Clopay Launches Entry-Level Carriage-House Door

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Publish Date: Spring 2005
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Clopay Launches Entry-Level Carriage-House Door

In January, Clopay introduced the Gallery Collection, an entry-level addition to its line of steel carriage-house garage doors. The Gallery Collection door is priced to be an affordable, vintage-look, all-steel door.

“Between the Gallery Collection, the Coachman Collection, (a layered, insulated steel door with PVC overlays), and the Reserve Collection wood line, Clopay provides a full range of carriage-house doors,” says Pat Lohse, director of residential marketing.

The Gallery door is a 2"-thick, 24-gauge steel door offered with or without insulation, in short or long grooved panels, and with square, rectangular, and two different styles of arched windows. The doors are available in sizes from 6' to 12' high and up to 20' wide in white, almond, sandtone, and brown.

Decorative black spade handles, a step plate, and an outside, keyed lock enhance its appearance. The company plans to introduce a cross-buck design option later this year. The Gallery Collection will be available nationwide in April 2005.

Wayne-Dalton Displays Fiberglass-Clad Doors

At the International Builders’ Show in January, a prototype of a new garage door was displayed by Wayne-Dalton, “the first garage door manufacturer to offer fiberglass-clad garage doors.” The new door offers the maintenance-free and insulation benefits of steel with the realism and design flexibility of wood.

“We’ve made a commitment to continually push the envelope in garage door systems, and the evolution to fiberglass represents an important step for consumer choice,” says Tony Ferrante, director of marketing. The fiberglass-clad door can be painted or stained for a natural-looking finish.

In addition to the fiberglass door, Wayne-Dalton announced at the show that its windows can now be enhanced with 3M Accentrim products. The new window creates the look of beveled glass at a significantly lower cost than true cut glass.

Windsor Republic Adds Steel-Backed Carriage-House Door

Windsor Republic’s Model 756 steel carriage-style door made its debut at the International Builders’ Show in January.

The Model 756 features a woodgrain texture, a choice of three colors (polar white, almond, and sandstone), in a 1-3/8"-thick steel-backed insulated section. Its full thickness of polystyrene insulation gives it an R-value of 6.3. The door offers a variety of decorative window inserts and hardware.

The 756 is the newest addition to the Saddle Creek Collection of steel carriage-style garage doors. The door carries a limited lifetime warranty on the paint finish and a 5-year delamination warranty.

C.H.I. Introduces the Steel 5300 Series

In November, C.H.I. Overhead Doors introduced the 5300 Carriage House door. The new product features a steel sandwich design with a polystyrene core secured with a high-performance adhesive.

A high-density urethane batten is laminated to the steel section before applying a resilient paint. The section then passes through an accelerated curing oven, creating a virtually maintenance-free exterior.

The model 5300 is available in white, almond, and sandstone and comes standard with stamped hardware or optional wrought iron hardware. Window options include plain, gluechip, and seeded glass, all available with multiple pane designs.

Chamberlain Launches LiftMaster Elite Line

In January, Chamberlain announced the model HCT gear-reduced High Traffic Overhead Door and Gate Operator. This product is the first offering from the new LiftMaster Elite Series.

“With its super-quiet operation and rugged dependability, the model HCT is a commercial overhead door and gate operator that is in a class by itself,” says Bill Gioia, marketing manager, commercial products.

The model HCT features an instant-reversing motor, a unique trolley assembly, and four rubber isolators to prevent noise and vibration. A model 412 HM radio receiver is standard; a STAR radio receiver (accepting up to 250 transmitters) is optional. Other options include a 3-button station, CPS commercial protector system, loop detector, and sensing edge.

The 8" low profile and durability make it ideal for high-traffic locations. Backed by a 5-year warranty, the HCT works on overhead doors or gates with heights of 8', 10', and 12'.

Manaras Opera Adds NEMA Modifications

In January, Manaras announced that their Opera line of heavy-duty jackshaft operators are now available with NEMA modifications.

The Opera-H, Opera-J, and Opera-SH are now offered with NEMA 4/12 and NEMA 4X modifications upon request. The NEMA 4/12 modification is for carwash applications and areas where dust, water, oil leaks, or other condensation are prevalent. NEMA 4X provides protection against corrosive environments.

Operators with these modifications include a TEFC (NEMA 4/12) and a TENV or TEFC (NEMA 4X) electric motor, and a NEMA 4/12 or NEMA 4X conforming control enclosure. A NEMA-compliant 3-button station is also supplied.

Helton Releases Horizon Window

In January, Helton launched its new Horizon Series window products. The new design features screw-together installation, integrated seals, and sizes that are compatible with other manufacturers.

