DAS Readership Remains High

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Publish Date: Winter 2003
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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DAS Readership Remains High

Readership of Door & Access Systems (DAS) remains at a high level, according to a new reader survey. DAS readers, of which 95 percent are door and access systems dealers, also prefer a magazine without too many pages.

The fax survey, the first since October 2001, was sent to nearly 200 garage door dealers in all U.S. states and most Canadian provinces. The survey generated 86 responses or 45 percent, up from the 32 percent response in 2001.

From Cover to Cover

One of every four respondents (24 percent) say they read the magazine “from cover to cover.” Another 44 percent say they read "most of it.” These two key statistics remained stable from the 2001 survey, which had 25 percent reading the publication from cover to cover and 46 percent reading most of it.

“Even though this shows a slight drop, I'm very encouraged by these numbers,” explains Sherry Booles, who chairs the DASMA Magazine Committee. “Between 2001 and 2003, our magazine grew from 56 pages to 72 pages. In spite of generating 30 percent more pages, we're still commanding the readers' attention.”

Size Matters

The survey reveals that readers don't mind the increase to 72 pages, but the survey indicates that a larger magazine is harder to keep the attention of a dealer's busy lifestyle.

For example, when asked if the reader would like to see more pages in the magazine, only 12 percent said, “Yes.” However, in the 2001 survey, 30 percent of readers preferred more pages.

“The support for more pages has dropped significantly,” says Booles. “If the magazine begins to exceed 100 pages, for example, readership numbers are likely to suffer.”

Booles explains that the number of advertisers is the key factor that drives the size of the magazine. She says DAS advertisers have doubled in the last four years.

“As the number of ads increases, we must generate a proportionate number of pages of content,” she explains. “But we can't let the size of the magazine grow to be too large. Our readers get to a point where they're overwhelmed with the volume of information.”

Reader Comments

The survey asked readers to write any comments about the magazine. The question was optional, yet half of the respondents took time to draft a remark. Of the 43 comments, 42 of them were positive and complimentary of the magazine.

“This was probably the most flattering part of the survey,” adds Booles. “Since readers went out of their way to write these comments, their remarks have more impact than a response where they just checked a box.”

Here is a sampling of reader comments:

  • “Excellent research and reporting of perspectives rarely found elsewhere.”
  • “It is more dealer-based than others, with good information.”
  • “Sometimes it takes awhile, but I always read the complete magazine.”
  • “Informative, timely, not manufacturer dominated.”
  • “Great! It all applies to me – I read it cover to cover.”
  • “You are to be congratulated on publishing an outstanding news magazine for and about our industry.”

The magazine will continue to survey its readers periodically to ensure that magazine content is aligned with reader interest.


Captions to Charts:


Caption: Even though the magazine increased its size from 56 to 72 pages, about 70 percent of readers continue to digest most or all of each issue of the magazine.


Caption: From 2001 to 2003, as the magazine grew from 56 to 72 pages, the support for increasing the size of the magazine dropped significantly.