Garaga Announces Canada’s First Steel Carriage-House Door

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Publish Date: Summer 2005
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Garaga Announces Canada’s First Steel Carriage-House Door

In April, Garaga launched the North Hatley, a new steel carriage-house door, calling it “a first for the Canadian market.”

Michel Gendreau, president at Garaga, says the carriage-house trend reached Canada after five years of popularity in the U.S. “The consumer has a growing need to stand out … We’re keeping the style of the carriage-house door without the expensive cost and care needed for traditional wood doors,” says Gendreau.

The North Hatley comes in many window designs and can be personalized with glue chip glass windows or exterior plastic inserts. It is available in 1-3/4"-thick injected polyurethane insulated sections with an R-value of 16. Five colors are available: ice white, claystone, desert sand, brown, and dark sand.

Hörmann Introduces New Door Design

At April’s Expo, Hörmann displayed a new door type called DRP with a unique finish.

The door features a grooved panel design and is available with the new Hörmann Decograin Golden Oak surface finish. The finish is a synthetic industrial foil with a grained oak embossment.

The new DRP door comes with standard Hörmann features: pinch-resistant section joints, integral anti-drop device, side hand guards, and polyurethane-foamed panels. The DRP doors are ready for immediate delivery.

Steel-Craft to Launch Carriage-House Look

This summer, Steel-Craft Door will launch the Vintage, a steel carriage-house door in two panel styles. The doors feature wood-grained steel “meticulously formed to deliver a distinctive look of elegance” in a carriage-house style and in flush.

The Vintage will come with several custom window options, decorative hardware, and the three colors of white, almond, and sandstone. Both doors are 1-3/8" thick, with polyurethane foam insulation for a calculated R-value of 12.60.

Richards-Wilcox Displays First Carriage Door

At Expo in April, Richards-Wilcox Canada displayed the Windemere, its first residential carriage-house door.

A two-sided steel door in Richards-Wilcox’s Generations series, the Windemere includes a Neufoam polyurethane core. The door is offered in three colors (taupe, almond, and white) and several window and hardware options.

Amarr Adds New Steel Carriage-House Door

In April, Amarr Garage Doors announced a new model in its stamped steel carriage-house line. Teresa Lowry, director of marketing, says the new Oak Summit Collection door “gives our dealers another alternative when a builder or homeowner is concerned about pricing.”

The four-section Oak Summit features a centerline that gives it the illusion of a door that swings out. The door is made of 25-gauge steel and is available with polystyrene insulation for an R-value of 5.65.

The Oak Summit is available in white, almond, and sandtone and comes standard with pinch-resistant sections and a 15-year warranty on paint and finish. The door offers 17 window options including Reflections Glass.

First United Expands Carriage Door Choices

In April, First United Door Technologies announced six new solid arches for 23 window designs to complement the steel board designs on the Steelhouse Carriage Door. The garage door’s arches, windows, and board options offer more than 200 custom design door choices, and each design can be trimmed with different hardware options.

First United has a patent pending on the steel board plant-ons that provide a distinct design that is more visible from the street. The steel board is not susceptible to paint limitations, heat, or any bowing, cupping, or splitting. The boards are bonded to the sections with epoxy-based cement, mechanically fastened, and permanently sealed with a non-shrink urethane caulking.

The door offers a “completely different look and feel from our competitors … The Steelhouse door designs visually pop, even from the curb,” says Bridget James, a purchasing agent for a homebuilder in Glen Ivy, Calif.

Fimbel Introduces Its First Carriage House Door

In May, Fimbel Doors launched the Designer Choice, Fimbel’s first steel carriage-house model. The new residential door is a three-layer polyurethane door with an R-value of 14.82.

“It was important for Fimbel to take its time to enter the carriage-house market and develop a high quality product,” says Charlie Morgenthaler, sales manager.

The Designer Choice, a four-section stamped steel door, is available in four colors (white, almond, sandtone, and brown) and eight window options.

Fraba Introduces Flash Opener

At April’s IDA Expo in Nashville, Fraba introduced Flashentry, a new wireless device that lets you open a garage door by flashing a car’s headlights. The device eliminates the problem of lost, damaged, or forgotten remotes.

A small device, Flashentry mounts on the inside of the door and communicates via radio frequency (RF) with the operator. It is ideal for installations with multiple doors and commercial applications such as car dealers, service facilities, loading zones, and any high-traffic area where personnel need quick access to doors.

Flashentry will be shipping in July.

BuildMark Launched for New Construction Market

In May, BuildMark Garage Door Products introduced a line of residential and commercial doors and openers, designed for performance at an affordable price for the new construction market.

Its residential steel doors include the S pan model, the SI insulated model, and the STS two-sided model. Commercial sectional steel doors, set to launch this summer, include the C pan door, the CI insulated model, and the CTS two-sided model.

Wind-loaded BuildMark S and SI residential doors will also be available this summer. BuildMark also offers 1/3 and 1/2 HP chain-drive residential openers.

Rite-Hite Offers Impactable Sectional Door

In May, Rite-Hite Doors introduced Steel-Rite II, an impactable sectional dock door.

The company says the door costs slightly more than a conventional sectional door. But the cost is offset after one impact when the door “delivers a full payback based on the average repair or replacement expenses for damaged sections, tracks, and rollers.”

The door’s two resilient bottom Aketon-faced sections minimize surface damage from forklift bumps and hits. Panel Saver, a patented pivoting roller assembly, is designed to break away from the tracks upon impact and be easily reattached.

The Steel-Rite II includes a full perimeter seal with optional insulated inner cores. The Steel-Rite II is a lightweight, lower-cost option to Rite-Hite’s impactable Workhorse 1000 series.

Windsor Republic Doors Adds New Insulated Door

In May, Windsor Republic Doors added the residential Model 790 2" steel-backed insulated garage door. The Model 790 offers three section designs–traditional emboss, ranch-panel emboss, or flush–and several decorative window inserts and colors.

