Garaga Launches First Canadian Overlay Carriage Door

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Publish Date: Summer 2007
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Garaga Launches First Canadian Overlay Carriage Door

In March, Garaga announced the Eastman Estate, the first Canadian carriage house steel door with overlays. The door features full or half cross-buck patterns, a light wood-grain finish on galvanized steel sections, and hardware with a forged iron look.

Eastman Estate sections are available in Ice White, Claystone, Desert Sand, Metro Brown, and Dark Sand, and with several decorative window designs. Sections are 1-3/4" thick with injected polyurethane insulation for an R-value of 16. White overlays with a wood-grain finish are permanently attached with Garaga’s LaserCraft technology and Permafix adhesive process.

The door is available in custom and standard sizes and is produced within a 3-week delivery timeframe.

Amarr Adds New Classica Designs

In May, Amarr announced that it will add four new stamped-steel carriage house designs to its Classica Collection in the next six months.

The Northampton is a recessed-panel colonial design that will be sold beginning in July. The other three designs will be available in October 2007. The Edinburgh features a herringbone pattern, the Alicante reflects a Southwestern design, and the Bordeaux design is called “regal and elegant.”

All designs will be offered in all three Classica constructions: 1000 (single-layer steel), 2000 (steel + polystyrene insulation), and 3000 (steel + polyurethane + steel). The new designs are available in white, in 28" and 32" section heights, and with existing Classica decorative window and hardware options.

After the new designs are introduced, the Classica Collection will include eight stamped-steel door designs with 12 different top sections, offering 96 unique variations.

Chamberlain Introduces Elite Series Openers

In May, Chamberlain announced the new LiftMaster Elite Series of five garage door opener models.

The 3575 chain drive and the 3585 belt drive offer 3/4-HP motors and 200-watt lighting. The heavy-duty 3595 features a commercial I-beam rail system and a 3/4-HP motor designed for heavier carriage house doors.

The 3850 opener features a belt-drive 12V DC motor, soft start/soft stop, and the industry’s only integrated EverCharge Battery Backup. The 3800 Residential Jackshaft opener is a wall-mounted opener with a 24V DC motor, soft start/soft stop, a cable tension monitor, and a 200-watt light that can be mounted anywhere in the garage.

All Elite Series models include the Premium Remote Control and the Smart Control Panel. The remote control senses the user’s hand and illuminates a blue light that allows users to see the three-button remote control. The Smart Control Panel has an LCD screen showing the time, the garage temperature, and status messages.

Amarr to Distribute Iron Garage Doors

In August, Amarr will begin distributing Dynasty iron garage doors of Phoenix, Ariz., through Amarr’s network of 65 distribution centers.

“We first saw Dynasty’s garage doors at the International Builders’ Show in February. There was no doubt in our minds that we wanted this product line as a complement to our existing products,” says Patrick O’Sullivan, Amarr’s vice president of marketing and new ventures. “The handcrafted designs of these ornamental garage doors are unlike anything else in our industry.”

Dynasty Iron Doors, co-founded by Eric Swapp and Kevin Wright, is the first manufacturer to market ornamental wrought iron garage doors. “This is a match made in heaven,” says Wright. “Instead of spending the next 10 years trying to build a distribution network, with the help of Amarr, we’ve got it out of the gate.”

Martin Introduces New Commercial Openers

In March, Martin Door introduced three new computer-controlled commercial garage door openers: the DC 4800, the DC 7000, and the DC 7000CH. The openers feature DC power for quieter operation, soft start, built-in timers, and built-in safety reverse.

Dave Martin of Martin Door says the new openers represent “2010 technology,” compared to other commercial openers that are still operating on technology initiated in the 1930s.

He says the new openers have been installed in China, India, and the United States.

Amarr Now Offers AirScreens

In March, Amarr announced AirScreens that allow homeowners to convert their garages into bonus space: a recreation room, family room, or extra functional space. The screens are constructed of a heavyweight fiberglass and are attached to the jamb of the door with Velcro. No tools are required.

Dustin Glasscoe, product coordinator, says AirScreens provide ventilation that can help reduce energy costs for homes with attached garages.

AirScreens include side zippers for easy access and hand roll-up operation, with optional venetian blind rope-pull operation. The AirScreen attaches to the inside of the jamb, allowing garage door operation while the AirScreen is attached.

LiftMaster Adds Two Screw-Drive Openers

In May, Chamberlain announced the LiftMaster models 3240 and 3130 screw-drive garage door openers, replacing models 3220 and 3110.

The 3240 and the 3130 feature a new one-piece steel rail for optimal performance in hot and cold environments. This design reduces friction and eliminates binding by using an unenclosed, no-lube drive system. As weather becomes colder, an electronic thermistor automatically adjusts and increases the opener force.

