How NOT to Prepare a Door for a Hurricane

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Publish Date: Fall 2000
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Page 40

Technical Tip

How NOT to Prepare a Door for a Hurricane

If you need help informing your customers about preparing their garage doors for a hurricane, get a copy of the new Technical Data Sheet (TDS) 152. This one-page document, prepared by the members of DASMA’s Commercial & Residential Garage Door Division Technical Committee, dispels several misconceptions about hurricane preparation.

Car as Brace?

TDS 152 warns that backing a vehicle against a garage door may not prevent the door from being damaged. Homeowners are often not aware that hurricane winds can also pull a garage door out of the opening. Placing the vehicle close to the door may also increase the potential for damage to the vehicle.

Open Door Policy?

Some have thought that it’s smart to open windows or doors to “equalize pressure” and thus somehow minimize damage to the home. However, keeping a garage door open during a hurricane allows damaging winds into the structure. This leaves the interior vulnerable to structural damage and possible collapse of the building.

Putting on Weight?

Some inventive homeowners may be tempted to add reinforcements to a door before a hurricane. However, adding weight without making appropriate adjustments to the track and spring system can be dangerous and may result in property damage and/or personal injury. Such matters should be entrusted to a trained door systems technician.

Surge Suppressor?

Some coastal areas are subject to storm surges where it is more important that the door “break away” from the structure rather than resist wind load. Your local building department should know if you are in a storm surge area.

These points and other helpful information are included in TDS 152. To obtain a free copy of TDS 152, contact DASMA at 216-241-7333, fax 216-241-0105, or