Expo Forum: The Hottest News of Expo 2002

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Publish Date: Summer 2002
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Expo Forum

The Hottest News of Expo 2002

Greg Stone
Thumb Raynor Garage Doors
Sandusky, Michigan

Product Mix:
30% residential

Years in the Industry:

The Hottest News:

The powdercoated garage door organizers caught my attention. I think they would be an easy add-on product to sell.

I’ve also been thinking about selling dock levelers, so I attended a Saturday workshop on dock equipment, and I learned a lot from that program. They showed an actual dock leveler, and they discussed some of the safety equipment and hazards involved. It made me realize the importance of getting training before we sell that product.

Hörmann Door had an innovative safety stop for the bottom bracket. If someone removed the bracket or if the cable broke, their safety device would catch the door in the tracks and prevent the door from dropping.

I thought that this year’s workshops were more informative than before. The seminar on dealing with the news media (Tom Wadsworth) and the one on family businesses (Roger Warrum) were very helpful. They raised some questions, made you think, and helped you deal with issues that are common to many dealers.

The seminar on Open Book Management (Linda Francis) helped me see that my problems aren’t necessarily my people, it could be me. She made me realize that I have good people, but I haven’t provided the proper training or good incentives that motivate them to do better.

Overall, it was a great show, and the Opryland Hotel was great location.

Bob Briesacher
Overhead Door Company of Tampa Bay
Tampa, Florida

Product Mix:
50% residential

Years in the Industry:

The Hottest News:

I was surprised to see that so many manufacturers have developed a pinch-resistant door before they are forced to comply.

I was amazed to see all the different configurations of carriage house doors offered by the key manufacturers as well as the specialty companies. The wide variety of colored doors was awesome, as well as that true copper door.

I was also surprised at the number of companies from Canada who were eager to talk to us even though we are as far away as Florida.

I’m sorry to say that I really didn’t see anything that just jumped out at me as a hot new innovation, but as a whole, the show was good. I was able to attend a lot of the seminars, and the exchange between dealers was great. It is obvious that the whole industry has a shortage of good help.

Duane Seaver
Reliable Door & Gate Systems
Muskegon, Michigan

Product Mix:
90% commercial

Years in the Industry:

The Hottest News:

For me, the standout of this year’s Expo was SmartGate’s demonstration of their door safety sensor, which senses, as if by radar, when an object is in its path and reverses the door. I believe this technology is definitely the wave of the future.

Another exhibit that caught my eye was the GarageScape exhibit. It was a door mechanism system that allows us to create a garage door design that can be totally unique and customized to match or complement the exterior of the house. The possibilities are endless.

The workshops and educational sessions are as important to me as the Expo. They just seem to get better each year. It is always difficult deciding which ones to attend.