The 3240, a Premium Series opener, features a 1/2-HP motor with a lifetime warranty. The 3130 has a 1/3-HP motor with a two-year warranty.

Zap Adds New Commercial Operators

In May, Zap Controls announced the 825 series of commercial operators for doors up to 170 sq. ft., the 8825 series for doors up to 350 sq. ft., and the 815 series of sheet door operators.

The new 825 and 8825 operators incorporate all of the features of the original Zap Super Drives, including one-man installation and variable-speed operation, and now have increased torque and improved operator efficiency. The manual override has also been refined to simplify the engagement and disengagement of the release.

Zap is also now producing three new operators for sheet doors: the 815-SS live-axle operator, the 815-SD standard dead-axle operator, and the 815-SL slim-line dead-axle operator. The dead-axle operators require only 1" of clearance between the drum roll and the shaft support bracket.

All of these new operators feature low-voltage DC motor controls that operate without limit switches and will reopen doors on detecting an obstruction without a safety edge.

Flexon Offers Speed-Master for Extra-Large Doorways

In April, Flexon introduced the Speed-Master 4500, a high-performance door for extra-large interior or exterior doorways. The door is designed for openings up to 27' wide x 25' high, common at airports, hangars, mass transit facilities, train and boat garages, and manufacturing plants.

The Speed-Master 4500 includes the same features as Flexon’s other Speed-Master high-speed roll-up doors, such as a direct-drive motor/gearbox; Flex-Logic interactive control box; low-profile, heavy-duty, impact-resistant steel side tracks; and a Bulldog XT panel material with full-width vision areas.

Cookson Upgrades Release Devices

In May, the Cookson Company announced that its FireFly Releasing Devices will be changing to comply with UL 864 and the new requirements that all releasing devices must have a battery backup source.

As a result, the FireFly III will be introduced in a 24V DC model and will be required to connect into a central building alarm system battery backup source. Coordination with the central building alarm system provider will be required.

The FireFly III Plus will be multi-voltage and can accommodate 120V AC, 24V AC, and 24V DC. The FireFly III Plus can be a stand-alone releasing device or can be connected to a central building alarm system.

The Test-A-Fire releasing device that connects a fire door motor operator to a fire alarm system is being replaced with the Test-A-Fire III, which will only be available in 120V AC. If 120V AC power is not available, a Test-A-Fire III transformer can be provided at additional cost.

Albany Offers Economical Rubber Door

In May, Albany announced its Re-Coil Away L door, an economical option to the Re-Coil Away door.

The Re-Coil Away doors feature a styrene butadiene rubber (SBR) curtain that can withstand temperatures from –400 degrees Fahrenheit to 1800 degrees. The doors are also resistant to wind loads up to 88 mph (higher with optional wind gussets).

With speeds up to 18 in./sec., the Re-Coil Away L is available in sizes up to 18' x 18' and includes a 50,000-cycle torsion spring. The bottom beam breaks away on impact and is easily reset without special tools.

Service Spring Releases Solutions 4.0

In May, Service Spring announced the release of its Solutions 4.0 spring engineering software.

The program provides fast, accurate spring calculations for standard lift, high lift, vertical lift, and follow-the-roof doors. Spring conversions and cycle-life upgrades can be made for single, multiple, and mismatched torsion springs. A free trial version of the program is available.

Gamewell-FCI Adds Gas Detection Devices

In April, Gamewell-FCI announced the addition of multi-gas detection devices and controllers for several applications including parking structures and garages.

The Vulcain commercial series of gas-monitoring devices can operate as stand-alone units or be networked to fire alarms or building control systems. The devices for enclosed parking structures and garages can activate ventilation fans when carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide reach hazardous levels.

Gamewell-FCI also offers advanced infrared carbon dioxide detectors. Built for commercial or industrial applications, this detector line can be mounted to a wall or duct to monitor airflow.

Re-Source Adds Electric and Remote Controls

In May, Re-Source Industries said it now offers several electric interior and exterior hard-wired commercial operator controls.

The economy and top-of-the-line selections include one-, two-, or three-button controls, surface and flush mount, key switch controls, and ceiling pull switches. All controls are in stock for immediate delivery.

Re-Source also now offers the most popular LiftMaster, Linear, and MultiCode lines of radio controls, receivers, and wireless keypads.

Hörmann Sections Now Available With Gadco Hardware

In May, Hörmann Gadco announced the launch of a new product line that combines Hörmann sections with Gadco tracks and hardware.

“This gives garage door dealers another way to sell high-end design and unique Hörmann safety features like the pinch-resistant section joint in a format that’s easy to service and maintain,” says Norbert Fritz, vice president of sales and marketing.

