power is restored, the unit automatically recharges and is ready for service.

The ON/kor 2000 is designed for smaller residential garage door motor systems. The ON/kor 3000 is designed for garage door systems with 1/2-HP motors or less.

ON/kor products are offered nationally through Re-Source Industries. More information is at www.onkortechnologies.com.

Gateway Offers Polar-Barrier Door

Gateway Industrial Products’ new Polar-Barrier doors are designed for heavy demands of industrial and commercial use.

The product is used to control temperature, dust and dirt, or to provide a noise barrier. The door features full-length clear vision panels, 6mm or 10mm thick, and include an adjustable torsion spring closing device.

The Polar-Barrier door is said to be easy to install and virtually maintenance free.

New System Keeps Docks Secure

Larco has introduced the Customer Awareness System, a wireless system that monitors loading docks, helping to cut costs and maintain security.

The system includes a durable mat or wall-mountable “press for service” switch, a transmitter, and a pager. When the mat is stepped on or the switch is pressed by someone needing assistance on the dock, the transmitter sends a signal to a small pager worn by employees.

The system can monitor three separate mats with one pager, so employees can work in other areas knowing they will receive notification whenever someone on the dock needs assistance. Larco says the system pays for itself through reduced employee costs and increased efficiency.

Chamberlain Improves Commercial Operators

Chamberlain Professional Products has made it faster and easier to wire photo eyes to the LiftMaster Logic 2.0 Commercial Operator.

The new system offers two types of direct-connect photo eyes, the commercial model CPS-L and the industrial model CPS-LN4. Both systems wire directly to the operator’s logic board. The new technology eliminates the need for a plug-in card or interface box for most applications.

These LiftMaster systems are “the only safety photo eye packages that feature built-in Timer-To-Close at no additional cost, cutting down on installation time.” Ranges for the CPS-L and CPSL-LN4 are 30' and 45', respectively.

Overhead Adds New JetRoll Doors

With features such as Back-on-Track, a direct-drive motor, and a soft bottom edge, Overhead Door’s new JetRoll 693 Series door helps reduce repair bills and downtime.

The Back-on-Track self-healing feature automatically resets the door after a break-out condition. The direct-drive motor has no springs to break. The motor allows the door to start and stop quickly and prevents the door from dropping. Its soft bottom edge molds around obstructions in the door’s path.

The JetRoll 693 Series carries “the industry’s best written warranty,” i.e., 500,000 cycles or two years (whichever occurs first) on mechanical and electrical components, three years on the curtain, and labor includes the earlier of 500,000 cycles or one year from date of installation.

The JetRoll 693 Series door opens 10' in 2.3 seconds, saving time and conserving energy. The two pairs of photo eyes provide an extra margin of safety. The door comes in a variety of curtain colors, clear vision panels, and actuator options.

Solid Thresholds for Door Openings

“When garage door installers go out to a site, they often find threshold problems,” says Felix Bonomo, sales manager of Solid Thresholds Company. “By addressing the threshold problem, they can increase their revenue by offering our product as a permanent solution.”

Solid Thresholds are designed for doorways with heavy traffic such as forklifts or pallet jacks. Instead of a hollow extruded profile, the Solid Threshold is intended to be a permanent solution to keep out water and weather. The product also addresses adjacent floors that do not match in elevation.

The product meets ADA guidelines and includes a wire channel for sensor wires. Thresholds come with a variety of custom finishes and hardware.

Wayne-Dalton Upgrades Aluminum Door

Wayne-Dalton has upgraded its K-AL Aluminum Full View door for West Coast customers. New built-in stiffeners increase strength and durability and eliminate steel struts over the viewing area.

K-AL doors are suited for commercial applications such as car washes, tire stores, and places where maximum light and visibility are desired.

The doors are available in clear satin anodized finish as standard or optional baked-on acrylic. Solid aluminum panels may be specified in lieu of glass. Perforated or mesh aluminum panels are also available.

