Garages Increasing, Getting Larger

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Publish Date: Fall 2000
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Garages Increasing, Getting Larger

In a sign that bodes well for the U.S. residential garage door industry, garages are becoming more common and multiple-bay garages are increasing.

According to recent figures from the U.S. Bureau of the Census, the number of new U.S. homes with a garage jumped to 87 percent in 1999. By contrast, in 1950, only 47 percent of new homes had a garage or carport. In 1970, 60 percent of all new homes had a garage. That number increased to 82 percent in 1990, and to 87 percent in 1999.

The statistics revealed that the one-car garage is becoming a relic of a bygone era. In 1999, the number of one-car garages dropped to 7 percent of new homes, down from 41 percent in 1950 and 22 percent in 1970.

Homes with a 2-car-or-more garage now dominate new homes. In 1999, 81 percent of all new homes fell into that category, up from 72 percent in 1990. In 1950, the two-car garage was virtually nonexistent. The census is now collecting data on 3-car (or more) garages, a category not previous measured in the census. In 1999, 16 percent of new homes had a 3-car-or-more garage.

“These numbers will not surprise the garage door dealer,” said Tom Wadsworth, editor of Door & Access Systems newsmagazine, “but they will still be good news. As the garage size increases, so also increases the size of the market for our industry.”

“As long as people still need a garage for their vehicle,” he added, “and as long as those garages need our products, the future of our industry looks healthy.”

Homes with a 2-car or more garage door
1950: 0%
1970: 39%
1990: 72%
1999: 81%