DASMA Adds New Division

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Publish Date: Fall 2004
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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DASMA Adds New Division
High Performance Doors Join the Industry

The industry has expanded its borders.

On Aug. 18, 2004, six new companies officially joined DASMA, forming a new division called the High Performance Door Division. Members of the new division include Albany Door Systems, ASI Technologies, Dynaco USA, Megadoor, Rite-Hite, and Rytec. A seventh company, Overhead Door, which is already a DASMA member, has also joined the new division.

At the group’s initial meeting in Chicago, the new members sought an appropriate name for its division. Even though “high speed doors” and “high cycle doors” apply to some of the new members’ products, not all of their products are characterized by one or both of these descriptions. In the end, the group agreed that “high performance doors” was common industry terminology and the most widely used name for their products.

The Division Defined

High performance doors typically carry a higher degree of sophistication than typical sectional garage doors or rolling steel doors. In many cases, high performance doors operate for millions of cycles instead of thousands, as is common with typical sectional doors and rolling doors.

The group also defined high performance doors as rolling, folding, or sliding doors that are generally characterized by higher cycles, higher speeds, larger sizes, and/or complex door control systems.


High performance doors are a relatively new product classification in North America. The notable demand for such products on this continent can generally be traced back to about 1985.

The doors are more commonly used in extreme environments in commercial and industrial settings. Typical markets for these doors include cold storage, food processing, pharmaceutical, aerospace, shipbuilding, or a variety of heavy industrial markets.

Getting Started

The new division elected its first officers at the August meeting. Don Wagner, vice president of engineering for ASI Technologies, was elected the division’s chair. Glenn Manich, president and CEO of Rite-Hite, was elected vice-chair; and Peter Fitton, manager of global product management for Albany, is now the division’s treasurer.

“This new division in DASMA marks a significant milestone in the advancement of our industry toward a higher level of understanding, professionalism, and product performance,” says Wagner.

The initial work of the division will likely focus on technical issues such as monitoring and influencing building codes, developing standards, and creating DASMA Technical Data Sheets about best practices for installation and maintenance. The group is expected to establish a formal Technical Committee at its next meeting.

Wagner says the division also expects to work towards education about its products to promote safe application and use.

Making History

The new division marks the first new division for DASMA since the association was established in 1996. At that time, the National Association of Garage Door Manufacturers (NAGDM) merged with the Door Operator and Remote Controls Manufacturers Association (DORCMA). The 1996 merger formed three divisions of active members: the Commercial & Residential Garage Door Division, the Operator & Electronics Division, and the Rolling Door Division; and one division of associate members.

“Our new High Performance Door Division is a significant step for DASMA as we continue to grow and embrace all the door and access systems products that fall under the umbrella of our industry,” says Randall Renne of Raynor, DASMA president.

Renne also expressed gratitude to Bob Cookson of The Cookson Company and Ken Martin of Martin Door for their efforts to recruit new members for DASMA.

The next official meeting of the High Performance Door Division is planned for December in Chicago.

Photo caption:
Front row (from left): Vice Chair Glenn Manich (Rite-Hite), Chair Don Wagner (ASI Technologies), Treasurer Peter Fitton (Albany).
Back row: Ulf Petersson (Megadoor), Kerry Burkoth (Dynaco), David Varley (Overhead Door), Jim Burger (Rite-Hite), Don Grasso (Rytec), George Balbach (ASI).