“Horizon Series frames will eliminate inventory concerns that plague companies during a transition in suppliers,” says Mike Rauch, general manager. He claims that Horizon Series frames are the strongest in the industry.

The new frames feature welded vinyl construction, a profiled front frame for improved definition, snap-in decorative inserts, and UV stability. Frames and insert designs are available in many colors and will be progressively introduced.

C.H.I. Adds Thermally Broken Commercial Door

In February, C.H.I. Overhead Doors announced the insulated commercial model 3216 featuring a thermally broken design. The door is a urethane foamed-in-place two-sided steel sandwich door with a section joint seal.

The door is available in white or brown with a micro-groove exterior design.

Wayne-Dalton Enhances Idrive Lighting

In February, Wayne-Dalton announced that it has added a wireless light to the TorqueMaster and Torsion idrive openers. The new light features radio frequency (RF) communications with the idrive so the light no longer needs a clear line of sight to the operator.

Multiple lights can be programmed to one idrive operator. The enhancement from infrared (IR) to radio frequency (RF) is useful for high ceilings or locations where the outlet is not within a direct line of sight.

Clopay Reintroduces the Avante Collection

At January’s International Builders’ Show (IBS), Clopay reintroduced its Avante Collection, a contemporary aluminum-and-glass residential garage door line.

“We unveiled it last year at IBS under the name ‘Full View door,’” explains Pat Lohse, director of residential marketing. “Since then, we have modified the design slightly, increasing the thickness of the frame sections, and added white as a standard finish option.”

Now known as Avante, the door offers many window options (clear, frosted, tinted, mirrored, or acrylic glass, wire or laminate) to control the degree of light transmission and privacy. The 2-1/8"-thick aluminum frame can be custom painted or sealed with a clear, white, or brown finish.

The Avante door was selected by a home designer to appear on a house that was later named Best in Show and received both the people’s choice and Building Industry Association (BIA) honors for Best Architectural Design.

Designer Doors Introduces Economy Line

At January Builders’ Show in Orlando, Designer Doors introduced a new, economical wood garage door line under the Timbercraft brand name.

Designer Doors now offers a complete portfolio of wood garage doors:
* The Designer Doors Commissioned door is the company’s top-of-the-line product, a custom-designed wood garage door.
* The Limited Edition line offers the same workmanship, but in selected styles representing the most popular designs.
* The new Timbercraft door offers the curb appeal of an authentic wood door, but with fewer features and options.

The surface of Timbercraft doors is made of clear western red cedar, and millwork options include V-groove, beaded, or smooth finishes. Timbercraft doors offer 16 standard sizes and more than 140 designs, including curved or square tops, multiple window configurations, and optional trim boards.

Designer Doors sells all three product lines direct to builders and homeowners, handling all the steps of the process including hardware, openers, and installation.

Helton Adds Dual-Bolt Top Fixture

In January, Helton Industries announced a dual-bolt residential top fixture. Its two-bolt design resists rotation better than a single-bolt design. The improved strength comes from an innovative gusset design and less rotation of the adjustable roller carrier.

Additional features include increased adjustability for offsets ranging from 1-3/4" to 3-3/8", improved roller carrier tolerance, and rounded corners for safe installation. The new fixture replaces the single-bolt design with no increased cost. A heavy-duty residential version is available.

Receivers Added to Elite and LiftMaster Gate Operators

In January, Chamberlain began providing radio receivers in all new Elite and LiftMaster gate operators. The addition of radio receivers provides a “one transmitter” solution to handle all gate, residential garage door, or commercial door access needs.

Chamberlain says it is the only manufacturer to include a universal radio receiver as part of the standard gate operator package. All Elite and LiftMaster gate operators will feature the receivers, with the exception of barrier gate operators.

“This great new feature will simplify and reduce installation time for all dealers and distributors,” says Bill Gioia, marketing manager, “especially those who work with residential gated communities.”

Denco Introduces Decorative Magnetic Hinge

In February, Denco Marketing added decorative magnetic hinges for steel carriage-house doors. The hinges apply easily and hold firmly to all steel garage doors.

“This decorative hinge looks more realistic than any I’ve seen,” says Dennis Schlabach, president. “Garage door dealers will love them.”

Made of flexible magnetic material with a deep embossed design, these hinges simulate a hammered finish and install easily on any steel garage door in minutes. No drilling or tools are required. The hinges have been UV- and field-tested for more than a year with excellent results.

Chamberlain Offers Wireless Communicator

In December, Chamberlain announced the Elite Wireless Communicator, an access-control accessory that allows Elite Telephone Entry Systems to control up to 31 access devices wirelessly.

