IDEA Pilot Project Launched

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Publish Date: Winter 2001
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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IDEA Pilot Project Launched

On Nov. 1, IDEA launched a campaign to attract new workers to careers in the overhead door systems industry.

Todd Thomas, managing director of the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA), announced the Career Development Pilot Project at the IDA Regional Conference in Orlando.

Thomas said the IDA provided substantial funding for the project, and the IDEA is serving as project manager for the campaign. The Florida Operator and Door Association (FODA) is participating with the project as Florida dealers will serve as the focus of the initial phase of the project.

"The development of a permanent, skilled workforce is vital to the long-term growth of our industry," Thomas said during the Orlando meeting. "We are competing against hundreds of other job opportunities and need to begin promoting the many positive aspects of a career in our industry."

How It Works

Participating dealers that serve as "information centers" will be provided with strategies and recruitment tools produced by IDEA. Prospective workers will be given an opportunity to visit these dealers to gain an overview of the industry and its benefits.

These participating dealers must meet certain eligibility criteria and agree to honor a Quality Career Code and participate in formal training activities such as the IDEA Residential Installer Training and Certification program.

First Installers to be Certified in Nashville

The first group of installers to complete the new Residential Installer Training and Certification program are expected to receive their official certification at Nashville's Expo 2002 in April.

Todd Thomas said that about 70 sanctioned trainers have now been trained. He expects that number to double before Expo.

Thomas also anticipated that those trainers would train about 100 certified installers by April. At Expo, those installers will be required to pass a 200-question exam in order to complete the process and receive their certification.

In the "Train the Trainer" portion of the program, dealers sign up to be trained so that they, in turn, can teach an Installer Training course to installers. Another trainer training program will be held in Nashville.

To participate in the program, contact the IDEA office at 1-800-355-4432 or go to