Dasma.com Traffic Jumps

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Publish Date: Fall 2004
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Dasma.com Traffic Jumps

Since DASMA overhauled its Web site in late 2003, traffic to the site has increased by 60 percent.

Through the first seven months of 2004, the site attracted an average of 294 unique visitors each day. Throughout 2003, that number was 183 unique visitors per day. The increase is more dramatic since 2000, when only 23 Web users visited the site each day.

Popular Pages

An analysis of the top 20 most popular pages reveals that the site’s magazine section attracts the most visitors, followed closely by technical documents and safety information. Magazine articles/pages attracted 26 percent of visits to the top 20 pages, while technical documents such as DASMA Technical Data Sheets comprised 22 percent of visits to the top 20 pages.

The safety section, which includes safety tips for garage doors, garage door openers, and gate openers, is the third most popular section, accounting for 18 percent of visits to the top 20 pages. The DASMA member section, offering information about the manufacturers that belong to DASMA, received 15 percent of all visits to the top 20.

In July 2004, the average visitor spent 7 minutes and 25 seconds on the site.

Chart: Visitors Per Day*
1999 = 10
2000 = 23
2001 = 63
2002 = 110
2003 = 183
2004 = 294
* Unique visitors do not include DASMA staff members.