The Wireless Communicator includes a state-of-the-art wireless technology that is virtually immune to all RF interference and is compatible with Elite RS-485 access control devices. Elite’s built-in surge protector is rated for 10,000 volts and 6,000 amps.

The Wireless Communicator’s low power requirements make it ideal for use in areas without nearby power sources. Also, the wireless unit eliminates problems with underground cable, such as power line interference, corrosion, failed junction-box connections, and cut wires. It has a line-of-sight range of 6,000 feet.

“This unit is a high-tech product; however, we have designed and engineered it to make installation and operation as simple as possible,” says Randall Planck, marketing manager.

Raynor Adds Carriage-House Panel Option

In February, Raynor added a carriage-house panel option to its finger-protected Affina and Centura residential doors.

The panel features optional decorative face hardware that appears hand-forged. Black powder-coated handles and 18" hinge straps are available in Bean or Fleur-de-lis designs.

The new panel option utilizes multiple panel embossment sizes to achieve a consistent appearance in all door widths. If a garage has different sized openings, the doors present a seamless appearance from door to door.

Amarr Adds Window Options

In February, Amarr announced its Reflections Glass window options. The product offers an affordable option to real beveled glass.

Reflections windows are made with an innovative film technology developed by 3M. The film bonds permanently to the inside of the glass and has been tested to resist shrinkage, discoloration, and delamination. The film comes with a 5-year warranty.

Amarr offers three designs, Prairie, Stockton, and Waterford, available in short- and long-panel versions. A Chateau Reflections design is available for the Classica Collection.

Cornell Reintroduces the Atlas T-3 Slat

In December, Cornell Iron Works announced that Atlas T-3 insulated slats are now available through their parts department. Cornell acquired the assets of Atlas Rolling Door in 2002.

Because few slat profiles interlock with the T-3’s unique slat design, entire curtains have often had to be replaced instead of simply exchanging slats. Cornell’s offering answers the demand for these parts and makes repair of Atlas Thermal Doors more economical.

The T-3 slat is available in 22-gauge front/24-gauge back, 20-gauge front/24-gauge back, and 18-gauge front/24-gauge back slat configurations. The standard finish is Cornell’s GalvaNex Coating System for resistance against corrosion and abrasion.

New Slide Gate Operator From Linear/OSCO

In February, Linear/OSCO introduced a variable-speed slide gate operator, the model VS-GSLG.

Equipped with heavy-duty components for industrial applications, the VS-GSLG uses a programmable, infinitely variable, intelligent speed controller to ensure smooth starting and stopping of large and/or heavy slide gates. Its smooth-start/stop feature increases the life of the operator and the gate.

The company says the VS-GSLG can move a large gate faster, more smoothly, more quietly, more cost effectively, and with fewer maintenance requirements than hydraulic and other conventional operators. The VS-GSLG also now uses a UL 325- and UL 991-compliant control board.

Three models are available for a variety of gate lengths and weights. All three models are available in all voltages, either single or three-phase.

Safe-Way Adds Hunter Green

Safe-Way Door is adding hunter green as a color choice for its doors. Safe-Way now offers an array of five colors, including white, almond, sandtone, and brown.

Hörmann Creates Two-in-One Track System

Hörmann has developed a residential garage door track system that makes low-headroom installations easier to install. The two-in-one track system (patent pending) accommodates standard and low-headroom applications by simply flipping the tracks from one side to the other.

“Never again must a garage door installer find himself at the job site with the wrong tracks,” explains Donna Leonard, customer service manager. “Plus, there’s no need to haul different types of tracks to job sites. I don’t know of any other company that offers this unique feature.”

Service Spring Offers Spray Lube

Service Spring recently expanded its product line with the addition of Private Label Spray Lube. The product gives door dealers a cost-effective way to promote their businesses.

The lube is available in 6-oz. and 14-oz. can sizes. A minimum order of 18 cases is required for single-color silk-screened cans, and a 36-case minimum is required for two-color silk-screened cans.

The lube is an all-weather, white lithium penetrating grease that is designed specifically for garage doors.

Amarr Offers Flood Vents

In January, Amarr Garage Doors added a hydrostatic vent that fits into a standard short raised-panel garage door. The vent measures 10" tall by 18" wide or 11-5/8" tall by 19-1/8" wide.

The vent is latched closed until floodwaters enter. When the rising water reaches a certain level, the internal floats unlatch and rotate the vent open. By allowing water to escape the garage, these vents help protect items from flood damage and may prevent damage to the garage door and the home’s foundation.

“This is a very valuable product for homeowners in flood-prone areas,” says Teresa Lowry, director of marketing.

Linear/OSCO Launches Swing Gate Operator

In February, Linear/OSCO announced the SWC-1, a new 1-HP commercial swing gate operator. Designed for commercial swing gate applications, the SWC-1 features a continuous-duty PSC motor and size 70 (60:1) gear reducer.