Its section core features high-density polystyrene for an R-value of 9.3. The Model 790 is backed by a limited lifetime warranty for the homeowner.

Marantec Announces Automated Lock

In May, Marantec introduced a locking device that works with Marantec garage door openers (GDOs) to automatically lock a sectional garage door every time it is closed and automatically unlock it when it is opened.

Last year, Marantec and Automated Security Technologies (AST) began working together to develop the product. AST is the patent holder and manufacturer of the automated lock known as Gaplock. Marantec modified its residential openers to make them Gaplock compatible and to reduce the cost of Gaplock.

Marantec’s Gaplock can be mounted on either side of the door, requiring only two inches of clearance. Installation typically requires less than 10 minutes. It is operated by the same controls used for the Marantec opener and can be manually operated.

Canimex Introduces the Clever Plug

In May, Canimex’s Torque Force division announced the new Clever Plug series to simplify and speed up installation of springs.

Traditionally, torsion springs have been anchored to plugs through friction fit. With Clever Plug, both anchor and winding plugs are die cast with a position-locking anchor hole into which the torsion spring tail is inserted quickly and easily.

Designed for common spring sizes of 2", 2-5/8", 3-3/4", and 6", the new Clever Plugs can be inserted manually or in a fully automated process. All plugs are universal for left-and right-wound springs. Once installed, the plugs look and function like all Torque Force spring plugs.

Flexon Introduces Security Door

At April’s Expo, Flexon introduced the Steel-Master security roll-up door, designed for exterior doorways up to 18' wide X 20' high.

The new door is engineered much like the Speed-Master high-speed roll-up door. Standard features include galvanized steel panels, direct-drive motor, springless design, and average travel speed of 15" to 18" per second.

Hi-Res Print Added to Industrial Springs

Industrial Spring has purchased an inkjet printing system for marking springs, featuring high-resolution printing and small character coding.

The system’s improved print quality enables Industrial Spring to efficiently mark springs with product ID, text, bar codes, or logos.

US Door Offers Storage Hallway System

In May, US Door & Building Components announced the Value Storage Interior Hallway & Partitioning System, a custom solution for hallway conversions.

For warehouse conversions or high-eave buildings, the Hallway System is engineered to create multiple levels of storage with a minimal investment. The system is built around the US Door Model 501, a 26-gauge corrugated curtain roll-up door.

The systems offer many design possibilities and options, including chamfered corners, diamond plate aluminum kick plates and corner guards, light soffit, security mesh, burglar bars, and a selection of flush and corrugated swing doors.

Martin Introduces PoweReserve Backup

In April, Martin Door introduced the PoweReserve battery backup system.

The garage door opener plugs into the PoweReserve, and the battery backup system plugs into a 110-voltage outlet (a voltage adapter is required for 220 volts). In an outage, the system provides illumination and continues to operate the garage door.

The lead acid, gel-cell battery continuously recharges, according to Scott Wall, opener specialist. In tests, the new battery backup opened a garage door 20 to 30 times without a recharge. The system also provides surge protection and an audible alarm that beeps intermittently when the battery is being used.

DBCi Announces Felt Strip

In April, DBCi (Door & Building Components) announced a new felt side-curtain strip for its commercial roll-up steel curtain doors. The strips allow curtain doors to move smoothly without damage to painted surfaces.

The new strips are made of weather-tested, 100 percent polyester, and are 0.312" thick by 0.75" wide, with pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive backings. The adhesive is warranted by the manufacturer for temperatures from 30 to 150 degrees F.

Mike Brown, quality control manager, says the strip was tested for more than 18,945 cycles and showed little or no wear.

New Car Guard Alarm for Garages

P & R Enterprises of Dayton, Ohio, has developed a “Car Guard Alarm” to help prevent side damage to vehicles upon entering a garage.

The alarm is triggered when a vehicle contacts a flexible wand extending from the alarm. The 100 db alarm alerts you when your car is too close to the garage door frame.

The unit is mounted on either side of the garage door frame. The alarm’s carton will accept your name and logo if desired. 937-866-9996

Rytec Offers Spiral High-Speed Door

In May, Rytec announced its new Spiral high-speed security door for industrial and commercial use. The Spiral door is ideal for exterior doorways with moderate to heavy motorized traffic.

The door opens at five feet per second, saving energy by minimizing air infiltration. Two photo eyes open the door when a person or object enters its closing path. A reversing edge reverses the direction of the door if it contacts an object.

Aluminum slats and a galvanized steel side frame create a stylish look.

DoorKing Introduces Auto-Spike System

In May, DoorKing added a new auto-spike/barrier gate operator system to its parking control products. The auto-spike system is designed to provide increased traffic lane control in applications where bollards or crash barriers are not practical.

The DoorKing auto-spike system provides an easy-to-install, cost-effective method to control traffic exiting or entering a lot, and will disable the vehicle by flattening its tires if an unauthorized exit occurs. The gate operator and auto-spikes operate together so that the spikes are always up when the barrier arm is down, and down when the barrier arm is up.

An optional stop/go traffic light and mounting post is available. A lighted warning sign is available that warns the vehicle driver of the spike operation in the traffic lane.

DBCi Offers a New Latch

In March, DBCi (Door & Building Components) introduced the Apex latch for self-storage doors. The latch is aesthetically pleasing, easy to install, accepts cylinder or padlocks, and is compatible with magnetic alarm systems.

The new ADA-compliant design is rust resistant and has limited pry points for greater security.

C.H.I Approved for Florida Wind Load

In May, C.H.I. announced that its wind-loaded doors were approved in March. The C.H.I. WindBreaker series is slated to be introduced throughout Florida in 2005.