Sales of New Marantec Opener Exceed Expectations

Marantec says that 2003 sales of its high-end Q-7900 Residential Garage Door Opener System far exceeded expectations. With 1,000 newtons of power, the heavy-duty opener is designed for carriage house and wind-loaded doors.

The Q-7900’s digital intelligence system allows the opener to learn as it works. After a few operations, the Q-7900 will determine the amount of force needed to operate a particular door and adjust accordingly. It also responds to changes in humidity and temperature that can affect the weight of many garage doors, ensuring that the proper amount of force is applied to the door all year round.

Linear Announces Auto-Sensing Receivers

Linear introduces two Delta 3-format gate receivers: the GRD and the GRD-2.

With these two 12-24 volt AC or DC auto-sensing gate receivers, gate installers can always having the correct voltage receiver on the truck. The receivers have no jumpers to set, and there is no possibility that the installer can damage the gate operator or the receiver by using the wrong voltage.

Both models come with a whip antenna and three feet of coaxial cable. The GRD has a single relay and replaces two different Linear gate receivers, the DRG and the DRG-LV. The GRD-2 includes two relays and replaces DRG-2 and DRG-2-LV.

Gaplock Adds Commercial Model

Automated Security Technologies (AST) added in November the new GL300, a new Gaplock series for garage doors in business/government facilities. Gaplock is an automated lock for automated garage doors.

“Dealer-installer pros have been contacting us seeking a business/government version of Gaplock,” says Rodney Shoemaker, AST president. “Their customers in this market are extremely concerned about security and are seeking a solution for their overhead doors, such as those used for shipping and receiving.”

The new GL300 automatically locks and unlocks sectional doors and can be connected to the security system to detect when the door is unlocked. Gaplock can be mounted on 2" or 3" track and allows for hardwire power capability.

Gateway to Ship Freight Free

In November, Gateway Industrial Products began shipping its PVC strip doors freight free.

Free freight applies to standard header mount (between jambs, under lintel) or wall mount strip doors. Gateway's PVC material is offered in standard clear, bi-ribbed, standard low-temp clear, low-temp bi-ribbed, reinforced, weld screen, extra-low temp and anti-static.

New Makita Impact Driver Has LED Light

Makita has introduced the 6932FDWDE 14.4V Cordless Impact Driver. This new driver features high torque (1,110 in.lbs.) in a compact and lightweight design (3.7 lbs.). The 6932FDWDE is intended for installers and others.

The total-control trigger offers true variable speed (0 – 2,300 RPM) for consistent fastening with no large jumps in RPM. The 6932FDWDE comes with a two-piece D-28 motor with dual ball bearings and replaceable brushes.

This driver uses 2.6 AH batteries for more power and longevity. The tool comes equipped with a high-output LED light with a 10,000+ hour lifespan.


On page 26 of our fall 2003 issue, we incorrectly announced that Artisan Custom Doorworks opened a new plant in Morgantown, W.Va. The facility is actually located in Morgantown, Pa. We apologize for the error.



Industrial Spring Adds Sales Position

Industrial Spring has added Robert “Bobby” Cart as national sales director. Cart comes to Industrial Spring with more than 12 years in the wire industry.

“I have had the opportunity to get to know Bobby’s character and ability over the past several years, and I am thrilled he is joining our company,” says Jodi Boldenow, general manager.

Cart’s background includes sales leadership roles with Industrial Steel & Wire, Nissho Iwai American, and Hickory Spring Wire Technology. He is a graduate of Denison University and lives in Columbus, Ohio.

Manaras Announces Appointments

Manaras has promoted Tom Dvorak to director of sales for Manaras U.S.A.

Dvorak joined the Manaras U.S.A. sales team in 2003 as director of key accounts and has been developed numerous customer accounts and relationships.

Recognized for his leadership, corporate management, marketing, and sales development skills, Dvorak has 26 years of door industry experience. He will oversee the U.S. sales team and work closely with key U.S. accounts.