A hinged control box permits convenient access for setup and maintenance. Its new, simplified, heavy-duty all-steel crank assembly features simple pull-pin disconnect for emergency access.

The operator comes in a polyethylene cover in black, tan, or landscape granite. A post mounting kit is optional. The SWC-1 is ETL labeled and UL 325 certified for class I, II, III, and IV installations.

Trac-Rite Introduces Enhancements

In January, Trac-Rite Door added two new product enhancements to its roll-up doors: the SpaceGuard latch and cylinder lock and the Tensioner.

Compatible with magnetic security systems, the SpaceGuard cylinder lock does not penetrate the door, a unique feature in the industry. The design allows for the addition of a lock after the latch is installed, it may be removed at any time, and the lock is protected from bolt cutters.

The newly designed Tensioner adjusts the tension of the door spring after installation and allows for adjustment as the spring relaxes from time and usage. The zinc-coated, pre-installed Tensioner is an option on all Trac-Rite doors. It accepts 3/8" x 1/2" rectangular or standard 1/2" round winding bars.

Fimbel Adds 18" Sections

In February, Fimbel announced that it has expanded its line of foamed-in-place polyurethane doors with the addition of an 18" section for the P400 model. New tooling makes the 18" sections possible.

The new section dimension allows more height options. Previously, the P400 was offered in a height of 7', but now any size is possible from 6' and up.

New Firmware Available for Linear Controllers

In February, Linear Entry Systems introduced new firmware that adds new capabilities to its latest access controllers — the AE-1000 and AE-2000 telephone entry systems and the AM-3 multi-door access controller.

The new firmware includes true anti-passback protection for credentials (card, entry code, or transmitter) across a network. With the addition of optional MIO interface module hardware, the firmware also enables the AE-1000, the AE-2000, and the AM-3 to be used for elevator control. Up to 128 floors are supported.

An exclusive feature of the new firmware is the ability to handle future firmware updates for the three Linear access controllers remotely from any PC. Controllers can thus be easily updated in the field without changing boards.

DoorKing Adds Flush Mount Design

In January, DoorKing’s model 1802 Telephone Entry System became available in both a surface mount design and a new flush mount design.

The 1802 includes the features found in the company’s standard telephone entry systems, but can now be installed in places where space is at a premium. The flush mount unit is an attractive alternative and offers increased vandal resistance.

US Door Adds New Mounting Bracket

In December, US Door announced its new VFC mounting bracket that allows a small jackshaft motor to easily be installed on any new or existing roll-up door.

With the new Vertical Front of Coil (VFC) bracket, electric motor operation of a commercial door no longer requires additional sideroom or headroom clearance. The bracket also fits US Door’s new line of compact LGO electric motor operators provided by LiftMaster.

No special bracing is required for metal buildings, allowing for an easy retrofit on existing minimum-clearance roll-up doors. The new VFC bracket is compatible with US Door’s entire line of commercial and wind-rated roll-up doors.


Seymour Named President of Taylor

In January, Taylor Building Products announced that Thomas M. Seymour had been named president and chief operating officer. Previously, Seymour served as executive vice president, heading sales and marketing efforts. Nick Cangialosi, owner, continues as chairman and CEO.

“Tom Seymour has led our company through a period of solid growth with extraordinary leadership and has increased our focus on meeting the service demands of our prime customers,” says Cangialosi.

Since Seymour took over sales and marketing efforts in 2000, Taylor has grown by more than 10 percent annually, he added. Prior to joining Taylor, Seymour served in marketing and management positions with Owens Corning for 28 years. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Grand Valley State University.

Samco Appoints New President

Joseph Repovs, founder of Samco Machinery, has named Bob Repovs as president and COO of Samco. The appointment became effective Jan. 1, 2005.

Joe Repovs has been president since the company’s inception 32 years ago. Joe Repovs will continue as CEO with responsibility for strategic planning, product development, and customer relations.

Bob Repovs will assume responsibility for all SAMCO operations. He has worked in several roles, including vice president of operations. He has taken the plant from 45,000 sq. ft. to 80,000 sq. ft. and was responsible for Samco earning recognition as an ISO 9001 registered company.

Amarr’s Brenner Named Award Finalist

In November, Richard Brenner, CEO of Amarr Garage Doors, was honored as one of three finalists in the National Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2004 awards program in the Manufacturing/Distribution/Security category.

Brenner was selected from 400 regional award recipients by an independent panel of judges. All award recipients were acknowledged at an awards gala in Palm Springs, Calif., with Tonight Show host Jay Leno serving as emcee.