C.H.I. now owns a new large-missile cannon along with an in-house wind chamber. “The new cannon will greatly enhance our ability to research, test, and reach approval for the Florida market,” says Russell Brough, engineer.

He says the company is progressing toward wind-load approval on commercial sectional doors.

Royal Mouldings Offers Garage Products

At April’s Expo and at June’s Pacific Coast Builders (PCBC) Show, Royal Mouldings introduced several garage products. All feature Royal’s high-efficiency, low-maintenance, no-rot cellular vinyl PVC and polymer materials.

The products include carriage-door trim overlays, garage trim and organization systems, and exterior mouldings. The Garage Solutions protect, organize, and upgrade the garage. It includes a carriage door system called Overlays, a selection of profiles that upgrade the exterior of garage doors to a carriage door appearance.

Royal’s new Smart Space System Wall organizer places tools, garden equipment, etc., off the floor safely and for easy accessibility. No special hooks are required. The Garage Solutions products are easy to install, resist dents and damage, will not rot, and do not promote mold or mildew growth.

New Coating From General Spring

At Expo, General Spring of Hartsville, Tenn., introduced Lubri-Dep Technology coating for garage door springs. Springs coated with Lubri-Dep Technology offer a clean, attractive finish, a rust inhibitor, and quiet operation, less friction, and less heat buildup.

The company says the most noticeable benefit is the staying power of the coating. The coating bonds with the spring metal in a way that prevents flaking.

General Springs says the coating maintains its lubricative qualities during the life of the spring. Installers need not lubricate the spring during installation, and the homeowner need not routinely lubricate the spring.

Linear Adds New 3-Button Transmitter

In April, Linear announced the MCT-3, a new 3-button MegaCode format (318 MHz) digital transmitter for garage door and gate openers.

Linear has made the MCT-3 standard equipment for 1/2-HP LSO50, 1/2-HP LDO50, and 1/3-HP LDO33 garage door openers. The compact MCT-3 features a test/operate LED and a dual-position visor clip that attaches vertically or horizontally.

The transmitter’s three buttons can be used (1) to activate a garage door opener, (2) to open an access gate, and (3) activate another garage door opener or most MegaCode 318 MHz wireless receivers.

DBCi Introduces New Commercial Door

In March, DBCi introduced the 4000 Series commercial door. Its 10' X 10' door has been certified to meet Florida Building Code wind load standards equivalent to 120 mph.

The 4000 Series Door features a 24-gauge steel curtain in limited sizes and is available in white only. Designed for high-use environments, the door includes 16-gauge galvanized steel 12" drums with hardened steel ball bearings, high torque spring system, heavy-duty bottom bar, and 12-gauge galvanized steel (3"-deep) engagement guides.

Martin Expands Window Offerings

In March, Martin Door announced three new designer garage door windows: Monterrey, Brentwood, and Hampshire. The windows, designed for all Martin Doors, are made of double layers of vacuum-formed and welded plastics that are painted to match Martin’s 68 color choices.

The windows do not yellow in the sun; each window is double coated with a UV-resistant, long-life paint. Martin utilizes acrylics in its windows for safety.

Ken Martin, president, says Martin Door offers more variety of designs than any other garage door manufacturer.

Taylor Offers Three Color Choices

In January, Taylor Door expanded its selection of light commercial garage doors by offering its CommCore Series in a choice of three colors: white, almond, and sandstone.

The CommCore Series are poured-in-place polystyrene doors (8.3 R-value) with wood-grained 26-gauge steel and a five-coat rust protection process.

Martin Adds More Color Options

In March, Martin Door announced the addition of 20 new powder coat color options for its garage doors. Martin Doors are now available in 63 powder coat colors and five standard colors. The new colors match shutters, siding, windows, and doors and include many specialized metallic textures.

“We’re responding to changes in architecture,” says Ken Martin, president. The new color options came after months of consultation with hundreds of people in all phases of the home building/repair industry.

Clopay Introduces Specialty Color: Trinar Beige

In April, in response to demand from metal- and pole-building manufacturers, Clopay introduced a new specialty color and finish, Trinar Beige, on commercial models 3203, 3201, 692, and 652V.

The company says the color “has become an extremely popular color in this market segment and now ranks second only to white.”

As a result of the new color introduction, the company is discontinuing the Sandtone Trinar option on complete doors. However, replacement sections will still be available.

C.H.I. Adds Sandstone

In May, C.H.I. introduced sandstone, a new color for their commercial sandwich model 3285. Input at the annual C.H.I. Distributors’ Meeting helped determine the new color addition.

Distributors noted where a sandstone commercial door would be beneficial. Elvin Kauffman, customer service, says, “We brought the idea back to the plant and started producing the new color within several weeks.”

The 3285 is now available in white, sandstone, and brown.

DBCi Announces New Bracket

In March, DBCi introduced a new tension set bracket for the 650 Series Mini Storage Door. The new bracket provides for fast, easy tension setting using a continuous gear.

A coined bracket adds additional strength, and a pressed steel roller bearing provides quieter operation and longer life, according to the company. The new design makes doors safer to install and operate.

Amarr Introduces Wind Load Post System

In May, Amarr announced its new Wind Load Post System, an alternative to expensive multiple-strut, C-channel, and R-truss reinforcements. The post system requires no tools and is easily attached to the door when a threat of a storm is announced.

A carriage bolt attaches at the top for easy adjustment. No additional headroom is required because of a header bracket below the torsion unit. Adjustable stile brackets allow for different sizes of struts. The bottom attachment to the floor includes an eyebolt for a gripping point, an optional finishing plate, and a removable floor plug to keep debris out.

The post system is approved for three of Amarr’s Classica doors. Other models are expected to be approved in the near future.

Artisan Announces Sheffield Collection

In April, Artisan Custom Doorworks introduced its new stile and rail panel door line, the Sheffield Collection.

