Can You Install an Automated Gate Properly?

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Publish Date: Summer 2001
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Page 44


Can You Install an Automated Gate Properly?

• Is compliance with UL 325 a national law for all automated vehicular gate installations?
• Are you required to upgrade installed vehicular gate operators to the new standard?
• Can you repair older gate operators that do not meet the standard?
• Must photoelectric cells or electric edges be installed on all automated vehicular gates?
• Do you need to install guarding or screening on an automated gate?

The recently updated UL 325 standard has resulted in gate and gate operator dealers needing to learn a mass of information about proper installation procedures. To protect your customers and your business, dealers must become familiar with the new gate-related provisions of UL 325.

DASMA’s Gate Operator Committee has prepared answers to 37 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the new provisions. These FAQs are included on Technical Data Sheet (TDS) 356, a four-page document from DASMA.

To obtain a free copy of TDS 356, contact DASMA at 216-241-7333, fax 216-241-0105, or