“What is amazing about Richard and Amarr is that he has been able to navigate a commodity business, garage doors, and make it fun and exciting for his people, his dealers, and profitable for his shareholders,” says Rick Wimmer of Ernst & Young.

Raynor Names VP of Finance

In February, Raynor announced that Jon Keesey has been promoted to vice president of finance.

Keesey assumes responsibility for accounting, financial analysis, information systems, and company risk and liability functions. He will also lead merger and acquisition project teams and participate in the strategic planning process.

He joined Raynor in April 2000 as corporate controller. A graduate of the University of Iowa, Keesey holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Amarr Adds VP of New Products

In January, Patrick O’Sullivan began duties as vice president of new products at Amarr Garage Doors.

O’Sullivan brings more than 20 years of experience marketing consumer products. He served as vice president of new ventures at Sara Lee Branded Apparel and as vice president of marketing and merchandising for the Hanes Printables/Outer Banks Division.

Clopay Names Account Manager of the Year

In February, Clopay named Senior Account Manager Denis Perry as the 2004 Account Manager of the Year. The award is presented annually to a Clopay representative who has achieved both the largest sales volume increase and the largest sales percentage increase over the previous year.

A resident of Tampa, Perry covers the state of Florida, which includes three distribution centers, 25 Master and Authorized dealerships, and 275 other dealers. Perry joined Clopay seven years ago as an account manager after serving as vice president and general manager of a Clopay Master Authorized dealership in the Tampa area.

Raynor Adds Director of Purchasing

In February, Raynor announced that Carolyn Martin has joined Raynor as director of purchasing, responsible for domestic procurement and steel buying.

Martin comes to Raynor with more than 20 years of experience in purchasing. She recently served as director of purchasing for Ceco Door Products in Milan, Tenn.

New Additions at Safe-Way

In February, Safe-Way announced that Brent Doerffler has joined the firm as marketing manager, and Steve Baumgarte is the new lead engineer.

Doerffler has eight years of marketing experience in the water treatment industry. A graduate of the University of Saint Francis, Doerffler brings experience in strategic marketing and graphic design.

Baumgarte comes to Safe-Way after 10 years in the automotive industry. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Purdue University.

Raynor Adds to Management Team

In February, Raynor appointed Brad Kunde, manager of business process engineering, to the company’s management team. Kunde’s primary focus is the improvement of existing processes, workflows, and technologies.

Since joining Raynor in 1983, Kunde has been involved with product design and the formation of the Technical Support Group, and has led the implementation of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. He has been applications engineer, engineering services manager, and ERP project manager.

Plymouth Foam Reorganizes Sales Team

In January, Plymouth Foam of Plymouth, Wis., reorganized its sales team into five product and sales channel divisions. The divisional structure replaces a geographic alignment. The five new divisions are SafeGuard Protective Packaging, OEM, DuraSpec Building Products – Wholesale, DuraSpec – Retail, and PaceMaker Building Systems.

In related news, George Palmer has been named OEM Division Sales Manager. The OEM Division manufactures expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation components for building products including garage doors. Palmer has been with Plymouth for 10 years.

Raynor Promotes Heckman to Product Manager

In February, Raynor announced the promotion of Greg Heckman to commercial product manager. Heckman will focus on commercial rolling steel, operator, and residential opener product issues for existing and new projects.

Heckman has worked in product engineering since 1993, and has served as a product engineer, supervisor, and engineering manager of rolling steel doors and operators. He holds a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Platteville.

Chamberlain Announces Marketing Personnel Changes

In February, Chamberlain announced several promotions and job reassignments in marketing.

Dan Nixa has been promoted to director of marketing for the LiftMaster residential line. Nixa has been with Chamberlain since 1998, most recently serving as residential marketing manager. Nixa is now responsible for business development of the residential garage door opener business in the U.S. and Latin America.

Randy Planck has been promoted to director of marketing, commercial products. Planck joined Chamberlain in 2003 as the marketing manager for telephone entry and access control systems. Planck now has responsibility for strategic direction and product line management and development for telephone entry systems, access control products, and gate operators.

Bill Gioia, marketing manager for telephone entry systems and gates, will assume overall marketing for telephone entry products in addition to his current responsibilities for Chamberlain’s gate operators.

Alex Lee has been promoted to market development manager for telephone entry systems and gates. Lee joined Chamberlain in 2003 and has more than 15 years in the gate operator and access control business.

Dan Dombkowski is now marketing manager for commercial door operators. Dombkowski joined Chamberlain in 1985 and held the post of national sales manager for telephone entry and access control systems.

Gary Owens has been promoted to marketing development manager for commercial door operators. With the company since 1994, Owens has held sales positions for all of the company’s product lines.