Made from clear hardwood Spanish cedar, Sheffield is designed for price-conscious specifiers and buyers seeking stain-grade doors. Sheffield is available in more than 400 designs.

Sheffield offers several panel styles, true divided window patterns, trim overlay boards, and arched top sections. All Sheffields come standard with a thermal backer panel for enhanced thermal efficiency and added strength.

DBCi Adds WeatherX Finish

In March, DBCi announced that it now includes Valspar’s WeatherX silicone finishes as standard for all products fabricated from coil stock. The new finishes, used for prepainted products, offer better film integrity at no increase in cost.

The two-coat WeatherX system offers better resistance against chalking and fading and is warranted by Valspar for 25 years against blistering, peeling, and cracking. DBCi’s former finish carried a 20-year warranty.

WeatherX finishes are highly resistant to stains, abrasion, and metal marking. The finishes are available in several standard colors, custom colors, and reflective formulations that reduce building cooling costs.


Fritz Named President of Hörmann USA

In early 2005, Hörmann named Norbert Fritz as president of their U.S. division in Vonore, Tenn.

Fritz has been in the international garage door and opener business for more than two decades. He started to work for the Hörmann group in 1996 as general manager of a German subsidiary.

With broad experience and detailed knowledge of all aspects of manufacturing, sales, accounting, and customer support, Fritz will further expand Hörmann’s activities in North America and the growing network of garage door dealers.

Ankmar Announces New President and CEO

On March 16, William E. (Bill) Smith joined Ankmar as president and CEO. Ankmar was acquired in February by Gallagher Industries, a private equity firm in Denver.

Smith brings vast experience in the building products industry and a track record of building businesses. Prior to joining Ankmar, Smith served as president and director of a privately owned entry door manufacturer/millwork distributor. Smith repositioned the company for faster response to architectural design changes, dramatically improving lead times and reducing production costs.

His previous experience includes successful stints as president of BMC West – South Central Division of Building Materials Holding Corporation, and president and chief operating officer of LoneStar Plywood & Door. Smith is a graduate of Purdue University with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in industrial engineering.

Raynor Chairman Receives First Heritage Award
Caption: Ray Neisewander Jr. (center) and sons, Ray Neisewander III (left) and Todd Neisewander

At April’s Expo, Raynor founder and former president Ray Neisewander Sr. and chairman and former president Ray Neisewander Jr. were recognized as Heritage Award recipients for their significant contributions to the industry and IDA over the years. They were the first recipients of IDA’s new Heritage Award.

“In recognizing Heritage Award recipients, we call attention to their quality, integrity, contributions, and dedication,” says Chris Long of IDA. “Without the commitment of these unselfish individuals, the industry nor the association would be as viable and possess the integrity and respect that it does today.”

Ray Neisewander Sr. (1906 – 1979) founded Raynor Mfg. in 1944. Ray Neisewander Jr. worked as a Raynor dealer from 1956 until 1961. He joined Raynor in 1961 and succeeded his father as president in 1979. He became chairman of the board in 2004.

Plymouth Foam Names New President and CFO

In March, David Bolland was named president and chief operating officer of Plymouth Foam, and Jason Hassel was named chief financial officer. They replace Scott and Vance Roberts who were killed in a plane crash on Feb. 4. (See related story on pp. 58-59.)

Bolland has been at Plymouth Foam for two years, most recently serving as vice president of sales and marketing. Prior to Plymouth Foam, Bolland spent eight years at Bemis Manufacturing in several prominent management positions. Hassel has been at Plymouth Foam for 10 years, most recently serving as the director of administrative services.

Plymouth Foam is a manufacturer of cellular foam plastic products for the garage door industry and for building and construction, protective packaging, and OEM markets.

Ankmar Hires Marketing Vice President

On April 15, Tom Sojak joined Ankmar as vice president of marketing.

Sojak has been in the building material industry for more than 30 years. Prior to joining Ankmar, he was vice president of sales for U.S. operations of SENCO Products in Cincinnati. Sojak was also vice president of sales and marketing for Milcor, a Gallagher Industries company in Denver.

After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with an economics degree, he spent 20 years with Owens Corning. Ankmar was acquired in February by Gallagher Industries.

Raynor Names Director of Sales and Marketing

In May, Raynor announced the promotion of Patrick Kennedy to director of sales and marketing, overseeing domestic sales, marketing, and product development.

Kennedy has been with Raynor for 17 years, with 10 years in field sales. From 1998 to 2001, he served as manager of training and education in the Raynor Academy. Since 2001, he has been director of marketing.

“Pat is a natural fit for this position as he has demonstrated excellence and dedication in each facet of sales and marketing that he has been involved with throughout his tenure with Raynor,” says Ray Neisewander III, president and CEO.

Garaga Hires U.S. Sales Manager

In May, Garaga announced that James Migani has joined the firm as their U.S. sales manager.

Migani is a graduate of the University of Connecticut with a B.S. degree in business administration. He comes to Garaga with more than 20 years experience in the garage door industry. Migani was mentored by Paul Marsted, an industry icon who was recently was affiliated with a vinyl garage door manufacturer.

Industrial Spring Creates Production Manager Position

On April 11, Wayne Morris joined Industrial Spring Company in the newly created position of production manager.

Morris brings 27 years of experience in medical device manufacturing, including successful stints as a design engineer, director of operations, consultant, and plant manager. He holds an A.A.S. degree in business, holds two patents, has extensive training in lean manufacturing processes, and is a member of the Lean Enterprise Institute.

New Faces and Promotions at Chamberlain

National Accounts
In April, the Chamberlain Group announced the hiring of Dan White as national account representative, Chamberlain Professional Products. He will maintain and develop business relationships with Chamberlain’s largest OEM customers.

Prior to joining Chamberlain, White managed key national accounts for Serta, a mattress manufacturing company. He holds a bachelor’s degree in radio and television broadcast production from the University of Montana.