Manaras has also appointed Guy Page as South Central U.S. regional sales manager. He will be responsible for implementing and maintaining sales efforts in 11 states.

Page brings over 10 years of sales experience to Manaras, having sold equipment, parts, accessories, and hydraulic tools to the utility industry.

Ankmar Adds Two

Ankmar has named Bryan Foutz as regional salesman for the southwest and western regions of the United States.

Foutz, a 24-year veteran of the garage door industry, has experience in manufacturing, engineering, sales/marketing, and operations management. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Walsh University in Canton, Ohio.

Ron Gourley has joined Ankmar as director of sales service center development and director of national accounts. Gourley has 14 years in the garage door industry, with experience in retail, wholesale, manufacturing, and distribution. He will be based at the Kansas City plant.

Raynor Names TM of the Year

The Territory Manager of the Year at Raynor is Mark Byers, whose territory covers West Virginia, southern Ohio, central and eastern Kentucky, and central and eastern Tennessee.

Raynor territory managers are ranked based on the sales increases of their distributors and the accomplishments of goals and objectives set up for their territories. The Territory Managers who rank second and third are given Territory Manager Excellence Awards, while the top Territory Manager receives the Territory Manager of the Year award.

Charlie Bogle and Marty Sandoval received Territory Manager Excellence Awards. Bogle’s territory covers northern California, Utah, and most of Nevada, and Sandoval’s covers southern California, Arizona, and a portion of Nevada.


Chamberlain Acquires Elite

Describing it as “a major industry move,” the Chamberlain Group has acquired Elite Access Systems and Elite Entry Phone, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automatic gate and telephone access control systems.

According to Chamberlain CEO David Rolls, the acquisition of Elite will give Chamberlain one of the nation’s broadest lines of perimeter access control products, capable of comprehensively serving the residential, commercial, and institutional business markets.

“The combination of these two companies is essentially an industry-changing event,” says Rolls. “Elite has built a stellar reputation (for) superior safety, quality, performance, and service. It is the premier brand in residential and commercial gate operators and access control components, and we intend to preserve and strengthen the Elite brand name.”

The acquisition was announced in September 2003. Elite Access Systems is located in Lake Forest, Calif.

Amarr Advances Into Europe

Amarr Garage Doors has opened a distribution center in Budapest, Hungary. The new location becomes Amarr’s third in the international market and 60th overall.

“The opening of our first distribution center in Europe is an important event in the growth of Amarr and will lead to many other exciting opportunities,” says Lyle Symons, vice president of sales and operations.

The 9,000-sq.-ft. Door Center will serve customers in Hungary and other European countries with three employees led by general manager Attila Donaberger. Amarr has established a Hungarian Web site at www.amarr.hu.

Amarr currently has distribution centers in Monterrey, Mexico, and Toronto, Canada. The firm also has sales representatives for the Caribbean and Latin America, China, Ireland, England, Israel, and other countries.


Industrial Spring Expands

Industrial Spring recently implemented plans to expand its manufacturing, market, and product capabilities.

The company has purchased land next to its current 60,000-sq.-ft. facilities, enabling an addition of 42,000 square feet. The expansion is slated for completion by spring of 2005.

Industrial Spring has also expanded manufacturing capabilities to more efficiently coil a wider range of spring diameters. The company can now wind both open (gapped) and closed wound springs up to 168" long with an ID as large as 9". The effort is intended to better serve the commercial and rolling steel door markets.

The firm has also implemented new extension spring testing equipment that will enable the company to test four times as much product. The equipment and test procedures have been certified accurate by an independent laboratory.

Based on the new testing capability, all extension springs have been submitted and approved “California Certified” according to California building codes.

Department of Commerce Honors Amarr

The U.S. Department of Commerce recently recognized Amarr for its efforts in the Chinese market. Amarr received the U.S. Commercial Services Export Achievement Award.

