Installation Help for Fire Door Release Devices

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Publish Date: Summer 2000
Author: Tom Wadsworth
Page 42

Technical Tip

Installation Help for Fire Door Release Devices

If you need help installing fire door release assemblies, get a copy of the new Technical Data Sheet (TDS) 254. Prepared by the members of DASMA’s Rolling Door Technical Committee, the document is an easy-to-read, two-page summary of the key issues for these installations.

Correct routing of the release assembly is a vital part of the fire door system. If the assembly is installed incorrectly, it may prevent the fire door from closing automatically.

TDS 254 includes the key requirements for installing fusible links, found in the National Fire Protection Association Standard 80 (NFPA 80), the standard for fire doors. The new document also answers typical questions like:
1. How do you interconnect the links when a door has a closing mechanism on each headplate?
2. How do you route cable through the wall without the cable hanging up?
3. What is the best solution for routing the fire door release assembly when obstructions exist between the fire door and the ceiling?
4. What do you recommend when the coil of the door is above a drop ceiling?

To obtain a free copy of TDS 254, contact DASMA at 216-241-7333, fax 216-241-0105, or

Illustration: Small version of the front page of TDS 254.