Product Development and Marketing
Chamberlain has also announced that Manual Escalante is now Chamberlain Professional Products’ product development and marketing manager for Latin America. Escalante will be in charge of marketing Chamberlain’s product line throughout Latin America, responsible for product planning, application, and forecasting in the region.

He has many years of experience in sales, marketing, and supervision and has traveled extensively throughout Latin America. He earned his bachelor’s degree in education at Universidad Nacional in El Salvador.

Director of Field Sales
Rich Nolda is now director of field sales for Chamberlain Professional Products, responsible for monitoring trends affecting Chamberlain’s customer base. Nolda will also continue to oversee the North American professional products sales force.

During his 23-year career with Chamberlain, Nolda served in several key sales positions and has recently played a vital role in Chamberlain’s addition of three new product lines and six acquisitions.

Nolda also serves on the International Door Association’s (IDA) board of directors. He holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Nebraska and a master’s in business from Southern Illinois University.

Training Manager
In May, Chamberlain announcing the hiring of David Ruzevich as training manager, Chamberlain Professional Products, a newly created position. As training manager, he will create, implement, and direct sales training sessions for Chamberlain’s sales force in the United States and Canada.

With 15 years of training experience, Ruzevich previously served as a training supervisor at Washington Mutual bank. He is a member of the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). He holds a bachelor’s degree from Illinois State University.

Senior Product Manager
Bob Craig is now senior product manager of Chamberlain Retail Products. Craig will manage Chamberlain’s line of garage door openers and accessories available through major home improvement and hardware retailers. He will be responsible for product positioning, pricing, merchandising, packaging, and sales forecasting.

Craig joined Chamberlain last year as the senior product manager of LiftMaster Residential Products. Prior to joining Chamberlain, he served in product management positions at Storm Products and at Siemens Building Technologies and System Sensor, a division of Honeywell. He earned a bachelor’s degree in economics at Park University and a master’s degree in marketing at the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Raynor Announces Two New Managers

In May, Raynor announced the promotion of Jen Ferris to marketing manager. She will be responsible for marketing production, corporate communications, advertising, event planning, and promotions.

Since beginning her Raynor career in 1995, she has been communications specialist, training production administrator, marketing production manager, and advertising and communications manager.

Raynor has also hired Jeff Bruce as the new regional sales manager for the West region, overseeing territory managers throughout 18 Western states.

He previously worked as director of sales for the largest specialty foodservice distributor in the U.S., managing more than 55 sales representatives and servicing 22,000 customers in 14 states. Bruce holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Emporia State University in Kansas and is pursuing an MBA degree through the University of Illinois.

Amarr Names Commercial Product Manager

In May, Amarr announced that Steve Roesner has been hired as the commercial product manager. Roesner has almost 10 years of experience in the garage door industry, having worked in sales positions for Overhead Door and Aluma-Shield.

He will be responsible for increasing Amarr’s commercial business through establishing commercial product needs. Roesner is a graduate of Kansas University with a degree in personnel administration and history.

Chamberlain Announces 2005 Scholarship Winners

In May, Chamberlain announced the 2005 winners of the annual Duchossois Industries College Scholarship Awards. Each year, two renewable $4,000 scholarships and two one-year $1,000 scholarships are awarded to students who excel both inside and outside the classroom.

Chamberlain’s 2005 scholarship recipients are Cristen Olds, daughter of Wayne Olds, senior quality engineer; Craig Heckman, son of Wayne Heckman; Colin Willmott, son of Colin Willmott Sr., director and international garage door opener liaison; and Nicholas Devin, son of Nora Devin, senior market developer.


Ankmar Door Purchased

In February, Gallagher Industries acquired Ankmar Door and its affiliates, Ankmar Manufacturing and Linmar Industries. Gallagher, a private equity firm headquartered in Denver, Colo., renamed the company as Ankmar LLC.

Founded in 1956 by Bob Martinez, Ankmar is a garage door manufacturer and distributor of steel and recycled wood composite garage door sections and assemblies. The company also operates an installation business along the Colorado Front Range. Following the change in ownership, Bob Martinez retired from active company management but is being retained as a consultant for the leadership transition.

“Our proven track record in helping manufacturing companies like Ankmar grow into long-term success stories is the foundation of our partnership philosophy,” says Gallagher Industries partner K.C. Gallagher. He sees the company developing into “one of the most successful and recognized brands in the industry.”

Linear Buys Panamax

On April 28, Linear announced its acquisition of Panamax, a manufacturer of surge-protection products in Petaluma, Calif.

Grant Rummell, Linear president, says that Panamax products are an excellent fit with the offerings of other Linear consumer electronics group companies. Panamax, a privately held 30-year-old company, makes power conditioning products for home theater electronics, satellite TV systems, household appliances, office equipment, and related electrical systems.

Linear is a supplier of garage door openers, gate openers, wireless residential security systems, intercoms, remote controls, and medical reporting systems. The company recently expanded into consumer electronics, home entertainment products, and structured wiring systems for the builder market. Linear is owned by Nortek.

Intertek Acquires Omega Point Laboratories

On April 29, the ETL Semko division of Intertek Group announced that its acquisition of 100 percent of the issued share capital of Omega Point Laboratories (OPL). Intertek is a global testing, inspection, and certification firm; Omega Point is known in the garage door industry as a fire testing lab for building materials and systems, based in Elmendorf, Texas.

“OPL’s capabilities in fire resistance, flammability, and flame-spread testing are an ideal complement to our existing services,” says Jeff Turcotte, Intertek vice president of building products. “With these comprehensive solutions, our clients will now get their products to market more efficiently than ever before.”

C.H.I. Meeting Breaks Attendance Record

In early 2005, the C.H.I. Distributor Meeting in Champaign, Ill., set a record attendance with more than 275 C.H.I. distributors.