Chamberlain Acquires DC Solutions

In January, the Chamberlain Group announced that it had acquired DC Solutions of Sunrise, Fla., as a part of its growth plans in the access control industry. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

David Rolls, Chamberlain’s CEO, says the acquisition of DC Solutions will expand Chamberlain’s line of barrier gate operators, slide and swing gate operators, and related gate and access control products. Since entering the gate operator business in 1995, Chamberlain says it is now the largest supplier in North America.

“Gate operators are not only being used for gated communities and a variety of commercial and institutional applications, but they are also increasingly being installed at single-family homes,” says Rolls. “These same markets are also creating tremendous growth for telephone entry and access control systems.”

The expansion of Chamberlain’s product offering will allow dealers to provide total packaged systems that can use shared access platforms, such as Chamberlain radio controls and other access devices.

DC Solutions to Offer SmartGate Sensors

In January, Invisa announced that it has provided DC Solutions a stocking order of SmartGate PBG-3 parking barrier gate safety sensors. DC Solutions plans to offer the PBG-3 as a factory-installed option for its parking barrier gates. Additional sales are anticipated in 2005.

SmartGate safety sensors are the only non-contact sensors available that generate an invisible field traveling with and preceding a closing gate arm. Obstructions in front of the path of travel are detected before they make contact.

DC Solutions is one of North America’s largest suppliers of parking barrier gates and a manufacturer of barrier, slide, and swing gate operators.

Duchossois to Acquire AMX

In February, AMX Corporation and Duchossois Industries announced that an affiliate of Duchossois will acquire AMX. The total transaction is valued at approximately $315 million. Chamberlain is owned by Duchossois.

AMX will continue to be headquartered in Richardson, Texas, and will maintain the AMX name and brand. AMX products control a variety of audio/video, environmental, and communications technologies.

Clopay Wins Design Awards

In February, Clopay announced that it had won three Awards for Design Excellence (ADEX) in an annual competition sponsored by Design Journal magazine. Since 1994, the annual ADEX awards program has recognized innovative design of products marketed to the architectural and design trade.

Clopay’s Reserve Collection received top honors with a platinum ADEX. The Coachman Collection and the Avante Collection received a gold and silver award, respectively.

Design Journal magazine is a trade magazine for interior designers, architects, and facility managers. A jury of design industry professionals selected the Clopay doors from more than 1,200 entries. The winning products will be featured in Design Journal’s summer 2005 issue.

Steel-Craft Expands

In December, Steel-Craft announced the planned expansion of its main production and distribution center in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The expansion will improve Steel-Craft’s ability to meet increased demand, enlarging the facility to over 300,000 sq. ft.

The new space will also facilitate the final development and launch of two new door products slated for 2005. The expansion and product launches were expected to be completed in early 2005.

Builder’s Circle Expands Loyalty Program

The Builder’s Circle program, of which Windsor Republic Doors is a charter member, recently announced that IndyMac Bankcorp will partner with the program. IndyMac Bank, one of the leading home construction lenders in the country, is expected to help more homebuilders benefit from the points-based loyalty program.

The Builder’s Circle is the residential building industry’s only multi-manufacturer loyalty program designed for homebuilders and remodelers. The Builder’s Circle rewards loyalty to its 34 brands and to local dealers who carry those brands. Member points can be redeemed for thousands of travel and merchandise options.

“Because sponsors are limited to one brand per product category, points for garage doors can only be earned by purchasing Windsor’s products,” says Sherry Booles, vice president of marketing. “This program gives Windsor’s distributors an added advantage for attracting local builders.”

Copper Door Featured in TV Show

Caption: Dave Martin (right) poses with homeowners Valérie and François Bergez and installer Jack McIntyre (left).

Martin’s copper garage door was recently featured on a national home makeover show. The 8' x 7' door, with Martin’s Finger Shield, was installed on a home in San Francisco for the Home & Garden Television’s show “Curb Appeal.” The show was expected to air in late March or early April.

The door was installed for François Bergez, who chose a Martin copper door with Tiara Vista windows. Jack McIntyre of Garage Door Unlimited installed the door.

Martin Door CEO David Martin was also expected to be part of the taped show. “Curb Appeal” airs Sundays and Wednesdays on HGTV.

Clopay Holds Makeover Contest

In 2005, Clopay will hold a national home exterior makeover contest featuring a celebrity designer from the home makeover TV series “While You Were Out.”

The “Clopay Transform Your Home Contest” will be promoted in Better Homes & Gardens, Renovation Style, Midwest Living, Country Home, Traditional Home and several other publications. The promotion invites homeowners to submit their homes as candidates for an exterior makeover.

