IDEA Launches CDDC Program

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Publish Date: Spring 2007
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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IDEA Launches CDDC Program
New Certification for Manufacturer Reps Coming to Expo 2007

Manufacturer sales representatives in the door and access systems industry can now earn the designation of Certified Door Dealer Consultant (CDDC). The new certification program debuted in Toronto in March and will be available industry-wide in April at Expo 2007 in Orlando.

The new program, in development since 1998, is designed to enable the manufacturer sales representative to become a business consultant who helps door systems dealers strive toward professionalism.

“The idea is to immerse sales reps in the world of the dealer and give them an appreciation for the challenges faced by their dealer customers,” says Todd Thomas, managing director of the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA).

What You Need to Know
Thomas says the program is ideally suited for both experienced sales professionals and newcomers to the industry. The curriculum combines materials from the IDEA Dealer Accreditation program and technician certification courses, including a new Introduction to the Industry section targeted specifically to manufacturer sales representatives.

The CDDC course materials cover key dealer issues such as accounting/general business principles, legal/insurance matters, OSHA/safety management, and sales/marketing management, all taken from IDEA’s accreditation program. CDDC candidates also study installation guidelines taken from IDEA’s installer certification programs for residential and commercial garage doors and rolling doors.

How to Get Started
By the end of 2007, IDEA plans to offer the CDDC study materials on a CD. Manufacturers interested in signing up their sales reps for the program can visit the IDEA Web site at The site includes information about fees and eligibility.


IDEA is a non-profit educational foundation that seeks to improve professionalism in the door and access systems industry. Founded in 1996, it is co-sponsored by the International Door Association (IDA) and the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA).