Dilemma: Finding Steel Reinforcement in Walls

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Publish Date: Winter 2001
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Page 46

Technical Tip

Dilemma: Finding Steel Reinforcement in Walls

Rolling door installers sometimes encounter steel reinforcement in walls in the same location where jamb fasteners are designed to be placed.

The dilemma: If you alter the existing wall reinforcement, you might reduce the building’s structural performance. But if you place your jamb fasteners in locations other than those recommended by the manufacturer, you might void the fire rating or reduce the structural performance of the door.

One solution: Contact the door manufacturer for acceptable alternate hole patterns for the fasteners. Other solutions are found in Technical Data Sheet (TDS) 259, which includes recommendations for the installer and for the architect who designs the building.

To obtain a free copy of TDS 259, call DASMA or download it now from www.dasma.com.