Insight Selling

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Publish Date: Fall 2005
Author: Tom Wadsworth
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Insight Selling

By Tom Wadsworth, DAS Editor

You’ve heard of “selling by asking questions.” Here’s a different twist: Selling by making statements.

The question approach is a tried-and-true sales technique. After probing to determine the customer’s needs, you can then recommend appropriate door products. Such probing questions are, “What style of home do you have?” “Do you need insulation?” “How long will you be in this home?”

The concept of “sales by statements” could also be called “insight selling.” This is a type of value-added sales, in which you justify your higher price by giving your customers more than just a product. In this case, you’re giving valuable insight.

For Example …

I recently shopped for a new digital camera. Since I often shoot in meeting rooms with high ceilings, I have some special needs. I needed an intelligent salesperson who could help direct me to the right camera and the right lens.

I found my guy at a Wolf Camera store. He completely understood my situation, and he patiently shared some insights that explained why I have problems on a shoot. He showed me several camera and lens options, from high-priced solutions to lower-cost ones.

But here’s the point. He enlightened me with intelligent statements that opened my eyes to key issues. He made me think, “Wow, I’ve come to the right place,” and “If I ever have problems or questions, this is my guy.” He added value to his selling proposition by sharing free insight. He made me feel confident that I was buying the right product at the right place from the right person.

Garage Door Insights

As you know, many people think “all garage doors are the same.” But garage doors are complex products, and many options are available to meet a wide range of customer needs. Your ability to make a sale will likely be directly related to your ability to demonstrate (1) your understanding of their needs and (2) your understanding of the products that meet their needs.

So, what is a good “garage door sales statement”? Below, I have drafted several insightful statements about garage doors. Chances are, your customers are not familiar with these concepts. Some of these statements will likely speak directly to key concerns of your customers.

In my mind, “insight selling” should follow your question-asking attempts to gather information about their needs. After determining their needs, you then share some insights. These statements might be best preceded by, “I find that many of our customers are not aware that …”

My Top Ten

1. “Garage door(s) can command up to 30-40 percent of the front view of the home.”
Point: How much is it worth to upgrade 30 percent of the front appearance of your home?
2. “Curb appeal is a key factor in determining a home’s resale value.”
Point: An attractive garage door can add significantly to the curb appeal of your home?
3. “The garage door is used for home entry more often than the front door.”
Point: It’s smart to buy a durable, reliable, garage door system.
4. “On most homes, your GDO remote control is a key to your house.”
Point: Buy a reliable GDO, get a spare remote control, and keep them locked up.
5. “Many people no longer carry the key to their front door.”
Point: A keyless entry pad is a useful addition to any home. Have you considered a GDO battery backup?
6. “The garage door is the largest moving appliance in the typical home.”
Point: Safety is essential, and quality counts.
7. “Thefts by entering the garage door are almost a daily occurrence in the United States.”
Point: Is your garage door system secure? Do you need an open-garage-door monitor?
8. “Better-looking garages are a major trend in home improvement.”
Point: A better-looking garage door is not only trendy, it’s a wise investment.
9. “If strong winds blow in your garage door, your home is much more likely to sustain major damage.”
Point: If your area is susceptible to strong winds, a small investment in a stronger door can help prevent significant home damage from high winds.
10. “Many children have been killed in garage door accidents.”
Point: Does your garage door system have the latest safety features?

This is my best attempt at a top-ten list. Send your contributions to