The grand prize winner will receive a personal in-home design consultation from designer Chayse Dacoda, a regular on TLC’s “While You Were Out,” a new Clopay garage door selected by Dacoda, exterior paint, and an allowance for lighting fixtures and labor.

Wayne-Dalton Featured on HGTV

Wayne-Dalton was recently featured on “American Home 2005,” a new television series produced by the National Association of Home Builders and aired on HGTV. This show introduces viewers to trends, products, and innovations that are changing the way that people live.

For the show, Wayne-Dalton provided its Series 7000 wood doors. The doors provide the look of swing-type doors with the convenience of sectional door design.

Reserve Collection Makes Makeover Shows

Clopay Reserve Collection doors will be featured on two PBS series in early 2005: “Hometime,” hosted by Dean Johnson (pictured), and “American HomeShop,” hosted by Scott Phillips.

In the “American HomeShop” episode, host Phillips is building his own French country cottage dream home in Piqua, Ohio. Phillips selected Clopay semi-custom wood doors for his carriage-house garage.

“The before-and-after craze shows no signs of slowing in ’05, and these programs are the perfect vehicles for Clopay … at a time when many homeowners are compiling their list of spring home improvement projects,” says Pat Lohse, director of residential marketing.

CAPTION: Hometime host Dean Johnson with the installation crew from Midwest Specialty Equipment of Rogers, Minn.

TransformaDoor Ranks #13 in List

Warner Industries’ TransformaDoor Garage Door Siding ranked #13 of the top 50 Best Home Products in the February 2005 issue of Log & Timber Style Magazine.

TransformaDoor’s lightweight weather-resistant composite panels install over existing doors. The panels look and feel like aged wood without the cost, maintenance, and excessive weight of wood garage doors.

In 2005, TransformaDoor plans to add new product innovations for builders and consumers.

Martin Translates Manual Into 14 Languages

Martin Door recently translated its instruction manual into 14 languages. Its simplified instruction manual is now in Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Indonesian, Japanese, Spanish, Tagalog, Thai, Azerbaijani, Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish.

Dr. Keith Martin, director of international sales, says the translated instructions help dealers and consumers understand warnings, maintenance instructions, warranties, and the names of parts. He says Martin Doors are currently sold to 70 countries.

Flexon Introduces Shorter Lead Time

In February, Flexon announced that its standard lead time for dock door seals is now 2-3 weeks. Special foam-cutting capabilities allow Flexon to maintain this faster lead time.

Flexon manufactures industrial door and dock products, impact doors, loading dock equipment, and the Insect Control Barrier.

Wayne-Dalton Improves Communications

Wayne-Dalton recently introduced new ways to enhance communication to its dealers. All communications are now presented through a system based on e-mail. E-mail communication offers speed, efficiency, accuracy, and reduces use of paper.

To further enhance communications with its dealers, Wayne-Dalton is also launching an online communications library. The library will feature announcements and product updates.


Garaga Adds Online Live Chat

In February, Garaga became the first garage door manufacturer to offer live chat on its Web site ( Garaga says the new feature will make it easier to get quick answers and technical assistance.

Garaga customers can access live assistance from an online specialist on Live Chat from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. Technical assistance is also available at Garaga’s toll-free number: 1-800 464-2724.

Safe-Way Door Launches Web Site

Safe-Way Door’s new Web site ( simplifies the garage door purchasing process with a garage door design gallery, safety checklists, and downloadable specifications.

The site’s Door Designer features quick-loading images and a comparison of options for Safe-Way’s complete line of wood, steel, insulated, and non-insulated doors. An educational section provides safety tips and guidelines and an FAQ section.


Genie Wins Advertisement of the Year

Caption: DASMA President Randall Renne (left) presents the Ad of the Year trophy to Karl Adrian, president of Overhead Door’s Access Systems Division.

The Genie Company won the fifth annual Door & Access Systems Advertisement of the Year award. Randall Renne, DASMA president, presented the trophy to Karl Adrian of Overhead Door at the DASMA Annual Meeting in February.

The Winning Ad

Genie’s “Legendary Reliability” ad appeared in the fall 2004 issue of Door & Access Systems. The ad, selected from more than 100 entries, earned the highest score in three of the five judging categories.

“The Genie ad is creative, simple, and extremely effective,” said one of the judges, a design expert. He added that the eye-catching photo of the Saint Bernard pulled in readers to read the copy, and the copy then precisely described the benefits of the product to dealers.

Top Five Finalists

Four other ads were awarded certificates as Top Five Finalists: LiftMaster’s EverCharge battery backup ad, C.H.I.’s “cake & layers” ad about its new steel sandwich carriage-house door, Chamberlain’s two-page spread promoting the concept of “Integrated Access,” and LiftMaster’s “blinking lights” ad about its new Maintenance Alert System for commercial operators.

