Cleaning Spots on a Steel Door

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Publish Date: Winter 1999
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Technical Tip
Cleaning Spots on a Steel Door

From Garaga Customer Service

We occasionally have customers who ask, “What’s the best way to remove rust spots on a steel door?”

Often, we find that these spots are not rust, but are elements like pollen or steel filings that stick to the door. This is common when the door is covered with a greasy film. The spot often looks like rust, but it’s not.

To solve the problem, we recommend to clean aluminum doors with an automotive polishing product like Turtle Wax. We recommend cleaning steel doors with any common kitchen detergent. Since these detergents can be abrasive, we caution not to use them too often.

An annual cleaning with a soft soap dish detergent will preserve the finish of the door. Using a good quality car wax will offer additional protection to the door’s exterior.