The event included three days of educational seminars, meetings, and a motivational session with nationally known public speaker Jeff Blackman. The sessions were designed to support the daily business operations of C.H.I. distributors. Topics included engineering, rolling steel, finances, and commercial specifications.

The 2006 C.H.I. Distributor Meeting will be in Charlotte, N.C., and will include a trip to Petty Enterprises, home of the NASCAR teams for drivers Kyle Petty and Jeff Green.

Dealers Meet Governor at Martin Event

Caption: Gov. Huntsman greets Abdul Aziz Al Masaeed, a Martin Door dealer from Saudi Arabia, and his wife.

In February, the governor of Utah highlighted a two-day Martin Door dealer conference. A contingent of Martin dealers from several countries met with Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. at the state capitol.

The meeting was a special welcome to Martin’s international dealers. Huntsman, a former ambassador to Singapore, was elected in November of 2004. He is also former CEO of Huntsman Corp.

Top Safe-Way Dealers Go to Cancun

Safe-Way Door recently treated their top dealers from 2004 to a customer appreciation trip to Cancun, Mexico. Nearly 60 representatives from U.S. door distributors and dealers enjoyed the beach, activities, and fine food during the five-day trip.

Top Clopay Dealers Honored in Boca Raton

From May 9 to 12, Clopay honored 191 top dealers for sales and service excellence during its annual Authorized Dealer Conference in Boca Raton, Fla. Dealers and their guests stayed at “the pink palace,” the Boca Raton Resort and Club. The resort features championship tennis and golf, spa, a half-mile of private beach, and more.

The theme for this year’s conference was “Proud History, Bright Future.” The opening night began with a video on the history of Clopay. The event also offered business seminars on such topics as growing commercial business, improving cash flow, home show marketing, and up-selling customers.

Clopay’s 2006 conference will be a private chartered four-day cruise on the six-star Radisson Seven Seas Navigator luxury cruise ship.

Martin Dealers Enjoy Hawaii
Caption: Dar and Darlene Goble of Gold Coast Garage Doors of Oxnard, Calif. The Gobles were among Martin Door’s top dealers.

From Feb. 26 to March 4, top 2004 dealers enjoyed a week in Hawaii, courtesy of Martin Door. About 90 people from door companies around the world took advantage of the Martin Door dealer incentive trip, enjoying the beach, whale-watching, and more.

Amarr Completes Expansion

In May, Amarr announced that its manufacturing facility in Lawrence, Kan., has completed a recent year-long expansion of 160,000 sq. ft. to bring the facility up to 410,000 sq. ft.

The extra space is used for Classica Collection production, which utilizes an embossment process to create a carriage-house design in a steel door. The expansion also provides a larger staging area for shipping, more shipping bays, and storage space.

Industrial Spring to Expand

Industrial Spring Company is building an additional 63,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space to accommodate future growth and improved production efficiencies.

Groundbreaking is set for July 2005, and completion is expected in January 2006.

Clopay, Chamberlain Participate in Makeover Contest

This spring, “The Saturday Early Show” on CBS teamed up with Country Living Magazine to launch “The Search for the Messiest Garage in America.” It was found in Cherry Hill, N.J.

Clopay dealer Jeff Hunter of Hunter Door Service in Maple Shade, N.J., put the finishing touches on the garage makeover by installing a new Clopay Coachman Collection carriage-house door and a LiftMaster opener. Other companies, including Gladiator Garage Works, helped outfit the space.

The results of the makeover were revealed to millions of viewers live on April 30 during “The Early Show” on CBS. The program placed product information and sponsor web links on its site for viewers inspired by the results.

Hörmann Products on TV

This spring, “Weekend Makeover: Home Edition” selected Hörmann garage doors and openers for a remodeling project in Boca Raton, Fla. The reality show was broadcast on the Women’s Entertainment channel.

Hörmann installed two DSP residential sectional doors with a unique European design and two SupraMatic A55 garage door operators.

TV: Clopay Dealer Urges Code Compliance

Clopay door dealer Smitty Dawson of Actsys Door Systems in Miami recently helped a Florida homeowner “In a Fix.” The television program, on TLC (The Learning Channel), asked Dawson to perform the upgrade on a recent episode.

The homeowner, who operates a non-profit children’s organization, converted the garage into office space. Since their existing wood door wasn’t working properly, the show’s producer called Dawson to repair it. “But when I saw it didn’t meet code, I explained that fixing it wasn’t the best solution – it needed to be replaced,” says Dawson.

Clopay donated a Model 94 W-8 WindCode door, and Dawson donated the labor. Dawson and his team were interviewed on camera about WindCode doors and offered tips for homeowners on bringing their doors up to code. The episode premiered on TLC in April and will repeat throughout the year.

Amarr’s Biltmore Estate Doors Featured

On March 6, the producers of ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” selected an Amarr custom wood carriage-house door for a house in Birmingham, Ala. Two of Amarr’s Biltmore Estate R.H. Hunt models were donated to the show for the episode.

“This show has given so much to people, and we were thrilled to be a part of that generosity,” says Teresa Lowry, Amarr’s director of marketing.

Dove Overhead Door in Birmingham gave up an entire day of regular work to install the doors.

Clopay Offers Sales Promotion

Clopay helped jumpstart the spring and summer sales season with a special garage door promotion.

In March and April, Clopay offered its “See Green This Spring” incentive, offering a rebate on single and double Clopay Premium, Coachman Collection, and Reserve Collection doors. Clopay also provided participating dealers with advertising and merchandising materials to promote the event.

“Our dealers got a tremendous response to this promotion last year and asked us to offer it again in 2005,” says Pat Lohse, director of residential marketing. Supporting the effort, Clopay doors were featured on the HGTV special “Hot Trends 2005,” ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” and on HGTV’s “Curb Appeal.”

Raynor Announces Mustang Promotion

Between April 11, 2005, and March 31, 2006, Raynor is running “one of the biggest dealer promotions in the company’s history.”