Judging Criteria

The judging panel was composed of eight independent judges including six design experts and two industry observers. None of the judges were employed by any DASMA member company.

The panel assessed each ad on the basis of creativity, attractive design, helpful copy, integrity/professionalism, and overall effectiveness. All ads that appeared in Door & Access Systems magazine in 2004 were automatically considered as entries.

High Performance Door Division Begins Rolling

DASMA’s new High Performance Door Division has undertaken its first project—a feasibility study on standardizing industry labeling. The division will work to create a general product label that may be applied on a door or near a door.

Don Wagner, division chair, says that division members will be able to use the experiences of DASMA garage door and rolling door manufacturers. These other divisions also created product labels.

“This first project merits serious consideration, because such a label could provide immediate benefit to both manufacturers and the industry as a whole,” he adds.


Garage Doors Fare Well at Hurricane Symposium

In February, nationwide hurricane experts convened in Tampa, Fla., for a hurricane symposium sponsored by the International Code Council (ICC). DASMA Technical Director Joe Hetzel attended. The symposium analyzed the impact of the 2004 hurricanes on construction.

Hetzel says that the symposium focused on performance concerns with key products, including metal connectors, metal roofing, exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS), vinyl siding, and soffits.

Garage door and rolling door failures were mentioned, says Hetzel, but they were isolated cases. Hetzel says it’s clear that the garage door and rolling door industries have made much progress since the mid-1990s.

In 1994, he says, much attention was given to garage door and rolling door failures. “But the positive result of efforts by DASMA and its members is evident by what is not being said these days, as well as what is being said,” he adds.

Gate Installer Curriculum Coming

In January, the Gate Curriculum Ad Hoc Committee agreed on a work plan to develop curriculum for use in an automated-gate installer certification program. The committee comprises representatives of DASMA, the American Fence Association (AFA), and the National Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metals Association (NOMMA).

Frank Hinds, chair, says the committee should complete a first draft of the curriculum by the fall of 2005. He adds that input would be solicited from a variety of sources.

In early 2006, the committee expects to conduct seminars at various events such as AFA’s FenceTech. The certification program, to be administered by the Institute for Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA), is anticipated for 2007.

Panel Considers UL 325 Updates

In December 2004, a Standards Technical Panel met at the UL offices in Northbrook, Ill., to consider updates to the UL 325 standard for garage door openers. The panel considered new entrapment protection provisions for persons crawling under stopped, partially open garage doors.

Barbara Kelkhoff, chair of the DASMA Door Operator Committee, says she is optimistic about developing provisions that reduce or eliminate entrapment under such door conditions.

“It is a challenge for the group to address both technical matters and human behavior for operating a partially open door to avoid trapping someone under the door,” she says. Kelkhoff added that the panel hopes to have the proposal ready for balloting soon.

DASMA Submits Wind Standards to ICC

DASMA recently submitted two wind-related DASMA standards for reference in a proposed new International Code Conference (ICC) standard on hurricane-resistant residential construction. The submitted standards include ANSI/DASMA 108, a uniform static air pressure test method, and ANSI/DASMA 115, a windborne debris resistance test method.

“Our active participation in the development of codes and standards has paid off,” says Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director. “Results are evident from the positive feedback we are receiving about the performance of garage doors in Florida.”

The standard is scheduled for completion in mid-2006.

DASMA Offers Direction for Manual Door Operation

DASMA recently published a Technical Data Sheet (TDS 165) on Garage Door Manual Operation. The new document emphasizes the practicality and convenience of using handles or suitable gripping points to operate a garage door manually.

John Jellá of 1st United Door Technologies spearheaded a DASMA subcommittee that produced the document. “It is a good public service for DASMA to publish clarifying information on the use of handles or suitable gripping points for garage doors,” he adds.

TDS 165 describes common reasons for manually operating a normally automated garage door and includes factors associated with manual operation. The publication, a free download, is available at

ASCE Affirms DASMA Wind Load Factor

A DASMA wind load factor has been affirmed by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). In December, ASCE affirmed the use of 0.85 as the directionality factor to determine garage door wind loads.

Some tests had used a different factor, which resulted in calculated wind load values as much as 17 percent higher than values in DASMA Wind Load Guides. DASMA has since documented the correct directionality factor using ASCE 7, the standard on minimum design loads.



Mark Westerfield of Clopay, a member of the DASMA Commercial & Residential Garage Door Technical Committee, says that DASMA should take the lead in addressing misapplications of wind load provisions for garage doors. He says DASMA used solid engineering principles to develop its wind load guides, and that users can be confident in the DASMA values. The DASMA Wind Load Guides can be found on TDS 155 at