EXPO 2006 STATS AND SNAPS: A Statistical and Pictorial Review of Expo 2006

© 2006 Door & Access Systems
Publish Date: Summer 2006
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Pages 58-62

EXPO 2006

A Statistical and Pictorial Review of Expo 2006
May 17-20, 2006
Las Vegas, Nev.

By Tom Wadsworth


SPACE RACE: Expo 2006 set a record for the number of exhibits (205) and for the amount of floor space for exhibits (200,000 sq.ft.).

92 CARRIAGE DOORS: Of the 150 residential garage doors at Expo, 92 (61 percent) were carriage-house doors, including this new insulated 3-section steel model from Northwest Door. (See related story, pp. 64-66.)

THE NEED FOR SPEED: On May 20, Darren Golec (left) of Calgary, Alberta, won Wayne-Dalton’s 2006 annual Quick Install competition, edging Tim Glenn (right) of Pawnee, Ill. Golec, the first Canadian to win the contest, installed two doors in less than nine minutes each.

GOOD WOOD: At Expo 2006, 23 wood carriage-house doors were on display, the same number exhibited at Expo 2005 in Nashville. Pictured: A novel design from Summit Door.


REVVING HARLEY: Richard Teerlink, former CEO of Harley-Davidson, served up the keynote address on May 19, sharing helpful lessons on reviving a business.

REDUCING LOSSES: Steve Guyton of Cookson (pictured) and John Polchin of Cornell led a workshop on Selling Fire Door Drop Test Contracts.

TROUBLESHOOTER: Roy Bardowell of Micanan led the best-attended non-plenary session, speaking on Commercial Operator Troubleshooting. The Residential Operator Troubleshooting workshop also made the top 10.

THIS IS A TEST: On May 17, about 30 people took advantage of the opportunity to become IDEA accredited or IDEA certified. At Expo 2006, IDEA debuted a new Commercial Sectional Installer Certification exam.

LIGHTER MOMENT: James Anderson of Coast Garage Door, Seaside, Ore., enjoys some humor during Chris Casady’s Thinking on Your Feet workshop.

Top Ten Workshops
1. Covering Your Assets Larry Oxenham 247
2. Thinking on Your Feet Chris Casady 171
3. Commercial Operator Troubleshooting Roy Bardowell 159
4. Pricing in a Volatile World John Zoller, David Bowen 157
5. Measuring Productivity Bruce McConnell 146
6. Residential Operator Troubleshooting Tom Schafer, et al. 145
7. Creating Customer Loyalty Greg Hoyle 141
8. Target Marketing Strategies John Rose 128
9. Negotiating With General Contractors Perry Safran 118
10. Selling Professionalism Todd Thomas, et al. 114

Expo Exhibits
2006 Las Vegas 205
2005 Nashville 178
2004 Las Vegas 191
2003 San Antonio 158
2002 Nashville 157
2001 Atlantic City 155
MORE SUPPLIERS?: The number of exhibitors continues to grow. This may indicate that our industry is attracting and/or creating more suppliers of products and services.


Expo Workshop Attendance
2006 Las Vegas 2,800
2005 Nashville 3,105
2004 Las Vegas 3,081
2003 San Antonio 2,249
2002 Nashville 2,382
2001 Atlantic City 1,635
WORKING AT WORKSHOPS: Overall workshop numbers dipped a bit in 2006. Todd Thomas, IDEA managing director, says that the same quantity of attendees probably attended, but the 2006 plenary sessions didn’t attract the huge numbers that came to these sessions in 2004 and 2005.