Check Those Edges!

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Publish Date: Winter 2000
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Page 38

Technical Tips
Check Those Edges!

Sensing edges are important safety equipment. They must be checked regularly for damage to make sure they are operating properly.

Here are some inspection tips for pneumatic and electric sensing edges on rolling doors and grilles.

1. Check the astragal, weather seal, or the edge for cuts, holes, compression, hardening, or other physical damage.
2. Check all tubing and wiring for cuts, holes, crimps, or other physical damage.
3. Check for a damaged coil cord or cord reel between the edge and the operator.
4. Test the door/grille by placing an object under the center of the door to test the stop or reverse operation. Repeat this test with an obstruction two inches from the edge of the opening, on one side and then the other side.
5. Check the down limit switch setting to avoid over-compressing the sensing edge.

For more complete information about safety, inspection, and testing of the various types of edges, see Technical Data Sheet #256, prepared by the members of DASMA’s Rolling Door Technical Committee. To obtain a free copy of TDS #256, contact DASMA at 216-241-7333, fax 216-241-0105, or