The new configuration also allows Hörmann sections to be installed in low-headroom applications, since the Gadco hardware needs just 3.5" headroom instead of 8". The new product will be available in the summer of 2007 and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Raynor Adds Options for Wood Doors

In May, Raynor announced new product options for the American Rivers Collection and RiverPointe wood carriage house doors.

African mahogany and stain-grade western red cedar have been added to the American Rivers offering. African mahogany offers decay resistance and an exotic look. Stain-grade western red cedar doors feature a more uniform appearance than is typical with cedar.

RiverPointe door heights have been expanded from 7', 8', and 9' to include 6' 6", 7' 6", and 8' 6". Also, 3/16" water glass, factory priming, and 6' wide doors have been added.

Both American Rivers and RiverPointe now offer 6" V-groove as an optional millwork design, additional drops—from 4" to 14" in 2" increments—on arch-top doors, and trim board additions such as vertical battens and horizontal bucks.

Aleco Introduces Strip Door for Refrigerated Trucks

In March, Aleco introduced the Max Bullet truck-mount strip door system. The product is designed to save fuel by reducing the run time on the refrigeration unit.

The truck-mount door system uses Aleco’s patented MaxBullet aluminum mounting bar that reduces installation time by using two easy-to-install L-brackets. Strips snap onto the mounting bar and lock in place with fluorescent safety rings.

The system, used with conventional roll-up or swing doors, employs Aleco’s Clear-Flex II Scratch-Guard ribbed PVC strips. The strips hang straight without warping even in extreme low temperatures.

New Carriage House Hinge From Re-Source

In May, Re-Source Industries announced a new hinge style for its carriage house hardware line.

The 22"-long Barcelona decorative hinge is solid aluminum with a pounded-look powder-coated finish in antique black or any of five colors. The Barcelona is available with optional coordinating screws, nail studs, or clavos in round or pyramid style.

Gavazzi Offers Motion Radar Sensor

In May, Carlo Gavazzi introduced the RAD Series of motion radar sensors.

Operating in the K-band (24.125 GHz), these new sensors can open many commercial and industrial automatic doors (sliding, swinging, folding, revolving, high-speed, overhead, etc.). The RAD Series is available in uni-directional (detecting motion toward or away from the sensor) or bi-directional (detecting motion toward and away) models.

The sensor position is 3-D adjustable for precise orientation of the activation pattern. Microprocessor technology allows the sensors to filter out weather interference and provides increased protection against interference from cell phones, radios, and heaters.

The sensors can be programmed to open doors for slow-moving people or objects and to prevent doors from closing prematurely. They have a mounting height of up to four meters (13.1 feet).

Raynor Adds Carriage House Embossment for BuildMark

In May, Raynor announced a new carriage house embossment option for BuildMark S and SI residential doors. This option matches current BuildMark STS carriage house designs.

New Garage Door Adhesive

In April, Surebond of Madison, Wis., introduced the SB-401 low-VOC garage door assembly adhesive.

SB-401 is a one-step, high-strength, low-VOC (volatile organic compound) adhesive that exhibits quick grab with fast tack strength. SB-401 meets state VOC requirements and is ideal for in-plant manufacturing to seal panel seams and to adhere stiles to panels.

Bircher Offers New Loop Detector

In April, Bircher America announced the ProLoop, a quick-install and cost-effective loop detector.

ProLoop features easy installation without any additional connector assembly, a user-friendly LCD display, nine sensitivity settings, fast testing requiring no additional tools, intelligent software with built-in simulation, and automatic reset for power outages.

Trac-Rite Introduces Revolutionary Spring

In April, Trac-Rite launched the new exclusive EP3 spring with a 10-year warranty as a standard component of the roll-up door package. The “extreme performance” spring features corrosion resistance and a black glossy finish that is clean to touch and eliminates the need to lubricate.

“It’s an exciting time for Trac-Rite to have found a resolution to the thorn in the side of the industry,” says Kelly Churchill, project manager.

Makita’s Battery Chargers Earn Energy Star Label

In April, Makita announced that all three of its lithium-ion battery chargers are qualified Energy Star products. Makita’s Optimum charger, Rapid Optimum charger, and 7.2 lithium-ion charger were the first in the power tool category to qualify for the list of Energy Star qualified battery charging systems in 2006.

These products meet the strict energy-efficient guidelines set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

According to Energy Star, more energy-efficient battery chargers can save Americans more than 1 billion kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy per year, save more than $100 million annually, and prevent the release of more than one million tons of greenhouse gas emissions.



Overhead Door Announces Senior VP

In April, Overhead Door announced that Kelly Terry had joined the company as senior vice president of operations. His responsibilities encompass developing and executing strategy for the Access Systems Division, which includes the Overhead Door and Genie brands.

Terry holds a bachelor’s degree in management from Clemson University. He began his manufacturing career with textile manufacturer JP Stevens and Company, now West Point Stevens.