The award is given to about 400 companies a year and recognizes their first or “new to a market” sale and their commitment to selling in foreign markets. The award for Amarr was specifically for a two-container order shipped to a customer in China.

The U.S. Commercial Service agency helps small and midsized U.S. businesses sell their products and services globally.


C.H.I. Goes NASCAR Racing

C.H.I. Overhead Doors was a primary racecar sponsor for the Robert Yates Racing team at the EA Sports 500 in Talladega, Ala., in September.

Jason Jarrett, the son of Dale Jarrett and grandson of racing legend Ned Jarrett, was behind the wheel for the race. Jason has several years of racing experience in the ARCA and Busch series. This was his first attempt at a NASCAR Winston Cup Race.

“The sponsorship opportunity came through one of our distributors who is family friends with the Jarretts,” says Tim Miller, sales and marketing manager at C.H.I.

The Talladega race was the first event where Jason and his father Dale both raced. Jarrett qualified 18th out of 43 entries and finished 28th.

Amarr Restructures

To increase management contact with customers, Amarr Garage Doors announced changes to executive positions, restructured its districts, and added district managers so that each manager will cover less territory. Smaller territories will allow managers to spend more time building relationships with customers.

Executive Changes

Because of this restructure, announced in November, Amarr has made several promotions and change of titles. First, Amarr combined the leadership of sales and operations of the Door Centers under Lyle Symons in his new role of vice president of sales and operations. Symons was previously in charge of sales only.

The second change is moving Shawn O’Brien from operations to vice president of process and administration. In this new role, O’Brien will manage major projects to simplify processes and work as a liaison with the Door Centers, corporate office, and manufacturing facility.

Sales Management Changes

Sales districts have increased from five to eight. All the district service managers will report to the new position of director of Door Centers. Chris Virelli has been promoted to this position for the eastern half of the country. Corey Layman was promoted to director of Door Centers for the western half of the country.

Blain St. Ama has been promoted from director of national accounts to director of sales. District sales managers and sales managers now report to him. Val Sigmon has been promoted from director of national builder accounts to director of national accounts.

Service Spring Introduces Stock Program

Service Spring recently introduced a new stock torsion spring program that provides competitive pricing and fast shipping of common-size springs.

“Standardization within the door industry has allowed dealers to stock a small range of springs that can be used on a wide variety of new door installations and repairs,” says Craig Radabaugh, vice president of sales and marketing.

New Marketing Tools from Clopay

Clopay has developed a new commercial installation video for the Clopay sales force and authorized dealers. The video emphasizes safety, includes tips for novice and experienced installers, and can serve as part of an installer’s training.

Another tool, Clopay’s Application and Design Manual CD, was recently distributed to more than 700 architectural and design firms nationwide. The CD alleviates the need to download drawing and specification files from a Web site and speeds the process of specifying and selling Clopay product.

Clopay has also introduced educational literature to help dealers properly inform their customers of wind loads, building codes, and products to meet those codes. The WindCode brochure describes the WindCode product line and gives tips on selecting the correct WindCode door for specific needs.

New Ownership at Danville Steel

In November, Arcola, Ill.,-based Mid-State Industries assumed ownership of Danville Steel of Danville, Ill. Mid-State Industries, a retail steel processing facility that supplies coiled steel to garage door manufacturers, plans to expand the role of the Danville company.

The transaction is expected to increase Mid-State Industries and Danville Steel’s sales by providing steel manufacturers with a broadened scope of steel inventory, services, and operations. The two companies are now positioned as full-service steel processing and distribution operations.

“We are essentially turning two East Central Illinois companies into much stronger competitors in the steel service center industry,” says Kevin Corley, president of Mid-State Industries.

GDU Graduates First Class

Garage Door University completed its first class at the Richmond, Va., campus on September 29, 2003.

