Educating Contractors on Jambs and Pads

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Publish Date: Spring 2009
Author: Joe Hetzel
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Educating Contractors on Jambs and Pads

Q: I have some contractors who want to use 1x4 or 1x6 boards for vertical jambs and torsion spring pads, and want to fasten them with finishing nails. How do we communicate to them the minimum sizes and proper fasteners needed?

Joe: Industry personnel know that safety and performance are two very important characteristics of garage doors. Vertical jamb material and fastening are important components of door operation and especially important for wind-load resistance.

The Right Jambs and Pads

The torsion spring pad must be of adequate size and must be fastened properly. This helps to ensure proper door counterbalancing; it is particularly important to prevent unexpected release of tension.

First, 2x6 boards are the minimum size recommended for vertical jambs and torsion spring pads. This information is contained in DASMA TDS 156 and is easily accessible on the DASMA Web site. Conceivably, 2x4 boards could be used, but fastening would need to be carefully specified by the manufacturer of the door.

The Right Fasteners

Second, fasteners must offer pullout resistance. Nails are not normally intended for this purpose. DASMA TDS 161, also available on our Web site, gives guidelines for the different types of fasteners used to connect garage door vertical jamb materials to building framing.

Finally, the manufacturer’s installation instructions should be carefully followed. DASMA has been interacting with such organizations as the National Association of Home Builders and the American Forest & Paper Association to help coordinate this information with the homebuilding industry.

Think Links

If you have a contractor who is not following these jamb and fastener guidelines, I recommend that you send them an e-mail with links to DASMA TDS 156 and TDS 161. Your case will have more merit if you can cite an authoritative source. That’s why DASMA created these Technical Data Sheets and made them freely available online.

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