Conditioned Garage Spaces

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Publish Date: Fall 2004
Author: Joe Hetzel
Page 72


Conditioned Garage Spaces

Q: “What is a “conditioned garage space,” and how might that affect selling and installing a garage door?”

Joe: A conditioned garage space is a garage environment that is conditioned by heating and/or cooling.

A residential garage space is typically conditioned to provide comfort and convenience for a garage-related activity. If the garage is conditioned for a “living” space, then additional code requirements for fire ratings and egress must be followed.

Commercial garage spaces are often conditioned. Building owners may choose this to create better working conditions or to meet environmental requirements for equipment, products, or other materials.

Riding a Trend

With the current trend toward finished garages, conditioned garage spaces are likely to increase. This may also increase the demand for thermally efficient garage doors. Owners of conditioned garage spaces should be concerned about minimizing the transfer of heat into or out of the garage space through the garage door.

When you sell a garage door for a conditioned garage space (or one that might be conditioned), recommend a door that provides excellent thermal performance. Over time, doors with better thermal performance can substantially reduce the energy bills for building owners.

One More Thing …

If building owners have questions about the thermal performance of garage door assemblies, they should contact garage door manufacturers or knowledgeable dealers. A heating/cooling contractor may also provide valuable input about appropriate garage door materials and heating/cooling equipment.

I must add that building owners should not try to increase a garage door’s insulating capacity or perform any work on garage doors by themselves. Additional weight to a garage door may lead to breakage of components under tension, particularly springs, and thus create a potentially hazardous condition.