In 1993, Terry joined Newell Rubbermaid as plant manager and eventually became vice president of operations for the Shur-Line and EZ Painter division. He was then promoted to vice president of operations for the Rubbermaid Commercial Division. Since 2005, he has been senior vice president of operations for O’Sullivan Industries, a manufacturer of ready-to-assemble furniture.

Wayne-Dalton Adds Storm Products Position

In April, Wayne-Dalton announced the expanded role of Greg Galloway, business manager for storm-protection products. Galloway is now responsible for the marketing and promotion of Wayne-Dalton’s storm-protection products, including wind-rated and impact-resistant garage doors and Fabric Shield storm panels and pull-down shutters.

Prior to his role at Wayne-Dalton, Galloway was the business manager of wood, vinyl-clad, and composite products for MW Manufacturers. Previously, he was the director of product development for Windsor Window Company.

Galloway holds an M.B.A. from Drake University and a bachelor’s degree from Southern Illinois University.

Amarr Names Director of Pro Dealer Sales

In January, Amarr added Charles Reeves as director of pro dealer sales, a new position devoted to supporting current and potential new dealers with six or more locations.

Reeves graduated from Wake Forest University. Before he joined Amarr, he spent 23 years working for a textile industry supplier as sales administrator, sales manager, and key account executive.

Overhead Door Adds Senior Product Manager

In May, Overhead Door announced that Bob Campanini had joined the firm as senior product manager for the next generation of residential openers for the Overhead Door and Genie brands.

Before joining Overhead Door, Campanini was a product engineer and a product manager for the SAW Filter and Frequency Control Products divisions of RF Monolithics.

Campanini graduated from the University of Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. He is currently working toward a master of business administration at the University of Texas.

Hörmann Gadco Promotes and Hires

In May, Hörmann Gadco announced four personnel changes at the national and regional levels.

Dave Mellendorf has been promoted to the newly created position of distribution operations manager, supporting the regional distribution companies and assisting coordination between them and Hörmann Gadco’s manufacturing plants. He previously served the company for 10 years as regional sales manager.

Mellendorf will seek to develop multiple weekly deliveries instead of one, helping dealers reduce their overhead. He will also work to identify new distribution center locations.

Hörmann Gadco has also hired three new regional sales managers to oversee the Northeast, the Carolinas, and the upper Midwest.

Commercial Sales Manager Returns to Wayne-Dalton

In May, Wayne-Dalton welcomed back Russ Corey as commercial sales manager for all channels, including independent dealers, Regional Operations Centers (ROCs), and national accounts.

Corey has 20 years of experience in the garage door business. Between 1998 and 2005, he was commercial sales manager at the Charlotte ROC. He most recently worked as the national sales manager for Columbus Foam, a manufacturer of loading dock equipment.

New Regional Manager at Overhead Door

In May, Overhead Door announced that Stowe Harbin has been promoted to regional sales manager of the west region, executing sales strategy for Ribbon Distributors in 19 western states.

He previously served as district sales manager in Texas and Louisiana. In February, Harbin received several sales awards for outstanding performance.

Harbin has more than 10 years of sales and managerial experience, working for companies such as Disney, Epson, Canon, and Mosaic Sales Solutions. He has also worked with Lucent Technologies, Adobe Software, and GE Medical Systems.

Harbin, a United States Army veteran, served in Operation Desert Storm. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Northeast Louisiana University.

Cookson Hires Phoenix Plant Manager

In May, the Cookson Company announced that Richard Gear has been hired as plant manager, responsible for all manufacturing operations at the Phoenix, Ariz., location.

Gear comes to Cookson with an extensive background in manufacturing management. Previously, he was employed by Stocker Manufacturing, a producer of metal fasteners and hinges.

He holds a bachelor’s degree from Russell Sage College and a certificate in lean manufacturing from the Chicago Tool & Die Association. He is also a United States Army veteran, having served in Vietnam.

Zap Appoints U.S. Sales Executive

In May, Zap Controls announced that Dale Turley has been hired as U.S. sales executive, serving Zap customers all over the United States.

Turley has been serving the U.S. door industry for seven years as a sales representative, primarily in the Southeast. He grew up in the industry, starting as an installer in Pennsylvania.

Iowa Spring Appoints National Sales Manager

In May, Iowa Spring announced that Kirk Dougall had been appointed national sales manager for Iowa Spring and for Southern Atlantic Spring in North Carolina.

Dougall’s responsibilities include overseeing the sales department, customer service team, and marketing efforts and managing key customer relationships. He will also work to develop strategic initiatives.

Dougall comes from a sales management position at Grainger Industrial Supply, with 18 years of manufacturing and distribution experience. He holds an M.B.A. from Cardinal Stritch University.

