EXPO 2007 STATS AND SNAPS: A Statistical and Pictorial Review of Expo 2007

© 2007 Door & Access Systems
Publish Date: Summer 2007
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Pages 36-40

EXPO 2007

A Statistical and Pictorial Review of Expo 2007
April 11-14, 2007
Orlando, Fla.

TWO FULL DAYS OF EXHIBITS: Expo 2007 moved the two days of exhibits from Friday-Saturday to Thursday-Friday and added two hours to the second day, running from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. A survey of Expo attendees by Door & Access Systems revealed that the average 2007 attendee spent 8.0 hours of time at the exhibits compared to 7.1 hours in 2006.

EMPHASIZING ETHICS: Gary Lombard’s workshop on “Ethics in the Field” made the list of the top ten most popular workshops. Two of Expo’s 28 workshops focused specifically on ethical behavior by technicians.

FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION: Gene Kranz, the renowned Houston flight director during Apollo 13 in 1970, keynoted the opening session on April 12.

SELLING BY DESIGN: Clopay’s Pat Lohse led a popular workshop on how to sell garage doors by focusing on design, not price. The workshop ranked #2 in attendance, attracting 150 participants.

COMIC RELIEF: Sam Glenn’s April 11 workshop on attitude kept the audience laughing for a good portion of two hours. This top workshop was attended by 313, more than twice the number at any other workshop.

IN STITCHES: Andy and Sheryl Birkett of Preferred Window & Door, Lynwood, Ill., enjoy one of many laughs during Sam Glenn’s workshop, “The Art of Attitude.”

GOOD CHANCE OF WINNING: To attract technicians to Saturday’s workshops, IDA and Denco Marketing gave away 50 impact wrench kits worth $300 each. About 150 attended Saturday’s workshops.

SATURDAY MOTIVATION: Four attendees listen to Saturday’s motivational presentation by professional speaker Tim Richardson. With 145 attendees, it was Saturday’s largest workshop.

Workshop Speaker Attendance
1. The Art of Attitude! Sam Glenn 313
2. Selling by Design Pat Lohse, Cathy Wempe 150
3. Innovations in Marketing Garage Doors Charlie Larson 146
4. I Am Rich! Tim Richardson 145
5. The Door Dealers’ Future is in Your Hands Randy Moore, Todd Thomas 141
6. Becoming the Greatest Door Company on Earth Andrew Cimmino 116
7. Customer Skills: Smiling Through the Phone Inez Van Meter 110
8. Commercial Operator Troubleshooting I Roy Bardowell 90
9. Ethics in the Field Gary Lombard 88
10. Commercial Operator Troubleshooting II Roy Bardowell 77

Expo Workshop Attendance
2007 Orlando 1,957
2006 Las Vegas 2,800
2005 Nashville 3,105
2004 Las Vegas 3,081
2003 San Antonio 2,249
2002 Nashville 2,382
2001 Atlantic City 1,635
WORKSHOP ATTENDANCE SLIPS: Workshop attendance in 2007 (1,957) dropped by 35 percent from the average attendance over the last three years (2,995). Todd Thomas, IDEA managing director, says the change from the usual Wednesday/Thursday to a Wednesday/Saturday schedule had a negative affect on total workshop attendance. He expects 2008 Expo to return to the former workshop schedule.


Expo Exhibits Attendance
2007 Orlando 4,301
2006 Las Vegas 5,017
2005 Nashville 4,144
2004 Las Vegas 5,011
2003 San Antonio 3,349
2002 Nashville 3,989
2001 Atlantic City 3,500
EXHIBIT APPEAL: Workshop attendance may have dropped, but overall attendance at Expo 2007 was the best non-Vegas attendance in history.