During the promotional period, Raynor dealers will receive entries toward winning a 2006 Ford Mustang GT for each qualifying purchase of residential and commercial doors and openers. Entries can be doubled or tripled when dealers reach certain purchasing levels.

Clopay Doors Installed at Daytona Speedway

In early 2005, J.B. Mathews Company completed installing 95 Clopay commercial Model 524 WindCode doors at the Daytona International Speedway as part of a major infield renovation project.

J.B. Mathews, Clopay’s largest commercial master authorized dealer in Florida, was awarded the contract in 2004. Installers worked under a tight deadline during the off-season to install the doors in the team garages before a race on Feb. 20, 2005.

Clopay Carriage-House Doors on Idea Homes

Clopay carriage-house doors are featured on two Midwest Living 2005 Idea Homes in Lee’s Summit, Mo. The homes are open to the public on weekends, May through July.

Each Idea Home features a distinct design and showcases state-of-the-art products from today’s top home products manufacturers.

The residential community will include 850 single-family home units. A feature article about the homes will appear in a fall 2005 issue of Midwest Living magazine.

Amarr Doors Make Top 100

For the second year in a row, an Amarr door placed in the “Top 100” list of products published by Building Products magazine.

The list is based on number of requests for information on a product after it has been featured in the magazine. Amarr placed two products in the Top 100 list for 2004. The Biltmore Estate For Your Home Carriage House Collection came in at number eight on the list, while the Classica Collection ranked 22 on the list.

“This is only the second time a company has had a product in the Top 100 in back-to-back years,” says Building Products representative Jim Bagen. “And no company had ever placed two products in the second year.”

Clopay Receives Industry Honor
Caption: (From left) Garry Stewart, IDA president, Gene Colleran, Clopay president, and Jim Lett, IDA president-elect

On April 23 at Expo, Clopay Building Products received the International Door Association’s (IDA) 2005 Industry Member Service Award.

The award recognizes an IDA industry member for its continued excellence in manufacturing, for contribution to IDA, for overall industry and product innovations, and for displaying exceptional traits of honesty, integrity, and quality.

J.B. Mathews Receives DBCi Award
Caption: Jim D. Anderson, DBCi president (left), and Bill Mathews, J.B. Mathews president

In March, DBCi announced that J.B. Mathews of Apopka, Fla., was the first recipient of DBCi's “Hanging Tough” award for 2004. The award recognizes a business partner that best displays the critical values (honesty, integrity, responsibility, and friendship) in a business relationship.

“The J.B. Mathews organization is an industry icon in the commercial and residential door arena,” says Jimmy Anderson, president of DBCi. “Their dominant presence in the Florida market is the result of their no-compromise attitude to consistently meet the needs of their customers and community.”

Chamberlain Earns “Best in Show” at FenceTech

For the second consecutive year, Chamberlain received the “Best In Show” Award for their booth at the 2005 FenceTech trade show. Held January 19-21 in New Orleans, the show featured 390 exhibitors of gate operators, security systems, gate and fencing materials, and related equipment.

Chamberlain’s booth was designed and fabricated by MICE DisplayWorks of Irvine, Calif. Marketing Support, Chamberlain’s agency, developed the graphics with Ron Mudge and Tina Stallone from Chamberlain. The booth is 20' x 90'.

At the show, two Chamberlain dealers won prizes at Chamberlain’s dealer hospitality party. Boo Custer of American Fence and Supply in League City, Texas, received an authentic Hall of Fame Chicago Bears jersey autographed by Gale Sayers. John O’Neal of Logical Decisions in Baton Rouge, La., won a professional football autographed by Peyton Manning.

Amarr Employees Honored

Caption: Keilli Nicks, community relations manager, and Delbert Phlipot, VP of manufacturing

The work and donations of employees at Amarr’s manufacturing facility in Lawrence, Kan., were recently recognized with a Spirit of Caring Award. The United Way of Douglas County and the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce sponsored the awards to recognize local businesses that are leaders in charitable giving and volunteerism.

“This award is a reflection of the caring attitude that Amarr team members in Lawrence have for their fellow man,” says Delbert Phlipot, VP of manufacturing. “We will continue our commitment to being a good corporate citizen.”

During 2004, Amarr’s Lawrence employees donated almost $67,000 to local charities. Amarr also donated 10 garage doors to various local projects. Amarr’s manufacturing facility in Lawrence employs 480 people.

A-tech Honored as “Patriotic Employer”

In May, A-tech announced that the company had been honored with a Patriotic Employers Recognition Award. Two U.S. National Guard representatives presented the award to Ken Heid, A-tech’s president.

Amarr Adds 60th Door Center

In April, Amarr celebrated its 60th location with the opening of the Columbus, Ohio, Door Center. The new 18,000-sq.-ft. facility serves as many as 100 customers in central Ohio.

Amarr Door Centers stock many products and can provide customization of most products within 24 to 48 hours. The Columbus Door Center will sell residential steel models, carriage-house wood models, commercial steel models, and openers.

Trac-Rite Improves Packaging

In March, Trac-Rite Door announced that it has implemented an improved packaging method for roll-up doors.

The new packaging consists of recycled fiber roll cradles placed systematically between each row of doors, adding cushion where necessary. The corrugated construction enables safer stacking and increased support.

To further ensure stability and restrict shifting in the truck, each door load is stretch wrapped. The stretch wrap inhibits the doors from settling and losing their shape and protects the doors and components from weather damage.

DBCi Introduces Quoting Software

In March, DBCi (Door & Building Components) announced Accuquote, a proprietary estimating, proposal, and materials list software package for the self-storage industry.

“In development for three years, it provides faster, more accurate service to customers, and will quickly accommodate last-minute project changes,” says Barry Deese, director of estimating and installation.