Mud-Bogging Dealer Promotes Doors

For the past few years, Dave Harding of The Door Man in Casper, Wyo., has competed in a growing sport known as mud bogging. The idea is to drive a truck as fast as you can through a 150' pit with almost 2' of mud to see who can post the fastest time.

As an entrant in the stock class (33" wheels), Harding has won the last four events in which he has run in his class. His specially equipped truck features a 454-cu.-in. block and a special transmission that he adapted.

Harding started installing doors in 2000 with his father’s company, Harding Construction, a Martin Door dealer since 1996. He eventually changed the business name to The Door Man.



Linear Acquires Allstar

On April 10, Linear acquired Allstar Corporation, a manufacturer of gate operators, commercial and residential garage door openers, and radio controls in Downingtown, Pa. The new company’s name is AllStar Pro LLC.

“Allstar is a very good fit and a welcome addition for us,” says Dan Stottlemyre, president of Linear. “Collectively, with our complementary product lines, we can offer customers an even broader range of entry system choices.”

Robert Holland, Allstar’s president, says, “We are very pleased about this acquisition and look forward to the many positives made possible by a larger enterprise—manufacturing efficiencies, ongoing product improvements, and customer service enhancements.”

Holland says all Allstar products will continue to be manufactured, sold, and supported. Customer service operations and contact channels remain the same.

Chamberlain Acquires Edko Gate Operators

In April, the Chamberlain Group announced that it had acquired the assets associated with the design and manufacture of gate operators of Edko of Sugar Grove, Ill.

Edko has been privately owned and operated for more than 50 years. The company manufactured and distributed commercial and residential gate operators and related gate and access control products. Edko’s former owners will continue to distribute and sell gate operators and other products under the name Pro Access Systems.

Edko’s locations that do business as Pro Access Systems will continue to function as independent companies, separate from Chamberlain. Pro Access, acquired by Edko in 2003, will continue to manufacture gate operators during a transition period.

Pro Access locations will remain in Atlanta, Tampa, Denver, and Chicago. Pro Access will offer Chamberlain products and will continue to manufacture and distribute security gates, hardware, and other manufacturers’ products.

Jeld-Wen Releases Garage Door Study

In February, Jeld-Wen released the results of its Perfect Home Survey, a nationwide research study with several findings concerning consumer attitudes toward garage doors.

Key findings:
· The garage door is now the most-used exterior door when entering the home, according to both men (42 percent) and women (41 percent). The front door was a close second.
· More than 70 percent felt that a new garage door definitely or probably adds value to overall curb appeal.
· Nearly 45 percent of respondents said that durability is the number one attribute they look for in a garage door. Appearance is the next most important attribute at 22 percent, followed by energy efficiency and design.
· Almost one-quarter (23.5 percent) of respondents said they plan on remodeling their garages in the next year.
· Only 43 percent said their garages let in enough natural light.
· 55 percent said energy efficiency is either a very important or important attribute for a garage door.

Nearly 1,000 qualified homeowners nationwide participated in the online survey. The sample group contained representatives from five age groups, all U.S. geographic regions, and a variety of income levels. The study was conducted in October 2006.

Wayne-Dalton to Provide Certification Statement for Tax Credit

In April, Wayne-Dalton announced that it will provide a Manufacturer’s Certification Statement to buyers of certain insulated garage doors that qualify for the energy tax credit under section 25C of the International Energy Conservation Code.

The company said the following residential doors qualify: Models 9800, 9700, 9600, 9400, 9100, 8500, 8300, 8200, and commercial models Thermospan 200, 150, and 125.

To be eligible, homeowners must install an insulated garage door on an insulated garage. The door must be installed on a principal residence, have a U-factor equal to or less than 0.35, and provide a means to control air filtration at the door perimeter.

The maximum amount of the tax credit, for all improvements combined, is $500 for improvements made from Jan. 1, 2006, to Dec. 31, 2007.

Genie Opens New Call Center

In May, the Genie Company announced the opening of a new customer call center at Overhead Door headquarters in Lewisville, Texas. The new 5,000-sq.-ft. call center features the latest technology and trained personnel.

The center’s 60 customer service representatives (CSR) will take calls for all operator products made from 1995 to the present. Each CSR took a five-week training course that included assembly and troubleshooting techniques for AC and DC screw-drive, chain-drive, and belt-drive openers as well as accessories.

The call center calls are recorded and managed by the Cisco Call Manager and Phone System. The system allows for real-time monitoring of all representatives.

Wayne-Dalton Honors Top Dealers

At a meeting held May 2-7, Wayne-Dalton honored 42 dealers for sales achievements in 2006. Known as the President’s Club, this annual meeting has been held since 1991 for the company’s top dealers.

The 2007 President’s Club meeting was held at the Ritz Carlton in West Palm Beach, Fla. Next year’s meeting will be held in Maui.

