EXCLUSIVE: Survey Reveals the Economy's Impact on Door Dealers

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Publish Date: Fall 2001
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Page 33

Survey Reveals the Economy's Impact on Door Dealers

Some door dealers are doing well in the current economy. According to a recent Door & Access Systems survey, 22 percent of garage door dealers have not been negatively affected by the slow economy, and 41 percent say their total sales this summer are better than the summer of 2000.

The survey, conducted in August by Door & Access Systems Newsmagazine, sent surveys to 108 random dealers in 42 states. The survey was completed by 47 dealers in 20 states for a 44 percent response rate.

Other highlights of the survey:

  • Residential replacement business (26 percent of dealers) has been the most negatively affected by the slow economy.
  • More than half (53 percent) say the economy in their area is "about the same."
  • 26 percent of dealers feel the economy is getting better, while only 6 percent say it's worse.
  • The most common counter-measure used by dealers to compensate for slower business is declining to purchase new equipment (53 percent), followed by reducing inventory (36 percent), reducing bonuses (19 percent), and reducing installer staff (19 percent).
  • 43 percent of dealers say their total sales are down from the same period last year.