Joel Welch of Overhead Door Company of Fayetteville, N.C., and Jon Parker and Lonnie Farmer of Overhead Door Company of Greensboro, N.C., completed the one-day course on How To Do Bid Sales Without Going Broke. All students completed the course material and scored in the upper 90th percentile area on their exams.

Garage Door University is taking applications now for upcoming classes. Course offerings can be viewed at www.garagedooru.com.

Wayne-Dalton Sponsors Project

In November, Wayne-Dalton announced it is sponsoring Professional Remodeler’s Model reMODEL home. The company says national publication uses project homes to showcase the best that remodeling has to offer.

Wayne-Dalton says it was asked to participate as a sponsor because of “the complete, high tech garage door systems the company offers,” including its new idrive opener for torsion springs and carriage house wood doors.

Amarr Vip Dealers Enjoy Jamaica

In November, Amarr Garage Doors hosted a dealer incentive trip in Montego Bay, Jamaica, with about 150 Amarr dealers and corporate representatives. Attendees spent four days and three nights at the exclusive Ritz Carlton with various events, golf, and tours.

The event concluded with an awards banquet where Fireside Hearth & Home of Frederick, Md., won the Amarr Dealer of the Year award for 2002-2003. Fireside has branch offices in Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina, and has been an Amarr dealer since 1997.

“Fireside Hearth & Home exemplifies the type of customer focus that Amarr personifies,” says Amarr CEO Richard Brenner.

The Amarr 2004 VIP Adventure will be a trip to San Francisco, where dealers will be able to tour Golden Gate Park, Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Napa Valley wine country, and more.


Royal Mouldings Celebrates 40 Years

Royal Mouldings is celebrating 40 years in the building products industry.

The company, originally known as Mouldings Incorporated and located in Oregon, was founded in 1963 by Tom Rash. Mouldings Incorporated, which was later changed to Marley Mouldings, was initially a manufacturer of prefinished wood mouldings.

In the early 1970s, Marley Mouldings began the development of cellular extrusion products, growing its product line to the present 6,000 moulding profiles and components for interior and exterior millwork, window and door systems, and more. The company employs 850 people at four U.S. locations.

Marley Mouldings became part of the Royal Group of Companies and changed its name to Royal Mouldings in 2003.

GDU Launches Online Training

In the fall of 2003, Garage Door University launched its distance learning program.

This virtual Internet classroom allows students to participate in a real-time learning environment. The courses are presented with quality graphics and a state-of-the-art Internet instructional platform with oral instruction.

Online training allows students to take training courses from home via the Internet. The courses cover a wide range of subjects including technical, sales and marketing, management, and finance. Online registration is available at www.garagedooru.com.

Ankmar Shifts Marketing Approach

Ankmar is changing its marketing approach by adding sales centers around the country.

“Ankmar's growth plan includes opening additional sales service centers,” says Ron Gourley, director of sales service centers. “We're changing our sales and marketing philosophy at Ankmar Door and bringing our products closer to our dealers around these new centers."

In November, Ankmar Door announced the opening of the California sales service center in Mira Loma, Calif., offering a complete line of residential and commercial steel doors. Ankmar has also opened a new sales service center in Earth City, Mo., for the St. Louis area.

Wayne-Dalton at IBS Show Village

In January, Wayne-Dalton will be displaying in Show Village, a collection of homes that feature the best in home building products at the International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Las Vegas. The village is sponsored by Professional Builder, Habitat for Humanity, and others.

Displayed on one of the homes will be two Wayne-Dalton garage door systems featuring idrive openers. Wayne-Dalton will also have a booth at the IBS.

New Sections on Manaras Site

Manaras has updated www.manaras.com to include two new sections: Technical Documents and Latest News.

The Technical Documents section provides customers, dealers, installers, architects, and end-users with literature and information. Specification sheets, 3-part architect specifications, shop drawings, electrical wiring diagrams, mechanical drawings and replacement parts, and installation and instruction manuals are all available.

The Latest News section informs visitors of the latest company news, featuring press releases, upcoming events, and the company newsletter.


