DASMA and IDA Release Home Inspector DVD

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Publish Date: Winter 2007
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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DASMA and IDA Release Home Inspector DVD

In September, DASMA and IDA (International Door Association) released a new DVD for home inspectors in an effort to promote garage door safety and spread awareness of the need for regular garage door maintenance.

The DVD features a 14-minute video primarily designed for home inspectors, but it is also useful for training dealer employees on the key elements of a thorough inspection of a sectional garage door system.

A Valuable Tool

“A single dealer would need to spend thousands of dollars and dozens of hours to produce something like this,” said Tom Wadsworth, who directed the project. “Now, this well-researched and entertaining tool is available to them for free.”

The DVD, in development for eight months, was funded as a joint project of IDA and DASMA. Home inspectors were also consulted during the production of the video.

While DASMA and IDA are marketing the program to home inspector organizations throughout North America, dealers are encouraged to use the DVD to build relationships with home inspectors in their market areas.

Presentations Underway

DASMA and IDA have already begun presenting the video to home inspector audiences. In November, DASMA Technical Director Joe Hetzel and Randy Oliver, an IDA member from Hollywood Crawford Door in San Antonio, presented the DVD to home inspectors in Providence, R.I.

In October, Hetzel also joined Kevin Pettiette, an IDA member in Phoenix, Ariz., to show the video to home inspectors in Memphis, Tenn.

“The presentations were well received,” said Hetzel. “I think home inspectors are impressed with how this quick inspection can help them spot problems that could affect the safety of an individual.”

Special Expo Debut Presentation

The new video will also be a feature presentation at Expo 2008 in Las Vegas. Randy Oliver and Tom Wadsworth will show the video and explain how dealers can use the DVD to increase exposure to key audiences and expand the market for garage door repair work.

All IDA and DASMA members were mailed a free copy of the DVD. Others can purchase the DVD from DASMA (216-241-7333) or IDA (800-355-4432).