Garage Doors: “Newest Status Symbol”

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Publish Date: Winter 2004
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Garage Doors and Openers in the Media

Garage Doors: “Newest Status Symbol”

Source: The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, 08/06/2004
Article: Once-Forgotten Garage Doors Become Latest Status Symbol
Author: Tinah Saunders

“The newest status symbol for garages – aside from that gleaming black Porsche – is the carriage-house garage door,” writes this Atlanta reporter.

“Homeowners seem to have discovered their garages,” she added, noting the recent growth of “hot items” such as garage organization products and special flooring.

The reporter talked to John Wieland Homes’ architectural product manager who said his large homebuilding company started offering these doors on their higher-end homes.

He said the market response was “phenomenal.” He reported: “So many people wanted them that we made them standard on front-facing garages in many neighborhoods.”

Editor’s Note: Hmm. “The Next Big Thing” might be bigger than we imagined.

Wind-Resistant Garage Doors are Hip

Source: Daytona Beach News-Journal, 06/04/2004
Article: Homeowners Urged to Join the (Wind) Resistance
Author: Thomas S. Brown

This prophetic article was published in June 2004, before Florida’s disastrous hurricane season. The story said, “It’s hip to be hip and great to have a gust-proof garage.”

In June, state officials told consumers that they can reduce windstorm insurance costs by up to 40 percent if their homes include wind-resistant products such as reinforced garage doors.

The article quoted a local door dealer who cited the cost of a new 16’ wind-resistant garage door at $800 - $1,500. A local insurance agent reported, however, that “few of his customers have shown interest in spending that kind of money.”

Editor’s Note: After the quadruple whammy of Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne, I suspect that Floridians’ interest is now increasing.

Homes are Faces, Garage Doors are Teeth

Source: Clarksville (Tenn.) Leaf-Chronicle, 10/07/2004
Article: Homeowners, Builders Raise the Bar for Garage Doors
Author: Joy Kraft

“Homes are like faces and the garage doors are the teeth,” said this reporter. And a home with an ugly garage is “like a slicked-up supermodel with a chipped tooth.”

This story, however, found that the new carriage-house garage doors can be quite attractive. The “big interest” in carriage-house doors is said to be spurred by new American lifestyle changes:

(1) “GOIF communities” (Garage Out In Front) are increasing as more builders are placing garages in front to “squeeze more living space on shrinking lot sizes.”
(2) New home styles are trending to an “old house look,” and “the warmth of classic American housing styles.”
(3) More Americans are influenced by TV makeover shows that transform a home’s curb appeal by adding “a designer garage door.”

Editor’s Note: In spite of the teeth insult, this story offers good news for our industry’s newest doors.

Winning the Garage Door Vote

Source: Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald, 10/05/2004
Article: Howard on a Roll as He Salutes Suburban Icon
Author: Mark Metherell

You wouldn’t think that garage doors could play a role in a national election. Yet, in the 2004 election for Australia’s Prime Minister, incumbent John Howard hailed the Australian roll-up garage door a “great suburban icon.”

Five days before the election, Howard made a special campaign stop to grant the B&D garage door a special place at the National Museum in Canberra. Howard won the election on Oct. 9, 2004.

The B&D Roll-A-Door is an Australian rolling steel door used in residential and commercial applications. Launched in 1956, the product is now in 25 countries.

Editor’s Note: John Kerry … Are you taking notes?

Former Halliburton Chief Dies After Running Under Garage Door

Source: Houston (Texas) Chronicle, 11/13/2004
Article: Deaths: Recent Regent of Baylor Suffered a Head Injury
Author: Associated Press

On Nov. 6, 68-year-old Dale Jones, a former president of Halliburton Corp., died of complications from a head injury. His family said he struck his head while rushing under a closing garage door after pushing an inside control button.

His injury appeared to be minor, but it reportedly caused internal bleeding that put pressure on his brain. He died at a Houston hospital.

Jones led the multi-billion-dollar corporation from 1989 until 1995 when Vice President Dick Cheney took over. Jones became vice chairman of Halliburton and retired in 1998.

Editor’s Note: Such tragic accidents can happen to anyone, not just children.