Consumers Digest Names Idrive as Best Buy

In the April 2007 issue of Consumers Digest, Wayne-Dalton’s idrive opener was named a “Best Buy.” The rating is typically awarded to fewer than three percent of the competing models in any given product category.

The magazine has a circulation of more than 1.2 million. Wayne-Dalton’s Z-Wave-enabled version of the idrive is slated to launch in summer 2007.

Amarr Safety Programs Recognized by OSHA

On April 25, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recognized Amarr Garage Doors for superior safety programs at the company’s manufacturing facility in Lawrence, Kan. In addition, Amarr received a two-year exemption from inspections for the recognition, considered rare for a first-time recipient.

The Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) recognizes companies that operate an exemplary safety and health management system. OSHA first opened the program to companies of Amarr’s size in 2007.

During an inspection of the facility, Amarr was rated on a scale of 1 to 4 on 50 different safety items, with 4 being the highest rating. Amarr received a total score of 198 out of 200.

Martin Door Honored for Commitment to Safety

Caption: (From left) Larry Martin of Martin Door, Sherrie Hayashi, Utah Commissioner of Labor, and Jim Wintch, safety manager for Martin Door.

On Feb. 19, Martin Door was honored by the Utah Labor Commission for its commitment to safety in the workplace.

Martin was one of two companies honored with the award in 2006, presented at a meeting of the Utah Manufacturers Association.

Martin Door’s commitment to a culture of safety and its ongoing effort to foster an ergonomically friendly environment were highlighted during the presentation.

1st United Recognized by Business Magazine

1st United Door Technologies was recently named the number three manufacturing company (non-electronic) in Arizona, improving on last year’s rank of sixth place.

“The Best of Arizona Business” is the outcome of the largest business opinion poll in Arizona and identifies more than 200 different business and leisure categories based on quality of product, service, and customer satisfaction. Arizona Business Magazine publishes the ranking yearly.

Goff’s Wins Product of the Year Award

Caption: Scott Booker, Goff’s chief technology officer (left), and Tony Goff, president.

On April 2 in Chicago, Plant Engineering magazine awarded Goff’s Enterprises the Product of the Year award in the construction, buildings and grounds category for their Draw-Tite door.

The Draw-Tite vinyl roll-up door has a 4,000-cycle/day capability, operates at 36" per second, and handles a 70-mph wind load on a 10' x 12' door.

Each year, Plant Engineering assembles a panel of judges to make a preliminary selection of entries to be submitted to the magazine’s readers for a vote.

Amarr’s Test Lab Gains Accreditation

In May, Amarr Garage Doors announced that it had recently become the first garage door manufacturer to receive accreditation for a company-owned testing facility. The accreditation, granted by the American Association of Laboratory Accreditation, took almost a year.

By having an accredited in-house testing lab, Amarr says it can speed up the wind-load product approval process.

The Amarr wind-load testing area is part of Amarr’s research facility in Winston-Salem, N.C. The building has two wind-load test chambers, a salt-spray test chamber, 13 spaces for cycle-testing garage doors, and an impact cannon for testing resistance to wind-borne debris.

Overhead Door CD-ROM Training Wins Award

In May, Overhead Door announced that its RMX opener training CD-ROM won an international Award of Merit from the Society for Technical Communication (STC). The CD-ROM also won Best of Show and Distinguished Award from the Dallas/Fort Worth chapter of STC.

Karen Cohen, product manager for Overhead Door’s RMX line, says the CD-ROM helped exceed sales forecasts. She expects Overhead to use this kind of training tool for its next product launch.

Amarr Launches Graphics Program for Dealers

In May, Amarr announced its new vehicle and showroom graphics program for its dealers. Dealers using the program are eligible for co-op advertising reimbursement.

Dealers can choose partial or full wraps for pick-up trucks and vans. Individual decals such as garage door photos and Amarr logos can also be used on vehicles or in showrooms. Designs can be customized with dealer contact data.

Trac-Rite Receives ISO Certification

In December 2006, Trac-Rite Door received certification for having met the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

ISO 9001:2000 is an international standard that provides strict requirements for an organization’s quality management system. Its objective is to ensure that Trac-Rite consistently provides products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations and that continually improve performance.

Trac-Rite manufactures and markets rolling steel curtain doors for self-storage, residential, and light commercial applications.

Mobile Showroom Shows Dock Solutions

In April, 4Front Engineered Solutions announced its new mobile showroom for its dock equipment. The 53' semi-trailer includes full-size working dock levelers, vehicle restraints, doors, control panels, seals and shelters, and other product solutions.

The temperature-controlled interior provides a comfortable and interactive learning environment with an audio/visual system, a satellite dish, and 42" LCD monitors with live streaming video of 4Front’s manufacturing facilities.