When a drawing is changed, the software immediately modifies the budget estimate and materials list. The program provides the most complete and accurate project plans available in the self-storage industry, according to Deese. Over the next year, DBCi plans to make the software available for internal use by key customers.

A-tech Introduces Dealer Online Program

In May, A-tech announced a redesigned Web site ( featuring a new Dealer Online Program. Once logged in, customers can order online anytime, browse pricing of products, check order status and account information, access past orders, and more.


Garage Door University Closes

In January 2005, Garage Door University (GDU) in Richmond, Va., closed its doors after 18 months of operation. Its Web site ( says the school closed “due to insufficient demand for formalized training and education from our industry.”

The school opened in the fall of 2003, headed up by door industry veterans Dan Apple, Jim Kelly, and Gary Lombard. GDU utilized Apple Door Systems’ Richmond facilities, offering classroom instruction, hands-on training, and Web-based courses.

The three founders have resumed full-time employment in the garage door industry. Lombard has moved back to Denver, Colo., to manage the Denver branch of D.H. Pace Door Services. Kelly has purchased and is managing the Fredericksburg, Va., branch of Apple Door Systems. Apple has resumed duties as the president of Apple Door Systems.

The closing announcement on the school’s Web site explains, “Our research told us that there was a tremendous need for hands-on technical training throughout the garage door industry. While this continues to be true, unfortunately it appears that there is very little demand for fee-based training.”

The Web notice encourages potential students to contact suppliers or the industry’s trade associations for further assistance with technical training.

European 2006 Trade Show Almost Full

R + T 2006, slated for Feb. 7-11 in Stuttgart, Germany, has nearly filled all available exhibit space. Called “the world’s leading trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates, and sun protection,” R + T is held every three years.

In the spring of 2005, the number of exhibitor registrations was 70 more than at the comparative time for R + T 2003. Registered exhibitors also include 150 companies that did not take part in R + T 2003. Planners attribute increased interest to the improved economy.

The 2003 event attracted 50,000 visitors from around the world. The proportion of foreign visitors (about 50 percent) is expected to rise again in 2006.

Texas Approves Changes to Licensing Law

This spring, the Texas Legislature approved HB 3140 which affects installers of garage door and gate openers throughout the state. The bill amends the Texas Occupation Code to provide an exemption from state private security regulation for manufacturers, distributors, and installers of electronic access control devices.

Thanks to the efforts of an industry coalition, the new provisions remove the licensing requirements and unintended consequences of the prior law (SB 1252) by redefining “alarm system” and “electronic access control device.” Gov. Rick Perry was expected to sign the amendments in June; the changes take effect immediately.

For information about the amended bill, go to Under “79th Regular Session - 2005,” enter “HB 3140.”



DASMA has recently published a Technical Data Sheet (TDS) that responds to inquiries from media and consumers concerning the potential for frequency interference to garage door openers from the new military Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system. The DASMA Operator & Electronics Division published the TDS, presenting industry responses to frequently asked questions on the subject.

The document, TDS #374, handles 10 of the questions the industry feels best reflect the situation. Topics include problems a homeowner might experience, manufacturer efforts to minimize the problem, and what a homeowner can do if the problem is encountered.

In the past year, DASMA Technical Director Joe Hetzel represented industry interests before governmental and military officials and the media. An industry coalition, led by Mark Karasek of The Chamberlain Group, effectively worked with those officials to also foster cooperation and solutions between all parties.

Hetzel is optimistic that ongoing efforts will keep the 50 million or more garage door openers working with minimal LMR system interference. He says that future openers installed will also benefit from improved coordination between industry, government, and military personnel. TDS #374 is freely available at

Wind-Load Topic Attracts Record Crowd

A DASMA presentation on wind-load technical information at the 2005 IDA Expo in Nashville was the highest attended seminar on the subject in recent years. More than 75 individuals attended the seminar, and most were not from Florida, a traditional high-wind area.

Presenter Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, revealed the many DASMA publications on the subject and reported on the increasingly favorable reputation the garage door industry is gaining regarding wind performance. Hetzel taught that six different links–code content, code adoption, code enforcement, product specification, product integrity and product installation–must work together to maximize wind resistance.

Mark Westerfield of Clopay, an active member in DASMA wind-load activities, says, “The information DASMA publishes is going to come in handy one day in a number of future locations where perhaps today dealers perceive wind is not a priority.”

Hetzel is available to present wind-load information to industry groups, as requested. He can be contacted at DASMA offices at 216-241-7333.

DASMA Forms Task Force on Metal Buildings

DASMA has formed a task force with the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) to review issues involving garage doors and rolling doors that are attached to metal buildings.

Lee Shoemaker, MBMA director of research and engineering, says that MBMA wants to improve how doors are attached to metal buildings. He says the joint task force may also consider door industry test methods, design procedures, and design responsibility.

The task force plans to convene its first meeting in the summer of 2005.

DASMA Releases TDS on Garage Doors and Drywall

After years of work, the DASMA Commercial & Residential Garage Door Division released a Technical Data Sheet on the mounting of garage door hardware to walls where drywall is present.

Ken Martin of Martin Door spearheaded a subcommittee that conducted a considerable amount of research supporting document content. Subjects covered in the document, TDS #164, include typical residential garage door fastening and its relationship to drywall, recommendations for mounting garage door hardware to drywall, and a recommended procedure for mounting wood over drywall.

Martin says, “We hope that people using our recommendations will share our conviction that both structural integrity and safety should be promoted when drywall is present.” Go to to print the document.

Hunter to Chair Technical Committee

Pat Hunter, engineering manager at C.H.I. Overhead Doors, has been selected to chair DASMA’s Commercial and Residential Garage Door Technical Committee.



Hunter began his duties at the DASMA Mid-Year Meeting in June in Chicago. The committee is responsible for developing standards to advance performance and quality levels throughout the garage door industry.