Thermal Performance Study Advances with DASMA Input

DASMA is participating in a new study of the thermal performance of various door products, including garage doors and rolling doors. The research project, conducted by the American Society for Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), began Sept. 1, 2003.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says DASMA a monitoring subcommittee member. “With DASMA input, appropriate garage door and rolling door test specimen specifications have been determined,” says Hetzel.

U-factor and air infiltration testing was scheduled for December 2003 on a 9' x 7' insulated sandwich panel steel garage door, a 10' x 10' uninsulated single-skin steel garage door, and a 10' x 10' uninsulated rolling steel door.

Hetzel says project data is expected to be used in thermal performance value charts for garage doors and rolling doors. These charts will be used in the “ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals,” a reference book for heating and air conditioning design professionals.

KC Area Enforces Wind Load Requirements

On Jan. 1, 2004, building code officials of greater Kansas City began enforcing wind load requirements for garage doors on new permit applications.

The increased enforcement was a direct response to concerns about door performance in high wind events in the area. Residential wind load requirements follow the DASMA Garage Door Wind Load Guide based on the International Residential Code (see TDS 155m at www.dasma.com). Commercial wind load requirements in the Guide are based on ASCE 7-98 (see TDS 155k).

Product compliance options include labeling, a test report, an engineer’s report, or an evaluation report by an agency such as ICC-ES. Code officials and the local Home Builders’ Association talked to DASMA to clarify wind requirements and product compliance options.

“DASMA has been instrumental in helping local dealers effectively communicate with building officials,” says Mike Guthrie of Raynor Garage Doors of Kansas City. Guthrie says he understands the need for wind load requirements but that implementation has been challenging.

Al Mitchell of Wayne-Dalton, DASMA Commercial & Residential Garage Door Technical Committee chairman, says that DASMA will strive to keep the lines of communication open with Kansas City building officials to help expedite the process for garage door dealers.

ICC-ES Approves Acceptance Criteria

In October 2003, International Code Council Evaluation Services (ICC-ES) approved an acceptance criteria document for “upward acting doors with specified allowable wind pressures.” Garage door and rolling door manufacturers seeking an ICC-ES evaluation report can use this new document (AC222) for the wind design performance of their products.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says acceptance criteria have previously existed for other evaluation report agencies, but none has used DASMA input as much as AC222.

“ICC-ES has shown a willingness to work with DASMA to best reflect design practices of the industry,” says Hetzel. He believes this should result in increased reliability of product requirements.

Florida Officials Address DASMA Members

In October, Buster Case of the Florida Department of Community Affairs spoke to DASMA members in Orlando about the new Florida product approval system. He says the system requires either statewide or local approval of various building envelope products including exterior doors.

The presentation helped DASMA members understand the new system and fostered cooperation between the program administration and the garage door and rolling door industries.

“Buster’s efforts have helped accelerate the product approval process for us,” says Dave Monsour of Wayne-Dalton, DASMA Rolling Door Division chairman. Dealers should direct inquiries about the program to their supplying door manufacturers.

At the same forum, Phil McMahan, an International Code Council (ICC) representative, spoke to DASMA members about ICC and its Evaluation Services branch.

The presentation helped DASMA members understand ICC code development and how to obtain Evaluation Reports for products. McMahan encouraged DASMA to stay involved with ICC processes to be sure that ICC and ICC-ES documents represent the industry.

Ditka Headlines at Midwest Builders Show

Football legend Mike Ditka will be a headline speaker at the 2004 Midwest Builders Show (MBS) on March 25-26 in Rosemont, Ill., a suburb of Chicago.

The 2004 Midwest Builders Show is geared towards housing industry professionals such as builders, remodelers, subcontractors, suppliers, tradesmen, and others. Attendees typically come from an eight-state region.

This year’s show is expected to draw 5,500 attendees and offer a variety of educational sessions from March 23-26. More information is at www.MidwestBuildersShow.com.