One side of the trailer slides out an additional 4' to accommodate group demonstrations, AIA dock education programs, and operator and service training. 4Front sells Kelley, Serco, TKO Dock Doors, LoadHog, and APS Resource products.

Wayne-Dalton TV Spots Promote Curb Appeal

On April 23, two new television commercials for Wayne-Dalton began airing on the Scripps Networks and the Speed Channel.

The Scripps Networks include HGTV and DIY Network. The Speed Channel is airing the commercials during the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) season.

Both commercials use Wayne-Dalton design to talk about how garage doors can improve the curb appeal and resale value of homes. The spots drive traffic to the company’s online Door Selection Center.

Amarr’s Classica Featured on “Bob Vila” Show

In February, the Amarr Classic Collection 3000 was used in a garage renovation featured on several episodes of the “Bob Vila” TV show.

The insulated Classica 3000 was selected to replace a wooden door on a barn-like garage with an apartment above. PJ Overhead Door, an Amarr dealer in Dudley, Mass., installed all four doors.

Magazine Sells Garage Door Message

The April issue of This Old House magazine helped carry the message of how garage door appearance can have a significant impact on a home’s curb appeal and value.

In the issue, magazine staff assembled a portfolio of before and after photos and asked local real estate professionals to ballpark the value added to the house in each case.

The results showed that even small upgrades such as replacing white flush-panel steel doors with a pair of Clopay Reserve Collection wood carriage house doors (see photos) can yield substantial returns. In this case, the upgrade added 10 percent to the asking price of a home in northern Kentucky.

Martin Door Makes TV’s “Curb Appeal”

Caption: Kim and Dr. Stan Sinkford pose in front of their newly installed Martin Door with Dave Martin and Jeffrey Titus.

Kim and Dr. Stan Sinkford of Washington, D.C., were the recipients of a new Martin garage door and opener as part of a segment of “Curb Appeal” filmed in late 2006.

The Sinkfords selected a rusty iron powder-coated door to go with a new overall look for their home. Jeffrey Titus of Shore Doors in Stevensville, Md., installed the door.

“Curb Appeal” is a popular prime-time weekly television show broadcast on Home & Garden Television (HGTV). The series shows how to improve and enhance a home’s appearance as viewed from the street.

Amarr Offers Health Care and Business Insurance

In May, Amarr said it is providing Amarr dealers access to a variety of insurance programs through BenefitProtect, an independent insurance broker. These programs include health insurance coverage, group plans and individual plans, and business insurance.

The individual health coverage plan is open to any employee of any Amarr dealer. Basic plans with BenefitProtect cover a portion of the cost of physicals, eye exams, hearing exams, and dental exams.

Many forms of business insurance are also available, including general liability, property coverage, commercial auto insurance, and workers’ compensation. BenefitProtect uses only A-rated carriers including Travelers, Colony, and Progressive.



Amarr Offers Web Sites for Dealers

In March, Amarr announced a program that allows dealers to set up their own Web sites.

Through the program, dealers can spend as little as $99 to set up their personalized site and then $19.95 a month for hosting. After purchasing the package, dealers log onto a Web site to create a home page, an About Us page, a Directions page, a Photo Gallery page, and six additional pages that can be added with dealer content.

A dealer needs a domain name to get started. Amarr product information is automatically updated when changes are made to the Amarr corporate Web site. When Amarr’s new “Design My Door” feature is launched, dealers can add this function to their site.

Dealers wanting more enhanced features, like online order processing, can purchase a customized version, starting at $1,500 for setup and $49.95 per month for hosting.

Garaga Adds Interactive Features

In April, Garaga announced an improved Design Center with three new interactive features at

One new feature allows visitors to create their own Eastman Estate carriage house steel doors with overlays. Second, consumers can see the new window models, Orion (4 rectangles) and Arch (4 rectangles or 8 squares). Third, visitors can choose the location and the number of windows on their garage doors.

The center lets users create a garage door in five steps and print the door design and specs. Requests for quotations are directed to the nearest Garaga dealer.

1st United Announces Dealer Web Site

In April, 1st United Door Technologies announced the launch of its new dealer-only Web site, a marketing resource to help dealers grow their businesses.

The password-coded site includes product bulletins, price sheets, monthly promotions, images, logos, ads, technical information, articles, and press releases. A new sales and marketing binder will also be available soon in an electronic format.

Zap Launches Web Site for North America

In June, during Garage Door Safety Month, Zap Controls launched its new Web site at

The site offers information on all Zap commercial and residential operators and technical support at the dealer-only section of the site. Online technical training is being added soon for installers and sales teams. A dealer locator also allows installing companies to sign up for a listing.

BEA Launches New Web Site

In February, BEA announced an updated Web site ( with easier navigation, expanded product information, and customer tools.

New flash animations demonstrate product applications, and customers can search by door type, market, or function to find suitable BEA products. Expanded product sections include wiring diagrams and technical and architectural specifications.

Visitors can also access the latest BEA news and press releases and make direct requests for BEA product and AAADM certification training. BEA is a global provider of automatic door sensing technology for pedestrian and industrial doors.



Planning Underway for 2009 European Trade Show

R + T 2009, the international trade fair for roller shutters, doors/gates, and sun protection equipment, will move to the larger new trade fair centre next to the airport in Stuttgart, Germany. The triennial event is scheduled for Feb. 10-14, 2009.

Already, 300 exhibitors from 27 countries have registered, 133 from Germany and 167 from other countries. R + T 2009 is expected to attract 700 exhibitors. Larger exhibits are expected at the new site; some individual booths will have an area of 14,000 sq. ft.

The new site allows better connections to highways, the rail network, and airport. Each hall will feature specific product types. For example, the south halls will feature doors, gates, grilles/screens, fences, special doors, and related drive systems.

Wind-Load Enforcement Spreads to Central Illinois

Reports from the Bloomington, Ill., area this past April indicate that central Illinois has begun code enforcement training toward requiring garage doors to be wind resistant to local requirements. Wind resistance includes meeting certain performance requirements, in positive and negative lbs./sq. ft., and door testing to DASMA standards.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says that adoption and enforcement of the 2006 International codes is resulting in an increased emphasis on requiring wind-resistant exterior building products. He adds, “DASMA took a proactive approach by having relevant DASMA standards referenced in the codes and by publishing code-based wind-load guides.” (TDS 155 contains the DASMA wind-load guides and is available at

Hetzel has been invited to present code-based garage door wind-load seminars this fall to dealers in central Illinois and to code officials in Kansas City. He encourages dealers to stay informed on which codes are being enforced in their areas and to communicate with their suppliers about any changing requirements affecting their product offerings.


Florida Rules on Garage Door Wind Issues

In May, the Florida Building Commission ruled that non-glazed garage doors must be wind-borne debris resistant, but only in the Florida High Velocity Hurricane Zone (Miami-Dade and Broward Counties). The Commission also affirmed that, outside of the Florida HVHZ, only garage doors with glazing must be wind-borne debris resistant. DASMA had requested the ruling.

Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says the ruling was consistent with DASMA’s understanding of the Florida codes. He says DASMA’s request was made so that documentation could be established to help alleviate any confusion among manufacturers, dealers, design professionals, and code authorities.

The Commission will publish the declaratory statement at its Web site,, upon completion of the customary public hearing schedule.

DASMA Comments on Green Standard

DASMA recently submitted formal comments on a draft of a residential green building standard to promote our industry’s favorable environmental performance.

The standard, being developed by the International Code Council and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), is in response to calls from NAHB members to develop a national standard using 2004 NAHB published guidelines as a starting point.

Pat Hunter, chair of the DASMA Commercial & Residential Garage Door Technical Committee, says that DASMA wants to ensure that the garage door industry is accurately represented in the standard.

“The garage door industry has a history of using recyclable materials such as wood and steel,” adds Hunter. He says the industry has met the increasing demand for thermally efficient materials and methods by its offerings of insulated products.

The purpose of the green standard is to provide criteria for rating the environmental performance of residential construction practices. It also provides guidelines for documentation that demonstrates conformance with the criteria. The standard is scheduled to be published in early 2008.

Updated ANSI/DASMA Standards Published

Earlier this year, DASMA gained ANSI recognition of updates to ANSI/DASMA 108, the wind-load testing standard, and to ANSI/DASMA 115, the wind-borne debris resistance testing standard. The updates include clarifications and improvements, but they do not discredit testing conducted using earlier versions of the standards.

Of note is the inclusion of rolling doors in each standard. Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says that the new standards have already been approved for reference in the coming 2007 edition of the Florida Building Code.

“Having the updated standards eventually referenced in the International codes will give rolling doors equal credibility with garage doors from a model code standpoint,” he adds.

DASMA, MBMA Conduct Wind-Load Tests

What’s the difference between tested wind loads and theoretical wind loads? This spring, DASMA partnered with the Metal Building Manufacturers Association (MBMA) to answer that question.

The two groups conducted wind-load testing on two 16' wide x 10' high rolling steel doors at Architectural Testing in York, Pa. One of the doors was tested using a rigid steel frame, while the other used a flexible metal building framing constructed to a design wind load of 25 psf.

The tests measured values such as jamb loads, jamb rotations, curtain deflections, and ultimate failure loads. The study will compare these tested values with theoretical values.


Joe Hetzel, DASMA technical director, says that DASMA and MBMA will use these comparisons to gain insight into coordinating and promoting methods of designing metal building framing to improve door/building interface performance in high-wind events. Recommendations from the research are expected to be published in a later article.